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  1. I'm sorry for my first post that got away. I was looking for a way to not double-space between lines and suddenly my incomplete message was posted. I don't see how to delete it. I do not observe this AP launch time delay with the internet connected. I have launched Affinity Photo under several conditions. Here's what I tried this morning. 1. Computer cold start, internet connected, launch AP: 12 secs 2. Close AP, internet connected, launch AP again: 7 secs 3. Reboot computer, internet disconnected, launch AP: 7 secs 4. Close AP, connect internet, launch AP: 7 secs 5. Reboot, internet connected, launch AP: 7 secs Only the initial launch of AP for the day took a longer time. All other relaunches with or without internet connected took 7 seconds. On every launch the splash screen displays the message Loading Fonts... for a few seconds. I have the Welcome screen turned off. I'm running Windows 10 Pro X64 on a Dell XPS 8930 with 16 GB of RAM with AP installed on a SSD
  2. I do not observe this effective. I have launched Affinity Photo under several conditions: Here's a sequence I tried this morning 1. Cold start, internet connected, launch AP: 12 secs2. Close AP, launch again: 7 secs 3.
  3. The official Affinity tutorials are also available on YouTube. I can recommend ClipGrab for downloading from YouTube. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and downloads videos from YouTube, Vimeo, FaceTime and others. The video tutorials have been extremely useful. I've downloaded all the official Affinity tutorials plus many from Affinity Revolution and some others on YouTube. After copying the tutorials to my iPad, I lay back in my recliner and immerse myself in the videos, watching some of them several times and more. Eventually meaning and finally skill emerges.
  4. I have never understood why an image file should be cropped to some particular dimension for printing later. Any image I make might later be printed at a variety of dimensions with a variety of crops on a variety of paper sizes for a variety of purposes. And I'm just an amateur with simple needs. A better work model is for the print program to crop the image and fit it to the desired size and position at print time. I have been using Qimage to do just that for many years. Unless Affinity Photo duplicates that functionality I will never be printing from Affinity Photo. Perhaps Affinity could develop a partnership with the Qimage developer to put that kind of power into Affinity Photo. Just last month, another company announced Qimage One as a kind of clone of Qimage that works on the Mac. Obviously the Qimage developer is willing to work with others. I switched from Photoshop Elements to Affinity Photo just a couple of months ago because AP has a superior model for editing and retouching images. I use Qimage because it has a superior model for printing images. I'd love to see AP and QI-U combined. AT $69.99, Qimage Ultimate might seem pricey compared to AP, but it does far more than prepare images for printing. http://www.ddisoftware.com/qimage-u/ http://www.binartem.com/qimageone/ Disclaimer: I have no connection with either of these companies. I'm just an old granddaddy who loves making printed images for my descendants and friends.
  5. I had the same problem yesterday and I remember having it previously but I've only been using Affinity for two weeks and thought I must be doing something wrong. Now I'm sure it is a problem with Affinity. Yesterday I dragged a jpg photo into Affinity Photo with no other photos loaded. I clicked on Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Levels Adjustment. The Levels Adjustment layer appeared in the Layers panel but the Levels dialog box did not appear. I tried and retried various things like double clicking the icon in the Layers panel, using the Ctrl+L shortcut, and closing and reopening the jpg, but the Levels dialog would not appear. Finally I closed Affinity and relaunched it and then I was able to continue editing. I've now had enough experience with Affinity using multiple Levels Adjustment layers on projects with multiple layers to know the problem is with the software and not with my understanding of how to use it. Perhaps some sequence of actions leaves Affinity in a state in which it forgets how to open the dialog? I don't have the kinds of detailed notes that would help me analyze this further. Of course, this morning I cannot reproduce the problem. But since I've seen it before I'm sure it will return. I'm using Affinity Photo under Windows 10 Pro x64 v. 1703
  6. As a new user of Affinity Photo under Windows, I've downloaded some 250 tutorials using ClipGrab during the past couple of weeks. ClipGrab will download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, and perhaps others. It's free software available for both Windows and Mac. Just launch ClipGrab, find your video on your web browser, copy the URL to the clipboard, ClipGrab immediately captures the information from the clipboard, and presents you with download options. You'll find it at clipgrab.org. All the official Affinity tutorials are on YouTube as well as Vimeo, and there are many others on YouTube as well. I've copied most of them to my iPad so I can lounge in my recliner and become immersed in the tutorials. After a time, meaning emerges.