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  1. I had the same problem yesterday and I remember having it previously but I've only been using Affinity for two weeks and thought I must be doing something wrong. Now I'm sure it is a problem with Affinity. Yesterday I dragged a jpg photo into Affinity Photo with no other photos loaded. I clicked on Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Levels Adjustment. The Levels Adjustment layer appeared in the Layers panel but the Levels dialog box did not appear. I tried and retried various things like double clicking the icon in the Layers panel, using the Ctrl+L shortcut, and closing and reopening the jpg, but the Levels dialog would not appear. Finally I closed Affinity and relaunched it and then I was able to continue editing. I've now had enough experience with Affinity using multiple Levels Adjustment layers on projects with multiple layers to know the problem is with the software and not with my understanding of how to use it. Perhaps some sequence of actions leaves Affinity in a state in which it forgets how to open the dialog? I don't have the kinds of detailed notes that would help me analyze this further. Of course, this morning I cannot reproduce the problem. But since I've seen it before I'm sure it will return. I'm using Affinity Photo under Windows 10 Pro x64 v. 1703
  2. As a new user of Affinity Photo under Windows, I've downloaded some 250 tutorials using ClipGrab during the past couple of weeks. ClipGrab will download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook, and perhaps others. It's free software available for both Windows and Mac. Just launch ClipGrab, find your video on your web browser, copy the URL to the clipboard, ClipGrab immediately captures the information from the clipboard, and presents you with download options. You'll find it at All the official Affinity tutorials are on YouTube as well as Vimeo, and there are many others on YouTube as well. I've copied most of them to my iPad so I can lounge in my recliner and become immersed in the tutorials. After a time, meaning emerges.