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  1. Thanks à lot R C-R !!! Everything I'm looking is stored in this folder. It's perfect ! It would be a great thing to be hable to import/export all our preferences in once (brushes/presets/workspace layout/…).
  2. UPDATE : There's nothing in the hidden files en folders in "My Home Directory/Library/Application Support/" These presets have to be store somewhere in MacOS of my previous computer but where ?
  3. Hi, I'm moving to a new computer, Ive installed the Affinity suite 2 I've transfered all the Affinity 2 application support folders : My Home Directory/Library/Application Support/Affinity Designer 2 (+ Photo 2 + Designer 2) I've transfered all the Affinity 2 preferences : My Home Directory/Library/Preferences/com.seriflabs.afinity…2.plist Everything works but all of my personal setups (brushes, curves, LUTs) are not restored 🤔 Somebody knows where are they stored in Macos, please ?
  4. Thanks for your reply. I found a way (not simple but it works) : 1- add all my color adjustements on separate adjustement layers (don't forget to named every layers with the name you give to the adjustement) 2- save the document as a *.afphoto 3- upgrade your software 4- open your *.afphoto with all your saved color adjustements layers 5- resave them one by one [-_-!] in the adjustements panel … It's a little bit long if you have got a huge adjustements library.
  5. Hi, I've try to upgrade AfPhoto but when I've open this new version (ctrl+click to be sure that all reset options have been unchecked), all my curves presets, my workspace, … disappeared. Fortunatly my TimeMachine works fine and I've restored the previous version with the com.seriflabs.affinityphoto folder. What is the best way to upgrade it without headache ? AfPhoto 1.6.7 Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6
  6. Hello ! Here is my last creation made with Affinity Photo. This creation is an hybrid between photo retouching and digital airbrushing to obtain a retro 80's airbrush style. Enjoy it ! [^_^] Lot's of layers ... [^_^!] More details on my behance page : https://www.behance.net/gallery/66338185/LOVE-HATE-and-VICE-VERSA
  7. In my case, it's not a frustration, it's a need. I create artwork for music labels and Apple iTunes always ask us uncompressed TIFF files (4000x4000@300dpi-sRGB or AdobeRGB) ; if not, your file is rejected by their systems of validation. And when I create covers for physical albums, SONY Music wants a complete folder with pre-press files, fonts, PDF, ... and images in uncompressed TIFF. So it's not a luby. I love working with Affinity Photo, it's a very powerfull and great software but this little lack force me too always use another software to complete my images job ... Annoying, isn't it ?
  8. @ Fixx : No of course not But the Irix's Picture Viewer has got simple great options to enhance the sharpness of a picture. I have never found this kind of options in any picture editing softwares. In fact you can find these kind of options in 3D softwares to correct and to adjust the antialiasing before a render (antialiasing filters - AAF) ... I have to write a post with examples because results are really good !
  9. Hello, After a quick search on DuckDuckGo, I found this post about "Uncompressed TIFF" in AP. I design covers for some music labels and I work with AP and uncompressed TIFF is a need because Apple iTunes/Music needs covers 4000x4000px sRGB in uncompressed TIFF file format. And after the second feed back I understound AP can't do it (!!!) and I'll have to use a 3rd party software to convert AP TIFF files to an uncompressed version (-_-!). For the little story, I use the Irix's picture viewer of my SGI Octane to do it ... a 17 years old computer ... just because it's fun
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