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  1. Maybe a net search & look through such Web Design Software (Builders, Editors etc.) will show some other alternatives ... 40 Best Professional Web Design Software Tools for 2022 15 Best Website Design Software Available in the Market Right Now What is the best alternative to Pinegrow? Top 10 Pinegrow Alternatives & Competitors Free Pinegrow Web Editor Alternatives ... etc. ... look through available tools, what they claim to offer and possible user reviews of those then!
  2. Well there are a bunch of such tools like Webflow and also WYSIWYG & source editors like Pinegrow or Sparkle. But most better such tools got commercialized (paid versions), or have dived into the the online/cloud based abo pay model scheme. - For past times free WYSIWYG & source editors the following here tells what for example happend over time with things like Nvu & KompoZer.
  3. Look after tools like webflow , Pinegrow Web Editor and the like, or more general tools like BlueGriffon etc. - For responsive web designs one usually just needs a good capable text editor (Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code ... ) and some frameworks + libs like Bootstrap, jQuery etc., as far as you have some base HTML/CSS/JS/Sass coding knowledge.
  4. Looks Ok to me, I would just make the bottom popsicle stick slightly longer, since it looks somehow proportional short related to the ice size.
  5. Depends on the size of the whole bite-marks group, the way you size that. - Since you will use the bigger inner "beige with brown stroke" curve of it in order to subtract it from the big "brown rounded rectangle". Thus position that "beige with brown stroke" curve so it's ends just slightly overlap the big "brown rounded rectangle" boundaries, so you can subtract one from the other! See above screencast video ... from the group of those bite-marks duplicate inside the group the bigger "beige with brown stroke" curve. move the duplicate curve out of the group, we will use this curve to subtract it from the big "brown rounded rectangle". position the duplicate "beige with brown stroke" curve on the "brown rounded rectangle" so it slightly overlaps the boundaries of the "brown rounded rectangle", select both and perform a geometrical subtract (see the video above). Now you have a splitted big "brown rounded rectangle", switch over to the Node tool and remove the unwanted left over top right parts. Select those with the Node tool and delete them. Ok now you have left over the bitten portion of the big "brown rounded rectangle". Use the Move tool, select the whole bite-marks group and drag it onto the bitten big "brown rounded rectangle" so it covers nicely the right top bitten side of it. - Select all and group, so you have now the whole inside a group you can move around. That's all to it! Here's the resulting file from the video screencast ... ice-cream2.afdesign
  6. Not sure what you mean, it's all ready for reuse in one group here, just open that ADe file select the group and copy it. Then switch over to your document and paste it into your document for reusage. Move, resize, rotate and adjust it etc. to your needs. The outer brown shown below is an applied stroke to the bigger yellow/beige filled curve, you can adjust/resize or remove it as you need ... all-in-one-group.afdesign
  7. If it's difficult for you to build that up out of ADe shapes, then trace that stuff either manually (with the Pen- or Pencil Tool) or with some third party bitmap-to-vector tracing app. - Here are those inner shapes traced as vectors (you can copy/paste the layers over into your document and resize them as you need) ... lip-bite-shapes.afdesign For the two single curve layers (inner + outer shape) I've added a 1 pt stroke to them, just so they are better visable here. - You have to remove the applied stroke from these then and use them just with a fill color.
  8. Look above @anto already showed you how to perform an FX outline there (select the whole group and FX outline it, also lower the opacity of the outline in case you want to have it slightly shine through). - The rest is nothing else as we've already showed you before. Further you've to be more specific when asking something, aka naming concrete where/what your problem is, aka what you want to apply from a certain image. eis_am_stiel2.afdesign
  9. That's no plain x/y-axis skew and thus a slightly z-axis like perspective distortion. - Such things are best done with vector distortion tools, which ADe sadly doen't have at all!
  10. Sollte easy sein, erzeuge halt in APh oder ADe ein neues Dokument mit transparentem Hintergrund ... ... in APh nimmst Du dann einen Pinsel der schön gleichmässig dünnes Striche zieht und setzt bzw. schreibst halt damit Deine Unterschrift (ein mit einem Wacom Tablet-Stift etc. geht es halt am Besten), dann exportierst Du das Ganze (nur die ausgewählte Unterschrift) als PNG. ... in ADe (hier dann Vektor mässig) nimmst Du halt den Bleistift und unterschreibst damit auf dem transparenten Dokument, auch hier geht das wiederum mit einem Wacom Tablet-Stift am Besten, dann selektierst Du den Layer der getätigten Unterschrift und exportierst (nur die Auswahl) wiederum als PNG. Falls Du stattdessen eine Unterschrift eingescannst hast (also als JPG/PNG), dann würde ich diese erst einmal mit einem externen Vektorisierer (Bitmap-zu-Vektor) Werkzeug vektorisieren. Siehe hierfür (zum Autotracen) z.B. ... - VTracer Online - Potrace Online ... und dann in APh oder ADe feintunen und von dort dann als SVG oder PNG exportieren.
  11. Oops, of course I meant bite! 😀 - Sure, but what can I say, it's my job to program in bits and bytes all day long. 😉
  12. Apply some FX 3D style setting for most parts and maybe an FX Bevel/Emboss to the white byte bite marks portion. - Something like this ...
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum! See here how to setup a default app for file types ... Change default programs in Windows 10/11
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