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  1. Set/insert a node point on an existing line where you want to branch off at 90° deg and shift-draw with the pen tool from that then.
  2. The radius from the shape center point to it's outer shape form ...
  3. Nope, cm is used in your "latté mug template" example here! The initial rect (w=17 cm, h=9.5 cm) would probably then have the following sizes afterwards (after bent with 26% into a curved one) at 300 dpi ... Width = 2899 px = 24,54 cm Height = 1330 px = 11,26 cm latte_mug_template.afphoto
  4. There are many third party bitmap-to-vector tracing tools available (see a short overview list here) which can be used for such purposes. Just save the autotrace then in SVG/PDF vector format and load the result into Affinity. mandala.afdesign
  5. Such things have to be done with third party apps like Photopea which offers similar bend arc options like PS. Then export from that as SVG and import into APhoto or ADesigner. rect_arc_bend.afdesign Even better would be to do it directly in PS/Ai and the export the whole in an exchangable manner for reuse in Affinity apps (PDF/SVG as vectors) !
  6. There aren't such equally warping tools in APhoto like in Photoshop. - And ADesigner lacks such things completely in contrast to Illustrator.
  7. That's normal behavior there. Just duplicate the image first on the same position before applying curved text to one of it's layers.
  8. Try the Export Persona. Export Persona Exporting using Export Persona Export Options panel Slices panel Layers panel
  9. There are several possibilities to do this (many ways lead to Rome) and it can be done with a PNG logo file in APhoto or via a vector logo in ADesigner etc. - In order to vectorize a complex bitmap PNG logo into a vector format you would need some third party tracing app, or you have to retrace it manually in ADesigner. Putting a bitmap or vector logo then into a trapezoid should be easy via clipping. APhoto and a bitmap PNG logo screencast_ap.mp4 ADesigner and a vector logo screencast_ad.mp4
  10. Usually as firstdefence said clipping, or in your case masking down a border sized rect should do what you want.
  11. bull.afdesign bull_sizes_sample.afdesign Those are vector versions of that logo, transparent no backround. Scale it to your size needs and export as PNG with a transparent background. - Don't use JPG here when using on webpages as a brand logo in navbars and the like, use a transparent PNG so you can place it on whatever page background or navbar etc.
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