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  1. Well you have to pick up the Adobe Photoshop plugin API and take a tour de force with that, meaning studying, trying out and learning how to make use parts of that API for intercommunication. So having some knowledge about the general structure and workings of Photoshop Plugins is very essiential here. - However there aren't that much docus and tutorials etc. about that around, so you will also need a good portion of passion to find related informations. Programming Photoshop Plugins How to Create a Photoshop Plug-In Plugin Creation Tools And since the APhoto plugin interface isn't documented and there aren't any educational samples available, you will have to use the TRY and ERROR approach here for this!
  2. I'm not RC-R, but I get the following for OSX here ...
  3. On a Mac (OSX) performing just a "Save as" without altering the opened file in any other way doesn't change it's size for me ...
  4. Congrats to the community here, since first of all your votings did it !!!
  5. Note further that there are two ways to load macros ... *.afmacros (macros files with a plural s at the end) are loaded via the top menu View -> Studio -> Library panel and it's associated little hamburger menu *.afmacro (singular macro files with no s at the end) are loaded instead via the top menu View -> Studio -> Macro panel and it's associated little hamburger menu
  6. In terms of what? UI is a little bit confusing, batch processing should be more or less similar to what other tools offer. - Resulting image quality when processing raw files should be among the pack of the best for Nikon NEFs, at least when individually processed.
  7. Hmm, I wonder then what people should batch process etc. at all, since these are all essential things one usually want's to do with RAW files.
  8. Try Nikons own Capture NX-D in batch processing.
  9. Try to process the first image the way you intend in the Develop Persona (RAW mode) and make/define a preset of your defined settings (see also here). Then (re)apply that preset to the other RAW images of that series. - Note however that I'm not sure if the WB settings are actually correctly stored for reuse in RAW presets, maybe you have to reapply these manually then for the other RAW images.
  10. Take a look at the German translated to English Wikipedia entry for the LAB color space (Lab-Farbraum explanation which is better than the english one) and tells you the differences, advantages and disadvantages etc. here.
  11. Hi, (a) try the alignment tool panel, select the text boxes and align them with that horizontal/vertical to the related first text box selection etc. to your needs. (b) on selected text boxes take a look at the top character- and paragraph panels, check and compare the settings there and adjust them equally accordingly for all. (c) also compare the color settings for each text box, maybe they are not exactly the same. (d) works for me, you can try then instead to use speech marks from the "Studio -> Glyph browser" and see if that makes a difference for you. (e) try the text paragraph panel and setup tab indents there for reuse.
  12. You may also want to check if it is possibly affected by the used font style/type, try the same with some other common font and see if the problem then still persists too.
  13. You can do the same in Designer here for simple sketch like effects of a photo in pixel mode. Though due to the actual lack of macro recording or scripting support in AD you can't automate the processing steps. However, since you need only few steps for this it's quickly done.
  14. Well it's crucial that the Affinity products will then also run well on this lower cost mass entry iPad 2018 model, since that one will for sure gain most sells and thus more potential users due to it's cheaper prices.
  15. Hi, well a quick look at your supplied PDFs showed nothing I would really need APublisher for, meaning those things there shown can be all done with ADesigner so far. - For the tutorials, don't know if you looked here on this threads list after those ... ... but usually their category namings and titles there should be pretty much self explanatory what to expect to see and learn from each of those videos. Thus I suggest you really start at Getting Started and then move on to see how to get an idea about other certain things of your interest for working in/with ADesigner.