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  1. Look into the "Info panel" of the Develop and Photo Personas, they will tell you the bit-mode and color format/space. In Photo Persona the "Document > Format convert ..." menu and it's associated panel will also tell you which default color format and ICC profile is used.
  2. Spotlight comments MacMetaMod MacMetaShow Find photos by keyword in Photos on Mac ... and so on ... There are a bunch of MacOS enhancements in this regards in the latests MacOS versions and by many third party tools. Not to name all the automator based scripts and possible add-ons here for sorting and storing into dedicated user defined places etc.
  3. Well those statements are correct that it is inadequate for high level amateur and professional users, since it lacks most of the capabilities more professional RAW converter software offers in this regard. Further it relies/depends highly on updated third party code (libs) for being able to make any use out of camera RAW formats and lens data at all, it's nothing done under their own dev support & control.
  4. See: Digital Asset Management It's something usually more useful for big media agencies, newspaper publishers, professional photographers, etc. What most hobbyist/amateur people here in the forum do instead associate with the term DAM is at best only just some cheap software for indexing/cataloging their photos and by far not what full blown DAMs are initially meant for.
  5. Difficult, since none of these formats (Ai, EPS, SVG, PDF) is entirely perfect implemented, meaning they all have the one or other limitation and restriction in terms of functionality in AD. So there is no absolute cross compatibility in parsed and supported vector file format functionality between both apps.
  6. It‘s called „Finder“!
  7. Might be related to Exif data handling.
  8. I did a try with some already before archived PS brushed and some new PS brushset downloads, of which none could be imported now.
  9. Compound assignment operators Often needed and used in prog languages for shorter typing expressions. - In Affinity these are (more or less) supported ...
  10. Did some tests and none of the PS brushes (aka .abr files) imports anymore in the latest 1.7.2 versions. I think due to code changes they made, they wrecked their previously working PS brush import functions in some way, so these seem to be buggy or over picky now.
  11. No problem, maybe he has both apps, then he can make some assets this way in AD and reuse those for APub.
  12. The OP uses Publisher, which doesn‘t have these appearance features.
  13. Should work on all above named systems, though the OS is MacOS and not iOS for the Apple desktop computers here.

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