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  1. Hi and welcome! The shown exception tells that there is a problem during TTF font parsing, aka reading some fonts in. - Check the fonts on your system.
  2. See for example this thread here, many of the filmstrip, contactsheet etc. are just done in such a way that you create/define a document size, add specific sized placeholders (rects or whatever) onto that, to which you then later finally clip your images. - You can easily do your own templates in the same manner.
  3. Look into the forums resources section there might be some. Magazine Template etc.
  4. Schau ins zugehörige deutsche Handbuch dort ist alles erwähnt auch in Punkto Installation und Einstellungen.
  5. Well it's more a matter of the direct execution of certain DLL internal functions here, than listing/scanning dependent DLL hierarchies.
  6. Affinity Photo doesn't support or has build-in scripting capabilities. For Affinity internal Macros I'm not sure if it would record at all the copy/paste of shown up lens data in some sort of manner (never tried). What you can do alternatively is, to use other workarounds and tools independently of Affinity Photo for these tasks. For example with the help of ExifTool and ImagMagick etc. you can build your own custom batch processing scripts. There should be already a bunch of such other solutions, just do an internet search after such topics.
  7. Hi and welcome! Affinity's SVG parser handles just a common subset of the SVG specification, meaning it doesn't handle all the SVG spec offers. So in your case it probably doesn't know to deal with the defined styles there. - So if you have Illustrator too export as PDF (try PDF for exchange) and try to import the PDF into Affinity instead.
  8. Not really, both are Unix systems and MacOS evolved from NeXTstep/OpenStep which in turn had BSD Unix roots with a Mach kernel. So nowadays MacOS is more similar to FreeBSD than Linux and the superset of all of this is Unix. As I said before, the different processing time results for the M1 Notebooks and Minis are more related to RAM sizes and SSD performance and probably to the fact that the notebooks due to their device construction do throttle much more under higher load in order to compensate heat. - Other than that, Big Sur itself is evolving and so a construction site, which still has quirks and bugs (same as Affinity).
  9. Sounds like a possible bug, you can place an appropriate bug posting into the "Photo Bugs found on MacOS" forum section.
  10. Do you already installed and run the latest Big Sur update versions?
  11. Take a look if your Ryzen 7 CPU or another nearly equal one is listed here and compare with the M1 then ... Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core) Cinebench R23 (Single-Core) ... there is still a difference between many Desktop- and Mobile-CPUs due to clock rates and TDP etc. Mobile-CPUs in mobile devices have to fight with the generated heat when performance stressed, these quickly throttle/tack down because otherwise they cannot be cooled enough in the long run on such slim cases like Notebooks or Mini-PCs, they would otherwise always be/get too loud and in worst cases die the heat-death. Well one has to differentiate here, they are good performers among the mobile CPU device segment, but can't yet compete with the full blown higher segment Desktop CPUs.
  12. Translated benchmark test (into english) which compares M1 results to other CPUs for the Cinebench benchmark ... m1_benchmarking.txt Further if you compare the CPU Cinebench R23 (Multi-Core) and Cinebench R23 (Single-Core) results, you will see that most mediocre to advanced Desktop-CPUs easily surpass the M1 performance and offer much more punch than a M1.
  13. Hallo und willkommen im Forum! Siehe u.a.: https://www.xp-pen.de/download-257.html
  14. What's about that "Change All..." approach here, does it give the same behavior then? - Since I don't use Big Sur can't tryout or tell if it is a Big Sur or more Affinity related problem.
  15. See: Affinity Range Mac Beta Release Notifications Beta Software Forums Affinity Designer Windows Customer Beta - Affinity Photo Windows Customer Beta - Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (RC3)
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