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  1. Hi all, I have been experimenting with different techniques trying to create decent looking pet portraits with photo manipulation only. I’ve been following a plethora of tutorials on YouTube etc on how to create painted look / cartoon styles from a photo but I can’t get close to what I’m trying to achieve. ( Please see photo attached ) I really like the look of this particular style I came across in the attached pic. If anyone thinks they can recreate this style I’d be more than happy to buy you several coffees for a written tutorial or video. Hoping you can help. Many thanks Paul
  2. Hi NMF, That last version you did with the dog is perfect! Thank you so much for taking the time to show me, this looks way better and will save me a lot of time. Awesome job and thanks again Paul 👍
  3. Hi Guys, Nathan, I think the tracing with the pen tool and applying an outline might be the way to go, I'll just try NMF's suggestion and see which is the fastest method. NMF, I'd like to try this can you walk me through the process step by step for a newbie. I've a mountain of heads to work on so whichever method is quickest. Many thanks Paul
  4. Hi, Im working on a project that involves removing the heads of puppies and kittens ( Sounds macabre I know! ) then putting a white or coloured outline around each one. I've tried using the outline and outer glow tools in layer effects but can't get the smooth rounded edge I'm looking for. The second pic is what I'm trying to achieve. (not my work) Please see the attached screenshots and advise if you know a method to achieve this. Many thanks Paul
  5. Im sure one of the affinity team will reply to this and get you going during regular working hours later. It's worth checking your affinity photo software is updated to the latest version. Paul
  6. Thank you so much v-kyr for taking the time to explain with your video clips, now I get it! I would have got it sooner had I realised your first reply was also a video clip and not as I thought a screenshot! My bad LOL. I'm learning something everyday ( and forgeting it and having to re-learn it 2 weeks later LOL ) Thanks again, I really appreciate it. Paul
  7. Hi please see attached screenshots. The second screenshot shows what happens when i resize the pink bear, the curved text element goes haywire. How to make this element size in propertion with the whole group. Hope that makes sense. Many thanks Paul
  8. As per heading, I've created a curved text element with outlines but when I group and resize the entire project the text elements don't resize at the same rate. Any step by step very much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  9. Hi I recently purchased several addons via the 50% sale on the Affinity website. I've already succesfully downloaded 3 of these addons which are now showing in my assets tab. I've now just downloaded the ' Blast powder brushes' addon from the 'My account ' button within affinity designer and it's showing the green tick as being sucessfully downloaded but not in my assets tab drop down menu? Any help much appreciated. Thanks Paul
  10. As title says, I get a time out sorry try again later notice. I have both designer and photo installed and it's the same with both applications. I'm not sure weather I signed up / registered them but even the option to register gives the same failure notice. I can sign in to my account on the affinity website and see my purchases, can anyone help please. See attached photo Regards Paul
  11. Hello to the group, I want to create a series of vector images. ( Mostly car racing scenes for poster art ) I understand vector images do not lose quality / rasterise when scaled, but my question is regarding aspect ratio. If I create the work in for example A0 size (841mm x 1188mm) then wanted to scale the same image down onto A1, A2 or A3 would the image aspect ratio be lost? I.E the image is squeezed out of shape or cropped out in places? Also does it matter if the original piece is created small amd scaled up or is it better to create the piece large and scale down? Hope that makes sense, I basically want to know a good size to start with that can be easily scaled without aspect ratio being affected. Many thanks Paul
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