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  1. Well, the 2 plugins i recomend is google NIK collection, the free versions works. Other one which costs $ is filter forge. Those 2 covers anything i can possibly think of. A more easy way to import, organize and display LUTs, for example in a tab, would be nice though, thats allmost like having plugins. Would increase versatility of affinity photo even more.
  2. Wish for ability to load in several or specify a directory for various LUTs. Some have hundreds and the way you load this into affinity photo now, is very time consuming. Would greatly increase usability in affinity photo, and make it even more appealing and less dependent on 3rd party plugins. Plus an option kind of like where you see various brushes with a gallery of various LUTs.
  3. Designer and publisher crash on start. Its downloaded and purchased from windows store. Tried to uninstall and repair but it doesnt solve the issue. Has been this for a long time. What could this be?
  4. Thank you for making 3 fantastic products, i bought all ofcourse. You put the cost low enough it makes sense even for average people to get into high end desktop publishing, photo editing, vector graphics etc, and i salute you for that. But are you going to stop here? There is more territory to conquer. So how about a web designer app? I used to use dreamweaver, and i used dreamweaver 8 all the way up to aprox a year ago. I can point you to a few new visual webdesigner apps already doing a great job: mobirise, openelement etc. But looking at what you have already made, i bet you can do this even better, and make it easy to set up more advanced websites. There is no green icon in your app collection, and it should be doable to make an app similar to affinity publisher, but for web. Building websites using elements/"blocks" are the new thing, ive looked at bootstrap studio but so far no need to buy it, and if affinity makes an app id rather buy yet another from you. So i throw the suggestion out there.
  5. there are on windows store, they cost a little extra though.
  6. i get what your saying, but i still stand with the fact compatibility is a great feture to implement. question is if it would affect speed / stability since affinity is great at this and its one of affinitys strongest points. if that is the case, its a def no since it risk getting bloated which we dont want, and it didnt sound like this was as easy to implement as i thought from the other guy here. in that case, its a bad idea. affinity knows more about this than me a suggestion i could throw in here though that shouldnt make affinity bloated was ability to delete single brush-sets, now you only have the option of resetting all brushes (i have a large brush-collection)
  7. if affinity has goal of being THE main rival of photoshop and being a serious contender as the market leader, rather than just a (good) alternative, it sure wouldnt hurt to implement this, along with more filters/effects. i can think of many situations why this would be useful regarding opening up for importing and editing open source file formats, such as i as an individual could send my gimp or krita files to a printing press to have some big posters printed for my shop or birthday party (affinity seem to becoming a full desktop publishing package too now with affinity publisher). For the price many will buy affinity as it gets more known (i wouldnt buy photoshop, only if i worked with this full time, but if affinity has all the fetures i need why would i), but some that only use this a little once in a while or are at linux they would probably still use gimp/krita and if you get in files from customers in a business, having a program like affinity that can open it is a big plus.
  8. I dont want to complain about affinity since the program for what you pay is absolutely superb. But since i wrote 1 suggestion, i want to bring up the second and last thing i can imagine i miss since im at it MORE FILTERS/EFFECTS.... In photoshop you have 2 great filters: frost and plastic wrap .. i have used especially plastic wrap alot to create effects on text and similar things (not just so it looks like plastic, but also sometimes like its frozen in ice or have spider web on it). I made amazing graphics with this tool back in the days. I solved it by purchasing FILTER FORGE that somewhat replicates these effects and which has alot of filters and textures and integrates well into affinity, but i sort of kind of wish some of the filters there was in affinity by default. Cant come up with anything else. Once again, thumbs up for affinity!
  9. ok ... well not being a coder, if thats the case, i agree with you!
  10. A strong argument of getting on board with affinity is its ability to integrate into a workflow using photoshop, like using photoshop plugins, brushes and edit photoshop files. MANY will and already have replaced photoshop with affinity, since speed, ease of use, price point etc are all heavily in favour of affinity, and moving from PHOTOSHOP to AFFINITY is easy peasy. WELL DONE AFFINITY!!! HOWEVER, i came from the opposide side having used the much simpler gimp and wanting a stronger tool for graphics, and notice you have ignored the linux/gimp crowd out there by not making sure affinity can open gimp files. I have several files made in gimp which i would like to edit in affinity, but it is not possible. Gimp being open source, i dont think compatibility with gimp files would be hard to implement in affinity. Same go for krita files. It would also open doors in favour of affinity into the linux world of graphics. Please consider my suggestion of implementing this, compatibility with formats of other image editors - especially gimp and krita - is a good selling point! I noticed you have support for .svg in affinity designer, which is excellent and mean i can import logos etc i made in inkscape!
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