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  1. I didn't even know that there are problems with Photo and FilterForge (10). I just pointed the new Affinity V2 apps to the folder and everything worked out of the box. I have all my Photoshop compatible plugins (free and commercial ones) in a folder structure on a different drive (not system drive). Simply because I have several programs, which use these plugins. Works like a charm and I never had any issues with any of the apps which need to start those plugins. Maybe that's the culprit? Because Windows still restricts the access for some apps to some of the system folders here and there, inclusive user, programs and programs (x86)
  2. That might be the problem. I'm on Windows (10) and I can reproduce the bug with the Windows standard fonts (e. g. Arial, Times, Comic Sans etc.). Thus far, it seems to be limited to those, if I use other fonts, the bug does not happen.
  3. Agreed, I've seen "necromancing" as term for replying to long dead threads in several fora.
  4. Uff. So wenig Pixel(fläche), um so viele Informationen per Text unterzubringen... Es gibt spezielle Schriftarten/Fonts, die für die Darstellung mit minimaler Größe bzw. Pixelanzahl erstellt wurden. Leider sind die in der Regel alles andere als "attraktiv" – aber immerhin lesbar. Zu finden via Google, z. B. hier. ------ Wow, that's not a lot of pixels for that many text... There are special fonts for tiny pixel display. Not pretty, but at least they are working. Google for "pixel fonts" or "small pixel font", some can be found here.
  5. True! I'm always worried about how many "professional designers" offer to create logos for designers with bought stock illustrations—unedited, just some text slapped onto it in order to call it a "design". This might turn out as a pretty stupid idea for both, designer and client, at some point (aside from the fact, that probably a competitor just ordered the same design for their business...) Most of the stock pages don't allow using their stuff for logos and/or trademarks in their EULA.
  6. On top of all this, check, if pixel alignment is active. Otherwise your QR code might be placed on a fraction of a pixel, which causes anti aliasing on export.
  7. I'm running the apps on a HUION KAMVAS Pro 20 (GT1901) and I can confirm that all Affinity apps support the display tablet, inclusive pen pressure and tilt. You might want to edit the pressure profile, tho. Affinity apps seem to interpret them smoother, so editing the curve in the HUION driver helps a lot. Edit: And I don't know what you mean by "again". V1 apps run as smoothly with my HUION display tablet as V2 do.
  8. Did you check the isometric grid feature which Affinity Designer already has (linked in my previous post)?
  9. Designer has some built-in isometric grit features, which might cover your needs. As for the PS-plugin, I don't know for sure, but I'm fairly certain, that it won't work in Affinity Photo as a plugin, because it comes with own UI elements. A proprietary feature of Photoshop's API for plugins.
  10. In order to activate the apps, one has to login (depending on where you bought the apps, e. g. app store/Affinity account). So no worries, whoever bought your laptop should not be able to do that. Even if he'd install them, they'd run as trial versions only.
  11. Amen to that! I used to administrate and moderate some public MMO game fora with hundreds of thousands of members each for more than a decade. Unfortunately, most forum users think a forum would represent the overall opinion among all users. But with just a tiny bit of common sense one would figure out that this can't be right. Persons who are annoyed about something far quicker want to vent out their frustration in places like a public forum than the vast majority of users, who will never find their ways into the forum and/or comment something "Yeah, the apps just do what they should - working fine for me".
  12. (Very) brief summary: Pantone and Adobe couldn't agree on an ongoing relationship, so you now have to pay a monthly fee for using Pantone colours within the CC apps. YouTube channel Linus Tech tips tackled this issue and mentioned Affinity apps as a possible solution to this problem. With that channel's 14.9 subscriptions, this is quite some massive advertising.
  13. V1 points at the subfolder (./Color Efex Pro 4). That's where the plugin file (*.8bf) is located in. Your V2 path points at the parent folder.
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