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  1. It seems so. I have some similar issues on my Win10 system. The bad thing is that I can't reproduce it, it seems to happen randomly. No matter if it's a new or an old document. But when it happens here, it's affecting global colours on a freshly created document palette.
  2. Uhm. Good question. I thought I've read something like that quite some time ago, because Adobe wants to enforce old users paying for the subscription when they change their system or OS. Yeah, it seems so:
  3. I have still Adobe's old ("pre subscription") creative suite installed—this serves mainly as my format conversion tool. Affinity Photo is doing everything I need for pixel based works, same with Publisher for layouts. Just Designer still lacks some very important essentials for me (like, vector brushes!), but for that I have CorelDraw (I think it's a 2019 SE version - also without subscription) installed. The main problem for me is that I will never be able to reinstall my Adobe suite once I change the system or OS. 😕
  4. This kind of illustrations are originally copperplate engravings. You can mimic this effect in Affinity Photo (google for instructions, most of them are for Photoshop, but the workflow is pretty easy to transfer to Affinity's app). I hope you don't mind me advertising myself; unfortunately, the free offer expired, but I created some set of assets and macros for this kind of illustrations.
  5. That's your right. But if you bring "hammers" into the play, you'd have to add those, which lacks basic "hammer-ish" features, or your comparison is just nonsense.
  6. Well, you don't need the most recent version of CorelDraw as a "workaround replacement" for Designer's features. You can find licenses for older versions (OEM) for as low as 75-80 EUR—or even lower, if you use some versions from 4-6 years ago. Also with a perpetual license. That's even cheaper than VectorStyler... I'm not arguing about the user friendliness of VectorStyler. Though, I've been using CorelDraw since Version 1.2/the early 90s - so I'm used to their workflow and UI and that's one of the main reasons, for me personally, why I'd chose CorelDraw over VectorStyler. If a tool is missing basic features and essentials, which every other competitive app provides for ages, it's probably worth checking out if they should get added after a decade of development. In your analogy, one of the hammers has a huge hole in the front side. Yeah, might work, but it might not be the best option to use, because you might miss the nail with some of your hammering attempts. I still can't think of any good reason why a vector app was developed without true vector brushes in first place.
  7. As much as I love the Affinity Suite apps, a 5+ years old CorelDRAW still way ahead in terms of vector design. I still have my licensed version of CorelDRAW SE on my system, got it really cheap at eBay back then. I can only recommend, that everyone who's truly into vector works, might try to get a license of that app without subscription. It will cover all your needs, which Designer lacks. Do the main work in Designer, switch to CorelDRAW for specific tasks and either copypaste or export/import latter app's work into designer...
  8. I can confirm, this is also an issue with a German keyboard layout (QWERTZ). The workaround with temporarily switching to a QWERTY layout for setting up the shortcut doesn't work for me. I now assigned some combination, which work similarly on QWERTY/Z layouts (e. g. CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+K), so I can use that as a hotkey on my graphic tablet.
  9. Both, Designer and Photo would be good for this task. I'd prefer Designer in order to make it simple and keep it all vector. Logos best need to be simple and recognisable. But about the how-to, these are so fundamentally basics, that I'd suggest you start without a logo (or hire someone doing this for you) and watch some tutorials about Affinity's apps. Your questions are like "I'd like to drive a car. I know, there's something with steering wheel, accelerator pedal and break. Can someone just tell me which ones to use so I can drive on the Highway?"
  10. I agree. I never even noticed this problem before OP posted this thread. Probably because I usually don't need this feature anymore unlike I did in the past when collaborating with teams within Adobe's environment. Nevertheless, I always understood this feature is meant to share a work with others, so they can continue working with it. Hence, leaving some things behind—even if it's nested assets—doesn't make much sense to me. But maybe I understand the use case for this feature wrong.
  11. Actually, creating a package of the assets of a project is the reason why you usually do not have to embed them.
  12. It seems like you try to place the pasted part onto fractions of a pixel. Activating "force pixel alignment" should solve the problem of anti aliasing the sprite.
  13. Even though this features is lacking in V1. But how can it be a "scam", if a feature is "missing", which was never advertised as being included? That's like saying "I feel scammed by you, because you didn't send me 10 Dollars. I know, you never promised sending me the money. Yet, I expected it, and you never did!"
  14. I didn't even know that there are problems with Photo and FilterForge (10). I just pointed the new Affinity V2 apps to the folder and everything worked out of the box. I have all my Photoshop compatible plugins (free and commercial ones) in a folder structure on a different drive (not system drive). Simply because I have several programs, which use these plugins. Works like a charm and I never had any issues with any of the apps which need to start those plugins. Maybe that's the culprit? Because Windows still restricts the access for some apps to some of the system folders here and there, inclusive user, programs and programs (x86)
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