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  1. Hence my comment that the OP might want to keep a copy of the layers as backup.
  2. It also works on groups. In @globso's case, the two pixel layers need to be grouped first (creating a group within the parent group). Keep in mind, that warp is a destructive feature and will create a merged pixel layer of the warped layers, so you might want to copy the pixel layers first in order to keep some backups.
  3. Very interesting link! Although I haven't used any Type 1 fonts for ages, I didn't know about this part, which is quite drastic for some old files' backup in their original file format: Thanks for bumping this issue, time to convert some old works into PDF in order to keep at least some "kind-of-editable" format of them.
  4. Did you do the scan yourself? If so, it might help scanning the image four times, rotated by 90° each time. Then merge the stack of images. This might give an easier starting point for editing as the light on the "bumps" will be from different angles with each scan rather than fiddling with the FFT denoise filter in first place.
  5. I usually ask them a question in return: "If you hire a worker to fix things in your house, do you insist that he uses the brand of tools you like most? Or do you think he's enough of an expert to know which tools work best for him?"
  6. That's actually not a problem at all. If you're hobbyist, you need to check if the apps are worth their money (also, if they have all features you need) and whether you'd like to spend time with them. If you're a professional and you can't do your job with the apps in their current state, the solution is the same, just more obvious -> find an alternative app, which fulfils all your needs.
  7. There's much more when it comes to creating a good font/typeface rather than just scanning/creating simple letters. You might want to prepare all characters in designer as vector objects. And for creating a font, there are dedicated apps for this. Some are even open source like Birdfont or FontFord.
  8. My guess is that this font's "fill" is just the black outline/shadows. So it's impossible to assign any colour to the white areas (because they are actually transparent) unless you place some matching shapes underneath the text with the desired fill colour.
  9. True. But the question for some people might be: Will the changes and new features of all of the three apps introduced with V2 make it worth upgrading all of them? A discount on all three apps as a bundle might make the choice easier for some.
  10. That's exactly what I'd do. Just enough of a change, so it's not the original illustration anymore. Or something like @firstdefence's example. Edit: @carl123's example would also work as it's neither a logo nor a trademark rather than an illustration. Publishing something like that is covered by the license.
  11. Still, my statement is valid: Source. The licence allows the use of the illustration as such on websites etc. Using stock arts for logo/trademark design is usually not allowed.
  12. Careful with creating a logo with illustrations from stock pages! Unless heavily changed (like: original's not recognisable anymore), most stock pages don't allow the use for logo design nor for creating merch. The illustration you used seems to be sold by iStock. Standard license: Source I haven't checked the extended license, they might provide what you need. If your client is using your design just for printing a couple of T-Shirts for themselves and some friends, there won't be a problem ("No plaintiff, no judge."). But if they want to use it on a bigger scale, it might become a problem at some point.
  13. Das wäre meiner Meinung nach so ziemlich das Schlimmste, was Serif machen könnte. Wenn man mal die Beiträge in diesen Foren über ein paar Jahre verfolgt hat, weiß man, dass daraus sicherlich sofort die Erwartungshaltung "kommt in 1-2 Monaten als stable Release" entstehen würde.
  14. I really don't get what you thought. Pay once and get all new apps forever? Where did you get that idea? "Hey! I bought a brand new Ford! Now, they are telling me, that there will be new models next year with some better features! Nobody told me that Ford would develop new cars and I'd have to pay for them again! Fraud!!!1!!"
  15. Yes, USB (3.x) connected 2 TB Seagate conventional HDD (no SSD) in a standard external casing. Works without issues when copying stuff from and onto it, even huge files. Speed and error diagnose programs don't show any problems, even when run over night. Short, expensive/quality cables (no cheap $1 china USB connection cables with 10ft+ length).
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