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  1. Wenn man zum ersten Mal mit externen Dienstleistern zusammen arbeitet, sollte man dort immer nachfragen, welche Einstellungen die benötigen. Und ggf. vorab eine Probedatei liefern. Damit man nicht später entweder ungewollte Ergebnisse erhält oder aber ggf. unter massivem Zeitdruck versuchen muss, Probleme zu beheben.
  2. More or less. As you never can know whether or not the designers of a forum made which parts of it traceable. Yes, one could find out by trial and error and just google it. Just like someone just could use a different software, which provides an UI which adopts to different environments. As I don't want either, I'm still using a software's native search over external tools as much as I'd prefer using a native solution for different workspaces rather than an external workaournd for the Affinity apps. Well, it's one thing adding new features and gimmicks with each major update, but a basic and simple (believe me, it's simple, I used to developed various software projects for central markets in Germany) tweak for the UI is something, which shouldn't be on a "dynamic" roadmap for years at all. (Assuming it is on that list at all, read below.) In particular if it's a requirement for professional use—which competitors know for years. Having a feature like different workspaces for different situations went through decades of development in countless of applications by now. Why do you think, saving custom workspaces got implemented into so many professional software (not just in graphics and design) over the years? Just for fun? Affinity seemed to aim for getting the "professionals" away from competitors' software as well. And it's essential to mimic their workflow in regards of use of a program as close as possible. Ignoring things like this, but implementing new features for drawing and designing only isn't the right was on the long road for this. But I start to believe, that ignoring this request just might be intentional. As there are less professional users who would like to see this feature than casual/tablet/iPad users paying for the suite and/or its standalone applications. Hence, the developers just follow the (easy) money. Which isn't bad - it's actually, what a business is for. It's a decision made, and we'll have to live with that. Obviously. The focus clearly is on the majority of users who just use a single device and never switch the environment. Understandable, as said, from a business' point of view. But if one wants to become more or less standard one day in a sector which is so massively obsessed by one global player right now, one cannot ignore such developments which emerged from years of usage in other programs—one either has to implement or to improve them.
  3. Thanks! I used the search of the fora, which gave a gazillion hits, but none on the first couple of pages. Using google instead of a native search shouldn't actually give better results. And I have to admit, I'd never have thought of using external services for something, which a forum software should do better natively. But looking at the results, it's even worse! How can a business, which is aiming to pull people away from other professional software suites, ignore such a basic requirement for nowadays systems for such a long time? With more and more people working in office and home office, visiting customers etc.? Not only since the current corona crisis, BTW. It's not like such a feature would require a lot of programming as it needs just some save/backup/restore management for a couple of configuration files (hence, a workaround with a bat-file is even available in these forums). Kinda disappointing that one either has to spend time for a setup each time one changes the working environment or deal with external workarounds as solution.
  4. I've searched the forums for this request, but only found it mentioned in other suggestions/comments - not as a standalone feature request. If it exists, I'm sorry four double posting this issue. But I think it's a long overdue feature for the whole suite. I'm using all three affinity apps on a high-end laptop. That said, I'm working with 1-3 monitors, depending on the location I'm at (home, travel, customers etc.). Hence, I use different setups for which panels I have open at the same time, and where I've placed them (i. e. on separate monitors in order to maximise the canvas space. So, it's really annoying that I have to (re-)arrange my panels every time I switch my location I'm currently working at. This is a repetitive and tedious work. It's seriously annoying, hence I'm requesting for an option to save different workspaces for a quick, easy and convenient way to setup each app of the suite for different situations currently given.
  5. Stef7x, if it's about i. e. finding the same filters, fx etc. in the German version as advised in the tutorials, you might want to switch your applications' language to English instead. At least temporarily so you can follow the instructions and learn how to apply them. Since there are lot more tutorials to be found in English rather than in our native tongue, it might be more convenient using the application with an English UI in order to follow tutorials easily.
  6. I hope I'm allowed to add some critism/advice to your work. You should add some margin/space to the text in the blue-ish box on the second page. Writing texts to the very border of a box is a no-go unless it's some more or less "fancy" design thing (i. e. on modern posters/flyers etc.). And I'd remove the page numbers unless there are some plans to expand the work to some kind of brochure one day. Page numbers are useful, if you use an index so people could find the stuff they are searching for more easily. (Or in books, so people can brag with the amount of pages they read...)
  7. Actually, it may be helpful to mention Adobe as often as possible. Because new users may google for Adobe and end up in here—not being aware that there's such a great alternative for most of their tasks to do.
  8. Such layouts are definitely not a job for Photo, but for Publisher (in conjunction with Photo and/or Designer). Even Designer would be a better choice than Photo for creating such Posters.
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