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  1. Hi, this input would be good. I don't know if anyone already thought about that but, could be good. Cheers.
  2. Thanks a lot. @Dan C Helps for this measure, but, is not similar to my example and what happen if i need another height or width? I think that this tool need improvements because take too much time for do it as you want. Maybe i can go fast if the decimals in the input fields, can be changed with the mouse wheel. After all, thanks.
  3. Hi everyone, I have one square (4,5 x 3,5mm). Im try to show a measure limits with a Dash Line Style and i donĀ“t know what happen with. In the image below you can see what i wanna do. How put the corners in a square with dash line? Anyone can help me, i try everything whit Cap, Phase, Miter,... Thanks! LesterFM
  4. I think that the problem is when the text is out of Altboard!, if text is inside altboard highlighting is visible. Cheers!
  5. I have same problem. Text highlighting not working properly. There are any shortcut that disable this function? Thanks
  6. Fixed with the following tutorial: http://qa.mythicsoft.com/11593/why-do-get-error-reading-from-file-error-when-trying-install Thank you for your help guys... I appreciate so much! The best, Lester
  7. Unfortunately I have installed the patch and still have problems installing it.... it is available to download a version before I would like install a previous version.... Thank you! Edit: I tried to install the previous version but I have the same problem
  8. Hi all, need install my AD in a windows 7 os. I attached some pics for show you the steps i does 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 And boom. I read all forums, windows recomendations,... (6 hours in over that) and finally here. Can anyone help me? I need to install this tool yesterday. So, please need a urgent help or .... Thanks!
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