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  1. Yes, you have a reason, you don't always need to bleed in production, I think that printing programs in printers already add this when necessary. I come from the old school. If they ask for it, then I add it. Thanks!
  2. Mmm ok ok. I think I have forgotten many aspects, one of them is that everything is different now, I have found a solution. Thank you very much for the quick help.
  3. Thanks. I don't know why they disabled it. Now you must to design in Designer, then retouch in Photo and export in Publisher, really? I havent any problem to export from Designer, but i dont know the same image show with a diferent deep of color. Mama mia!
  4. Hi there, where i can set the bleed of a new document in APhoto v2 desktop? I can't believe I'm asking this question...🤦‍♂️ i'm very disappointed.
  5. Hi @carl123, I don't wanna to know, i want to see it. I saw this feature on 3D software. I don't know, In my opinion, it is and would be a very interesting feature, since at some point it will be useful to you, I think. My intention is none other than to behave as one more user of this great community and that sometimes has concerns like these and that they like to express, no more. I hope I have explained myself well and you understand me..
  6. Hi @NathanC I'm pretty sure few people don't care what you have selected, you can see it, assuming you have the selection boxes enabled. I mean to be able to see a hierarchy, and also, if the arboards are called simply as objects, then why when I delete one, it prevents me from deleting what it contains, that is, it knows what is inside it...
  7. Hi everyone, I have a quiestion, there are any way to show when you select an arboard (in Aff.Des. e.g.) the numbers of groups and released objects contained? Somethink like 4 groups - 3 ungroups. If you select the group, also show you a info of a number objects inside. If not, could it be seen in the future? Thanks. Cheers, Lester FM
  8. Hi everyone, I got a problem with the text frame, and same with artistic text. I can't go transparent, i don't know how i activate this. I can change the Character color but i cant do the same with the frame of the text. When i try to change the bg of the text works but finally i have 3 colors ¿?¿¿¿ If anyone have the reason please... Thanks, Lester
  9. Hi, this input would be good. I don't know if anyone already thought about that but, could be good. Cheers.
  10. Thanks a lot. @Dan C Helps for this measure, but, is not similar to my example and what happen if i need another height or width? I think that this tool need improvements because take too much time for do it as you want. Maybe i can go fast if the decimals in the input fields, can be changed with the mouse wheel. After all, thanks.
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