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    H.F.A.S.D. - Communication Guide

    I hope I'm allowed to add some critism/advice to your work. You should add some margin/space to the text in the blue-ish box on the second page. Writing texts to the very border of a box is a no-go unless it's some more or less "fancy" design thing (i. e. on modern posters/flyers etc.). And I'd remove the page numbers unless there are some plans to expand the work to some kind of brochure one day. Page numbers are useful, if you use an index so people could find the stuff they are searching for more easily. (Or in books, so people can brag with the amount of pages they read...)
  2. Actually, it may be helpful to mention Adobe as often as possible. Because new users may google for Adobe and end up in hereā€”not being aware that there's such a great alternative for most of their tasks to do.
  3. Andy05

    Conference Poster Template for Affinity Photo?

    Such layouts are definitely not a job for Photo, but for Publisher (in conjunction with Photo and/or Designer). Even Designer would be a better choice than Photo for creating such Posters.

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