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  1. Hello! Right, thanks! However, this needs re-selecting the (end-)nodes after breaking the curve, before deleting. Can we agree that this is a too-many-clicks-operation, and that there could be a simpler way, like CTRL-DEL, or something?
  2. Anyway... does anyone have an answer to my question number 3: is it possible to delete nodes so that the curve gets split? Thanks!
  3. This was not quite served to us on a silver platter... had to figure the shortcut myself.
  4. Hello! ad 2) tried the CTRL-ALT-backspace deletion, and it seems to work just fine... was there an update? ad 3) Is there a way to delete nodes like this?
  5. Hello! Any news on that one, or any ambition to implement it? I could use it at the moment. Thanks! Best regards
  6. Figured... it's CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE under Windows. However, as TonyO said, the algorithm is not too smart trying to maintain the curvature.
  7. Hi! Sounds very good, but how does this work on Windows? Tried any combination of modifier keys and DEL/BACKSPACE, but nothing happens. Thanks!
  8. True, but it misses a Center! That cripples it, because how do you rotate/scale about an arbitrary center now? Illustrator can do this! Posted this here already. Sorry, bit OT. +1 for Free Transform!!
  9. Illustrator can do this - select nodes(points), an there's this "axis icon"/center to place.
  10. Hello! It's about consistency. I see a transform box, and I expect it to have a center, no matter if I'm in object mode (Move Tool) or component mode (Node Tool). One can ask the opposite question: what sense does it make NOT to be able to rotate or scale about a freely chosen point in point mode?? Also, the transform panel is inactive in that mode. Shouldn't be, either. Thanks for listening!!
  11. Gosh, you are right! That friggin right mouse button has to be held as well... A-Team, please listen: stop that nonsense with the right mouse button as modifier key! It's simply not a good idea. It's very hard and fumbly to do that with a Wacom pen, which is my input device of choice. Same goes for the feature "Select object when intersects with the selection marquee", which is also invoked when pressing LMB and RMB at the same time. This is simply unergonomic, could you please listen to that feedback you got from many people already and change it to some modifier key on the keyboard? Thanks so much for the feature, though!!
  12. Hi! Talking about the improved Node Tool, not the Move Tool.
  13. Hello! Has been discussed, I know, but scattered all over the place. With the Node Tool, it should be possible to delete nodes in these variants: - Without adapting the neighbouring tangents - that's the existing behavior. Shortcut could be: left-doubleclick (besides DEL) - With adapting the neighbouring tangets, so that the curvature is preserved as good as possible (CorelDraw can do this). Possible shortcut: CTRL-left-doubleclick - With also deleting the neighbouring curve segments. Possible shortcut: CTRL-ALT-left-doubleclick. Regarding shortcuts: Choose any combination of mouse pointer and modifier keys you like for node editing, but avoid having to use DEL or other keys wich are harder to reach. Thanks for considering!! Best regards
  14. Hello! AD is here. Tried that "move by center" thing, but cannot figure how it's done - it hasn't been introduced yet, right? Cheers!