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  1. Hello! As the title says. The rotation icon respects it, so should scale. Thanks! Best regards
  2. Hello! There seems to be some inconsistent or even buggy behavior with Picture Frames. 1 - The 'regular' way to embed a picture into a frame is this: drag&drop the picture ONTO the Frame's name in the Layers panel, OR drag&drop the picture from the Exploder into the Frame in the canvas, OR select the Frame and use File > 'Place' The Picture icon then gets this tiny frame icon in the bottom left corner in the Layers panel, and when selecting the Frame on the canvas, it shows those neat transform handles for the picture content. 2 - The second way is this: Cut the picture > turn on 'Insert inside the Selection' > Paste, OR drag&drop the Picture UNDERNEATH the Frame icon (as a child) in the Layers panel. In that case the Picture does not get this tiny frame icon in the Layers panel, and there are no extra content transform handles on the canvas. Both cases have more or less the same effect - you crop a Picture with a Frame. Bit strange, but ok so far. Bug: It is possible to 'convert' method 2 into method 1 - when you drag&drop the Picture child onto the Frame name. However, I recently got a crash in doing so. I could not reproduce it, but it happened. Shouldn't, with such a central feature. Also, once method 1 was used to insert the Picture, and you 'unparent' it in the Layer panel (drag the picture back out), then use method 2 to put it back in, it always shows the tiny frame icon in the Layers panel and the Frame the extra content transform handles on the canvas. Hope it's clear what I mean. Best to fiddle around with it for testing. Thanks! Best regards
  3. Thanks for implementing this in V 1.7! =) Best regards
  4. Hello! The arrow keys and page up/down could be put to better use in the Layer Studio (or am I missing something?). 1 - When you hover the cursor over the layer studio, arrows and page up/down could select the next/previous item in the list. Left/right arrow keys could move up/down a hierarchy. 2 - Holding some modifier key (SHIFT etc.) while pressing up/down arrows could MOVE the selected element(s) in the list (as opposed to SELECTING next/previous). For both, it should not be necessary to click-set focus on the layer studio. Just hovering should do. Thanks! Best regards
  5. Python, please! Done my share of scripting in JScript (for Softimage back then), and lately Python (Cinema 4D, Rhino Grasshopper). It's readability and clutter-free syntax (among other things) make it much more convenient. It's also the de facto standard in practically all DCC applications. Forget about Apple Script... we need to think outside of our box! (Windows user here) Thanks!
  6. Tupaia

    bug in transform each

    I vote for a resizing in absolute values for each selected object, too. Just makes sense, and would be consistent.
  7. Hi! Simple one, as the title says. It's strange enough (for long-time Photoshop users) that masks are obviously not simply greyscale images. For convenience, please at least don't 'hide' that conversion feature in the Layer menu, but put it also in the RMB context menu of the layer panel. Thanks!!
  8. FYI, here's a screenshot of how sub-objects of a spline/curve in 3ds Max are selected. As one of only a few applications, it knows the sub-objects Points, Segments (the curve pieces between points), and Splines (everything connected, e.g. letters in a word). It's super handy being able to select segments, too. They can be transformed, deleted, whatnot. Since this ain't possible in AD, at least a simple way of deleting points by breaking the curve would be super nice! Thanks!
  9. Yep, I'm in a similar position, working in an architectural office. I already heavily advertised the Affinity suite to my boss, but missing features like this prevent it from gaining foothold in that business.
  10. Well well well... any news on this one?
  11. Hello! Right, thanks! However, this needs re-selecting the (end-)nodes after breaking the curve, before deleting. Can we agree that this is a too-many-clicks-operation, and that there could be a simpler way, like CTRL-DEL, or something?
  12. Anyway... does anyone have an answer to my question number 3: is it possible to delete nodes so that the curve gets split? Thanks!
  13. This was not quite served to us on a silver platter... had to figure the shortcut myself.