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  1. Illustrator can do this - select nodes(points), an there's this "axis icon"/center to place.
  2. Hello! It's about consistency. I see a transform box, and I expect it to have a center, no matter if I'm in object mode (Move Tool) or component mode (Node Tool). One can ask the opposite question: what sense does it make NOT to be able to rotate or scale about a freely chosen point in point mode?? Also, the transform panel is inactive in that mode. Shouldn't be, either. Thanks for listening!!
  3. Gosh, you are right! That friggin right mouse button has to be held as well... A-Team, please listen: stop that nonsense with the right mouse button as modifier key! It's simply not a good idea. It's very hard and fumbly to do that with a Wacom pen, which is my input device of choice. Same goes for the feature "Select object when intersects with the selection marquee", which is also invoked when pressing LMB and RMB at the same time. This is simply unergonomic, could you please listen to that feedback you got from many people already and change it to some modifier key on the keyboard? Thanks so much for the feature, though!!
  4. Hi! Talking about the improved Node Tool, not the Move Tool.
  5. Hello! Has been discussed, I know, but scattered all over the place. With the Node Tool, it should be possible to delete nodes in these variants: - Without adapting the neighbouring tangents - that's the existing behavior. Shortcut could be: left-doubleclick (besides DEL) - With adapting the neighbouring tangets, so that the curvature is preserved as good as possible (CorelDraw can do this). Possible shortcut: CTRL-left-doubleclick - With also deleting the neighbouring curve segments. Possible shortcut: CTRL-ALT-left-doubleclick. Regarding shortcuts: Choose any combination of mouse pointer and modifier keys you like for node editing, but avoid having to use DEL or other keys wich are harder to reach. Thanks for considering!! Best regards
  6. Hello! AD is here. Tried that "move by center" thing, but cannot figure how it's done - it hasn't been introduced yet, right? Cheers!
  7. Hello! The new Transform Mode of the Node Tool in AD 1.7 is a very welcome feature, thanks for that! Looks like there is the transform Center missing, though, like in the Move Tool. I'm aware that this center would be a temporary, meaning after deselecting the nodes, it will be lost. However, it should be there. Could you put this on the list, please? Thanks!!
  8. FYI: Link to Open Design Alliance https://www.opendesign.com/
  9. Hello! To confirm: In the field of architecture, people use Illustrator's DWG/DXF import/export frequently - in the architectural office I work in since recently, it's the same. DWG/DXF, are industry standards, and will remain so for many years. Implementing those will open the doors to the world of architectural graphics some more - it's in your interest! Don't filter down your target group to graphic designers/illustrators only. At home, I have replaced Adobe by Affinity. Would love to see this happening in the office, too, one day. And forget about PDF workarounds. Thanks!!
  10. +1 for DWG import/export! Thanks!!
  11. Thanks! If it is not asked too much... (please do!! =D )
  12. I do this feature request / testing thing for some time now, like years, for numerous applications (3ds Max, Softimage back in the days, Rhino, ...) and it's a common mistake to believe we have any influence on the order of these (usually long) wishlists. The fact that you don't vote for a good idea won't bring your other wishes any quicker to realization. Last word's always on Affinity. It is and should be simple, actucally: if you like a suggestion, vote for it. Never mind when or how it gets implemented.
  13. Exactly! =) Maybe some illustration would have helped to get the idea across. People tend to have a short attention span these days. Posted the same wish here.
  14. Hi! Thanks for the tip! However, it's a workaround. > change to the Pen tool > draw a line > change to the Node tool > select the nodes > move the nodes > select line > delete line > done. If you could choose, would you prefer that, or what I proposed: move the Center > move the Center holding CTRL > done. At the end of the day, a good interface is about saving mouse clicks, and thus paving the way for a smooth, fast and fluent workflow, right? Just mentioning, because you didn't click the 'like' button, so I'm a bit under the impression that you are satisfied with the way this can be achieved as of now.