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  1. I just bought some assets from the affinity store and I have to open my browser, go to the market and click download to check on .afdesign files cant we have a preview button like the starting menu? .
  2. Hi guys, I noticed that we dont have a smart fill or fill shape tool like illustrator or corel do, any possibilities of having this?
  3. can we have an option to make it stop spinning? its really really really annoying
  4. how can i stop the color triangle from moving when im picking a color? i find that realy annoying
  5. i would like to know if there is a chance that we can get an option to just export a selected object only, like we can do in CorelDraw where we can just grab an object, click into export and we will have only that object exported, instead of exporting the entire page or sections of it. that way we can use the entire canvas as a workspace without having the need of changing the canvas size
  6. check this: coolorus.com this is the best color wheel for adobe and it would be amazing this kind of things in Affinity.
  7. create an icon that can lock the rotation of the color wheel's triangle
  8. double click at the square tool to fill the entire document so we can make backgrounds in a faster way
  9. in the color wheel, instead of changing the mode to outline, it would be amazing if by just using the right click we could change the outline color of a vector object.
  10. It will be good to be able to move the center of rotation to any area so we can rotate an object in different ways.
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