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  1. for Affinity Publisher Request: For prepress workflows it would be very helpful to switch to a preflight mode where you can quickly check what objects are on which colour plates (eg. spot colours) Problem: Sometimes there are shadow-effects or overlaying colours and multiplying images that change the otherwise clean constructed set of elements in your layout. For example, you know every text has this global colour and every icon has that corporate-design colours, but where things overlap and blend, you need to know "how dark this black really is" to be successfully printed. Solution: Of course Indesign has had this feature long ago, and I'm even only using version CS5 from 2010... But you can also look for Photo's Channel panel: Like Photoshop, you can disable the green and red channels and look how the blue channel looks in isolated mode. in RGB mode this is maybe not as useful but in the prepress-world looking at your isolated CMYK plates is essential!
  2. woefi

    Wrong tab order in transform pane

    the only thing thats different for me is that I bought all my Affinity apps on the macAppStore... But this happens on the beta too, which is directly downloaded from affinitys website. So if this is not happening to you anymore, I'm wondering if this inconsistency on my macs could be system related... But to be honest, it really shouldn't matter, it should just work.
  3. woefi

    [By Design] Document resize bug?

    @davemike @Nazario I remember being annoyed about this behaviour as well. Now I tried with the latest Photo beta ( mac) and I think it really is resolved now! It even dynamically calculates what the final Image dimensions gonna be. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2019-08-13 um 15.03.26.mov ...in the current release version (1.7.1) not so. Hurray! Is this resolved for you as well?
  4. As a Mac user I see that the Affinity Preferences window is "inspired" by macOS System Preferences window,... but not as nearly as polished (are these arrows in fact < and > glyphs?? The buttons behave the same. But I would argue the arrows should instead allow you to "click-through" all sections for fast adjustments when manually synchronising the settings in the three affinity-apps (plus the three betas...) Yeah this could be irritating for the group of Mac-users, which are not familiar with adobes way. The third, the drop-down/button hybrid is the most useful and should stay the same for fast access. The search field should go deeper and allow you to directly go to the respective element (or highlight it at least)
  5. woefi

    Affinity Equivalent to Adobe PS Smart Objects?

    I'm hoping, in the background, there is some planning to merge this with affinity publishers new (and for now limited only to publisher) functionality of linking images as this would somehow work cross-app aka "STUDIO-LINK". edit: at this point I'm obviously just repeating myself as I speculated about this in April...
  6. woefi

    Wrong tab order in transform pane

    @Pauls I noticed this annoying bug in early 2018-betas but I'm not sure it ever worked for me. Nevertheless, It's broken in the current release-version (1.7.1 MacAppStore) and also the latest beta ( Info: I'm on a Mac and I use german keyboard-layout (and language) update: changed the language to english - same bugs. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2019-08-13 um 11.35.59.mov Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2019-08-13 um 11.38.41.mov I'm getting ready to switch from InDesign CS5 and occasionally start projects simultaneously on both apps to get used to some changes in my workflow, so please fix this soon! Also, I checked other panels, and there are many strange things happening when using the TAB-key, but they are usually not that important for me as the transform-panel, which is the most used, right after the cmyk-colour slider.
  7. So my main error was using alt (as I learned from Creative Suite) Command is the new way to go! Thank you all!
  8. @walt.farrell oh thank you! it's a translation-error: everywhere else "Facing Pages" or "Spreads" is named "gegenüberliegende Seiten" in german – but for this dialog they named it "Layoutseiten"... But I wonder, why are your buttons in another order – MORE EXPORT CANCEL (to me it's CANCEL, MORE, EXPORT)
  9. Maybe I am missing something, but... where is the checkmark to export a single-page PDF from a facing-pages publisher-document? Please don't tell me to change the document-setup because my client wants single pages to print out and proofread...
  10. -PREAMBLE- I'm still not very happy about affinity's alt-dragging behaviour, where you have to decide BEFORE pressing the mouse, if you want to duplicate. From ID or AI I'm used to drag, and then think of all the modifier-keys to hold... But what's very annoying is that things don't snap to my guides anymore, while in alt-dragging mode. This has to be a bug, i'm sure!
  11. (First: Yes my StudioLink is working.) I see these menu items under "File" called something like "Edit in Photo..." "Edit in Designer..." (mine is in german) and if I use them, it opens my publisher-document in Photo. Well, sort of: in Photo, the (linked) Images come in very pixelated and if I close this window, I'm back in Publisher, now with an empty window, and no option to save. So my document contents are lost! I know that the right way to invoke StudioLink is via the Persona-Buttons, but when I come across these menu-items I take them, thinking it does the same, or better: "Edit the currently selected Image in Photo", uncropped and fresh from the harddrive!
  12. Every time I create a new document, the size of the window is very small and not using the available screen-space. Why is that and how can I permanently change this to a "reasonable" size? MacOS 10.14.5 I'm working in separated mode I have two displays attached (both are way bigger, 27" and 21,5") if I resize the window and save this document, this particular document opens again in the right size. But not every other "new" document. Edit: No, it doesnt...
  13. woefi

    Data merge

    well, then I'd spell it "hey-dont-buy"-Inc
  14. Well, don't get me wrong. StudioLink with in-place editing is already incredible useful. But It also has very rough edges at this stage. For sure there is ongoing talk/developing/reshaping in the af team meetings. But I think what I need, would be an official explanation, guideline, or "workaroundflow" if you will, from Serif, on HOW to use this in the meantime until there is a cleanup of the whole concept. I can imagine there are MANY things going on regarding an iPad-version of AfPub and the challenge of how to deal with linked assets on a mobile device without access to the filesystem they were linked from originally... Hopefully dealing with linked files gets smoothed also from the other side, by Apple, with iOS 13 and support of SMB-servers or better handling of external storage/thumb drives.
  15. I made a graphic in afDesigner and then placed it on a afPublisher page as linked. When I double-click to edit it the changes I make are immediately synced and displayed in the Pub-document. Cool! There is no save, I can only close the edit-window. So far-so good. But, the changes are not saved back to the linked file. It's more like it is an embedded copy of the original graphic I created. But most of the time, I want to write the changes back to the original file, like I had done the modification directly in Designer, so it updates in all documents in which this graphic is placed/linked. plus: I don't know why the colours do not match in the preview - like it's RGB and not cmyk?