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  1. Good to know, but I just tested with the latest Beta619 (Release Candidate) and it is NOT solved yet.
  2. ins_SAMB_oevpzeitung_05b_rz_pr.idml I noticed also there are similar problems with inside shadow effects, where the values are not being calculated correctly. ...btw, offset in fx is still displayed in "pixels", really? come on!
  3. I know itβ€˜s a little confusing: the rectangle was rotated 180 degrees. πŸ™ƒ
  4. It is always good to remember what oneself can do to improve the situation. I appreciate your helpful tip (I have to admit, most of the time I'm too lazy to create templates) The thing is, one has to consider in which work environment you are operating: I have accumulated around 100 clients, of which, say, 3 to 5 have active projects that I am working on in this week. (projects=multiple documents of the same corporate design – print and screen/web) these projects take 1 week to 1 month, and then the client is happy for the rest of the year. Maybe one quick mini-job in-between. so at any time I have 3 different clients/corporate designs active, out of 50 to 100. you never know, maybe, after this year, the design for one client needs to change. So, do you make your templates after the job, when everything is nailed down? Or should you take the time in advance, and then update them everytime something is adjusted... For me, (and many workmates I met in the last 20 years) it was always easier (-> and safer!) to just take the last client-specific file you were working the year before and use it as the source of your new documents. It helped, that InDesign by default used only global colours. And Illustrator, messy but creative as it was, let you use a "clean-everything-up" script, or at least the native commands "add used colours" and "delete unused colours". There are sooo many bugs in Ai, but this always worked a ton for me. to compare: Ai's "add used colors" does it in the right color model, and links the object to the colour (it already knew it 1 nanosecond before) and as a bonus and absolutely important: if you copy this object to another document, the colour and the linking is transferred. bonus-extra-victory-round: If the same colour is already present in the target doc it uses the target's definition. this saves tons of time and lets me concentrate on the creative work instead. It reduces errors whether templates are up to date. Affinity's apps are already the best candidate to replace the creative suite. Just fill the gaps in the basics and only then add new features. Heck, I even wouldn't mind sacrificing stability! Adobe crashes so often, affinity is already way ahead (and auto-saves, fwiw).
  5. ...even better if the automatically created colours would also be linked with the objects the colours were derived from. As it is standard behaviour in Ai since I can think of...
  6. I'm afraid to tell you but, this has never worked. I'm testing it with every new beta version since like forever... It bugs me because all the affinity apps are really good to work with, but there are some showstopping gaps (esp. with cmyk colours and print ready pdfs) you can only scratch your head why it is not considered important. 🀨
  7. I tried it but could not reproduce. In the video I see you are using your own "system-palettes" (with the small apple-icon) I also have one saved and rearranging does not crash my Publisher. What is this overlay I see in your video on the left side in the middle? It is displayed while dragging. Is this some system plugin or only from the video recording app? edit: I'm on Mojave. What is your system? There are some issues with catalina and 1.8release..
  8. I tried it with exactly the same shapes (although I'm not sure if I had the same Z-axis hierarchy...) I can't reproduce it... for me it works. I'm on Mojave, fwiw. edit: It only shows, if you use a circle (mine had an ellipse) So now I CAN reproduce it.
  9. Like @markw I can confirm, your Text isnt rasterized as I first thought, it is being converted to curves. Hmn. Maybe a Font issue – but it happens to different fonts on your side... So maybe indeed an special issue with Catalina...
  10. I used your document and had no issues: test for selectable text1.pdf Sorry, my screenshot is in german. But it reads "only rasterise unsupported features" Do you have a screenshot of your settings? Maybe Your default ones are corrupted...
  11. Which export options did you choose? Especially the setting "rasterise" should not be set to "everything" if you want text to be selectable.
  12. There is a known bug in the default settings. You have to re-set the value of "undo"-steps. But I guess the 1.8.1 update should already be live by now.
  13. Maybe this has to do with this "undo-bug". Just wondering. Have you already fixed your "zero undo steps"-settings in the performance tab of preferences which was introduced in 1.8.0.
  14. Thanks, ctrl-start did the trick. Now, we only need the missing feature to save the panel positions (aka "workspaces") so I don't have to arrange these billion panels again on my second monitor... (it's as if you come into your office monday morning and realize that friday afternoon the cleaning person swiped your desk and made one heap of stuff with your meticulously organised documents...) 😭
  15. This has happened early in the 1.8 beta and had already been fixed. Now, again, the preflight panel is missing. Serious question to Affinity staff: Does anybody of you use separated mode at all? (It always seems like you don't care that much...) Anyways, thank you for this otherwise awesome new release!
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