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  1. I understand that some effects, which distort objects on a pixel level would lead to rasterised output. But my example only has a "luminosity mask". As you see in the last of my screenshots, a 12 year old version of Indesign is able to output a vector-clean pdf. Another, simple, one: I called it "strangefish") I attached all files After IDML-import I had to recreate the lost transparency gradient with the transparency tool. Now, on export it suggests "some parts will be rasterised". (PDF attached) Then I checked "rasterise none" (2nd PDF attached) which looks like it would be OK but I can't be sure. strangefish_v2_indes.pdfstrangefish_v2.idmlstrangefish_v2.idml.afpubstrangefish_v2.idml_rast.pdfstrangefish_v2.idml_norast.pdf
  2. First I recognised that IDMLs which contain a rectangle with applied transparency gradient do not get imported properly. Maybe this is because AfPub misses the options in the layers effects panel: This is a IDML pictureframe with placed .ai vector graphic. I converted it with Designer so that there would be less problems, but still... Then I try to reconstruct this "vanishing effect" with the transparency tool. But this does not work on the IDML pictureframe, I have to select the placed vector graphic instead and hope to get the start and end right. If I export this, I get an rasterised vector pattern, which is not acceptable.
  3. Hi, @MEB, this would be wonderful! Any hints when we can expect this to be added? 🥺
  4. This is really nice, though I never realised (or understood) there was a distinction between layer colour and layer label. Maybe make it a little more discoverable, by putting it in the context menu right under the label colour so you see them side by side?
  5. @MEB please see my post regarding this bug in separated mode and related, the dual monitor scenario:
  6. On a dual-monitor setup in separated mode, it is still very confusing that so often you wonder, where the heck did the newly opened document window spawn, when it just hides on the secondary display - but (rightly so) underneath the panels. For the document at least the z-order is correct, but every modal dialog box should be drawn on top of the rest of the UI and of course on the primary monitor. This should be common sense, as dual monitor setups exist since the early nineties (...of the last century). I respectfully ask, does nobody at Affinity use dual monitors or the separated mode for his panels? I mean we got saveable studio setups which indicates that they would, so...
  7. Hi, Photo tries to combine two document windows into a single tabbed window, but fails to clean up the blue overlay afterwards. You have to quit the app to remove the blue box. It even stays on top of other apps! Also, the implementation is a bit annoying as this always happens by accident, I never really meant to combine windows. I think there should be a little bit more of a "threshold" before it attempts the combining so you can move the windows freely around. Somewhat related: there is no optical distinction between an "active" window and the other ones which don't have the focus. (the traffic lights disappear as soon as you click on a studio panel... (macOS Mojave, metal, magic mouse) Bildschirmvideo AfPhoto.mp4
  8. You could assign a white fill to the picture frame containing the placed PDF/Image or AfPub-File. Make sure you check the option for picture frames to keep its own fill:
  9. Well, part of my request would be to at least make the size consistent between single and facing pages. And being able to choose separately the icon sizes of either "master" or "normal pages" would also be a big improvement.
  10. well, obviously you can't please everybody. In other forums you'll get the usual "I won't help you, unless you first fill out your sig!" 🙃
  11. Well, just tried it on another mac (also 10.14.6) which I usually never run the affinity suite and it's the same. Hints: I use separated mode, light mode, german keyboard. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2021-05-27 um 23.27.54.mp4
  12. When I doubleclick on the name of a slice to rename it, it displays a selected text but the highlight is lightgrey instead of blue (my system colour) so when I begin entering text I get the systembeep. Sometimes it works tho... I just never know when and how. Edit: notice also the missing triangle in the open/close button Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2021-05-27 um 20.28.11.mov
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