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  1. Wow, thank you! I always looked for this in the "edit colour" box... EDIT COLOUR looks the same as CREATE COLOUR but without the overprint checkbox why would they hide it there?
  2. Absolutely! Normally I would have completely ignored these overprinting colours and would have instead requested adding the missing feature "set object-based overprinting to fill or outline" but... I see the long list of things I want to be added to the Affinity apps (just for feature parity with Adobe CS5 in terms of print production) and then I restrain myself and accept that it will take them a little bit more time to get there... (I am very confident, though, as the Affinity team is at least very transparent what they are currently doing.)
  3. What is still not possible, yet: To set/unset a colour to overprint _after_ it was created.
  4. I too, would like to see better support for macOS's QuickLook Preview function. Maybe it shouldn't be a pixel preview but instead a crude, lowres, PDF version? Whatever is technically possible... I'm not sure I know any such examples (as I don't use modern adobe apps for comparison). Anyways, here is a link to Apple's developer documentation: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/quicklook
  5. I think this is not a bug per se, it's just "as designed" at this point... But, I too, want the app to: A) preset a custom colour palette, the app should start a new document with (and pre-define it in the templates) B) have the app prioritize an existing document palette (which was saved in the AfDesigner/AfPub file) Use cases would be: (A) Starting a new screen design (Banner/Website/Icon) it uses MY predefined palette of (global)RGB colours, maybe called, say "Webdesign RGB". (A) Next, when creating a business card for my client XY, I choose the corresponding template and change the colour palette to my predefined "Client (XY) CMYK" (B) And every time I re-open these documents, the right palette in the swatches panel is already pre-selected so I can work right away.
  6. Good catch! My old Acrobat Pro (v9) does not display this info Can you repeat this with AfPublisher if you have it installed? I'm beginning to think it may indeed a localisation bug (german) in AfDes but is linked to the system language not necessarily the program language.
  7. I would like all to be specific in which program the error occurs. I'm still having issues in Designer. Publisher is now (mostly) fine. So Yesterday I had to quickly export a Print PDF from a Designer document and the resulting PDF did wrongly include "US Web Coated whatever" instead of the correctly set "Generic CMYK". So when you checked it in Adobe Acrobat you saw that all the colours were cross-converted (0/100/100/10 became 3/96/80/5 or something like that) My Workaround for now is to finish the job in Designer and then open the file in Publisher just to export the PDF for the offset printing firm. (Most of my print jobs are Publisher files anyways... I use AfDesigner mostly for logos and info-graphics, which I then link in AfPub)
  8. eventuell: Mischmodus: Multiplizieren? weiß multipliziert nicht...
  9. @Johannes FYI: I think I found some sort of fix: (your video shows the english version but your name suggests that you may be german speaking?) Prerequisites: This was not a fresh install and I had several betas installed this year (I think it has to do with the preferences) I had my language set to "Standard" which is "german" in my operating system. I had the same problems like you showed in your video I changed my program language to "english" and restarted the app -> some things improved I changed it to "german" and restarted the app I changed it to "Standard" (which should be german) and restarted. -> Now The list is sorted right and it remembers the right profile in the document*. I repeated this for all three Apps (AfPub AfDes AfPhoto) * -> BUT: I'm still having difficulties with the MAIN program setting for the default CMYK profile: sometimes it works, sometimes it does not stick...
  10. Quite possibly though it seems somewhat odd... THIS!!! If I change my language from "german" to "english" (not US, and there is no United Kingdom either...) then the profile stops reverting in Designer! ...and the list is sorted right – which is an indication that this is somewhat linked.
  11. Next thing I see: Both in Designer AND Publisher if you change the CMYK profile in settings, then it always reverts back to US Web Coated SWOP after closing the app... Man...this gets weirder... I have to downgrade back to 2.1.1, I have real work to do...
  12. To clarify: The bug seems to be in Designer 2.2 mac the ICC-list "Text" does not match the underlying list "objects" the second from above in Publisher corresponds to the second from above in Designer, but is labelled differently to me it started with a project using "ISO Coated v2 300%" right after the update. edit: maybe a localisation bug just for non-english versions? I'm using it in german.
  13. is this Designer or Publisher? (Note: it is working in AfPub, the problem is with Designer)
  14. -> Obviously you are not seeing the video but instead just a still picture. Are you browsing on Windows? Seems to me that some browsers have problems playing videos from MacOS screenrecordings which are usually ".mov". I usually drop my screen recordings onto Handbrake to convert to MP4 before posting here. Just to check on this off-topic forum/video-issue: Are you able to play the video in this linked bug report:
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