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  1. woefi – Partly blurred UI

    @Jon P I think, you meant: "only on NON-retina screens"
  2. woefi – Partly blurred UI

    maybe it has to do with retina/non-retina? for me, some ui-texts (the same) are blurry, on my non-retina monitor
  3. I'm not sure if much Indesign-users are aware, that when placing a PSD or an AI, you can disable/hide layers (I use it mostly for white coloured logos with transparency). So with my many documents I hope to bring over to affinity, I have the issue, that these disabled backgrounds creep back in my .afpub file. This requires some extra-steps to either open it in AI and deleting the background and saving it, or convert the .ai to .afdesign (basically I'd be fine with that in the long run) but an option to choose the visible layers "on import" is still missing. (like you select the page of a multipage-ai) This is not to be reduced to a sole feature-request – I would say it is required to successfully convert an IDML to AFPub.
  4. woefi

    IDML Import Issues

    same with *modified*, but this time, I had no problems with the quarterly cropped logos/icons. However, the problem with multipage-imports reverting to page 1 still persists. EDIT: OK I overlooked, I still have ONE of the Logos cropped. The others were fine, see screenshot.
  5. Well, with my specific document, it's not only linked to IDML import. (maybe just the b502, which crashed constantly today as I used it extensibly) 1) I Imported a IDML with the customer preset text-styles and corporate design colours. 2) deleted most of the contents, wrote new text in these styles, 3) adjusted the textstyles, 4) placed simple one-color .afdesign icons, 5) saved 6) re-opened – voilá. attached: idml with the textstyles,, which I used as base-document. one icon. the afpub b502 file wiith the "cropped" icons baltic_pr_aussendung_07rz.idml Foto_neg.afdesign hb ins keramiko2020_10.afpub
  6. I know I shouldn't really do this, but after experimenting with the pub18-502 beta and its amazing idml import, I decided to jump into the cold water and use the beta for a small but urgent project (today) in real-life. This way you actually see all shortcomings because you highly depend on it to function correctly. So my Problem is with placed .afdesign files. I have 8 afdesign-Icons linked in my one-page document. Also, there are some text-styles imported via idml which also have weird anomalies*. At some point I opened the triangle in the layers panel and it immediately showed the beach ball followed by the crash report. Then, after recovery and redoing the lost part of the work, I imported another, highly complex .afdesign file into publisher and after maybe ten clicks same crash again. So I want to report this here and in the meantime I will refrain from importing this AFDesign file again and instead convert it to pdf or so... *text style anomalies: when changing one of two hierarchical textstyles, the other one changes the font-weight. The problem is a combination of the font Helvetica Neue LT which has many font weights combined with publishers style preferences, which differentiate between FONT WEIGHT and FONT TRAITS. My Helveticas weights are listed as Traits. And secondly, the default style is not Roman or Book but "Condensed Light"... which is also bad...
  7. I too see this in my reopened documents. If I click on the wrongly displayed icons (marked with pink) I get the right view again. I think It's only a viewport-bug. My imports are .afdesign files.
  8. Thank You, good to know it's reported to the team!
  9. Most of my idml conversions are wonderful! I noticed some weird behaviour when re-opening the freshly converted file: If you have placed multi-page Illustrator-Logos within your original InDesign Doc, or multipage INDDs inside the INDD (which is also possible) Publisher gets the correct page right at the first Import. BUT: If you re-open the saved .afpub document, the .ai-page defaults to page 1.
  10. Nope. Only saving as does not change the file size. But what I now tried was "relinking" .afphoto file in the resourcemanager and now the filesize is 2.5 MB.
  11. I can confirm, that at b502 the behaviour is: reopen a bloated .afpub from 1.7.3 with linked .afphoto and saving it in beta the file size stays as big (138MB). but: making a NEW document in beta and dragging the .afphoto into it and copying all text boxes from the 1.7.3 and saving it results in 2MB file size! So there is at least progress!
  12. woefi

    IDML Import Issues

    I also had a converted idml crash after saving it as afpub and reopening. In another document I also saw that "soft-proof-fx" which happened only in cmyk-photos. All the other images were rgb-jgs... Removing the softproof solved most of my colour differences, which I suspect could be because InDesign CS5 uses Adobes ColorEngine. I have to admit I never fully understood how InDesign handled pictures with integrated colour profiles, sometimes I imported the same file twice and it was displayed differently...
  13. woefi

    Switching between pages

    I'm not aware of another way by mouse, but if you mean by keyboard: default shortcut is Command+PageUp and Command+PageDown, that is, if you happen to have an extended keyboard with numpad. And you can change all shortcuts in affinitys preferences.
  14. OK, thanks... but this was not quite the answer I wanted to get... I believe strongly, that the units of a document should be set to the users preference. There can be calculations from an internal base unit of which the developers can choose freely, but for the user it should not matter. Publisher-documents are mostly real-world size, you measure in millimetres or inches or thumbs (whatever the imperial unit is...) so I put in my offset in an understandable way – I don't calculate which resolution my document has, and experimenting is also not a very professional approach... Yes, for the input, maybe it works with mm, but when I later come back, I won't remember how much these 34pixels were...

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