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  1. You get this result, - utilities- go to folder, /Library/Spelling/, but it isnt right one can you geva a result as screen photo for right position? On my metod, hyphenation of sloween work but spelling doesn't
  2. Affinity Publisher - Affinity is great tool but I realy miss as InDesign - in effects, basic feather, you have similar action in affinity photo - in refine command, but is little complicated for work in Publisher or Designer, could this command be in next upgrade??
  3. Yes?? Don't thing so, after your advise, you don't have any result - no path, my way is much simplier and work
  4. To see hidden folders in osx press - shift- command - dot and you can see hidden library, whithout this command you ca't see it
  5. One library is in hidden files, but under the spelling isn any folder fr_FR witd .aff and .dic document
  6. OK I know what is Caracter studio, yust pallet caracter, still cant find where to put my subfolder for hyphenation
  7. Can't see library in users folder, I also don't know where to find "Creator Studio", this termin doesnt exist in any menu? I have download .dic and .dat for Slovenian language, can you explain pleas why i havent user Library and where is Creator studio or what it mean?
  8. In your explanation you have terms as Character Studio, I cant find in menu, I have last version 2.4.0. and i like to install . dic and . dat for Slovenian language, in MOnterey library/ Spelling doesn't exist anymore, so can you help where and how to install in Monterey, maby you can do some script for anyone to install this take time to you and us and is constant problem, big problem is can't use hyphenation in my language it is then anusable to design book and make corrections on every row. hyphenation is enough to eork, but explain simple pleas youst step 1 step 2...
  9. I bought a Lumix S5 mark iiX camera, but I have a problem with opening the raw format, so I only have to edit in jpeg, which is not enough for my professional work, when can I expect to open this format in Affinity photo?
  10. For the font size, instead of the standard sizing format for size above 16 points, it would be nice to have the option to increase or decrease by one dot, as is the case with kerning or leading
  11. even if with alternate click on point teh handle is show, but dosent work in InDesign you can simple with alternate gat path handle
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