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  1. Thank You! But I have to say it: There are (and were) several UI discrepancies related to docked vs undocked, light vs dark UI. Missing (but not really missing, just hardcoded white colored) icons, ... Please try to test this more on your end, maybe build some automated test suite for these circumstances.
  2. Coming from Indesign and Quark, initially I didn't get it either: For whatever reason Publisher has this standard behaviour that when you populate an already coloured rectangle (picture frame) with an image it would "forget" about its background colour/outline. You just have to click on this tiny and bland icon which is labeled as "clear fill on populate". However I would suggest this "toggle"-button should get a visual "state", to show whether it's activated or deactivated... Bildschirmaufnahme 2023-01-07 um 15.08.09.mp4
  3. I, too, think it would help to "firewall" the preview from the rest of the export feature. I can imagine, from time to time, there will always be some rendering problems and this should not take the whole export window down.
  4. on a Mac you have to add the file under: "<Macintosh HD> /Library/ColorSync/Profiles" ...or only for your user: "~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles"
  5. So, did you try with (copies) of other v1-documents? (Sorry If you already said and I missed it)
  6. Hi, @MEB, this would be wonderful! Any hints when we can expect this to be added? 🥺
  7. @MEB please see my post regarding this bug in separated mode and related, the dual monitor scenario:
  8. You could assign a white fill to the picture frame containing the placed PDF/Image or AfPub-File. Make sure you check the option for picture frames to keep its own fill:
  9. Well, part of my request would be to at least make the size consistent between single and facing pages. And being able to choose separately the icon sizes of either "master" or "normal pages" would also be a big improvement.
  10. well, obviously you can't please everybody. In other forums you'll get the usual "I won't help you, unless you first fill out your sig!" 🙃
  11. Well, just tried it on another mac (also 10.14.6) which I usually never run the affinity suite and it's the same. Hints: I use separated mode, light mode, german keyboard. Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2021-05-27 um 23.27.54.mp4
  12. When I doubleclick on the name of a slice to rename it, it displays a selected text but the highlight is lightgrey instead of blue (my system colour) so when I begin entering text I get the systembeep. Sometimes it works tho... I just never know when and how. Edit: notice also the missing triangle in the open/close button Bildschirmvideo aufnehmen 2021-05-27 um 20.28.11.mov
  13. Well thank you and now I can see: when I view your @2x screenshot as 50% it roughly matches with my fresh document (A4, spreads) at middle sized icons. looks consistent – but: But If I uncheck "facing pages" on the same document, It recalculates the scale to a much bigger size. And this is also the case in my 1920x5000pixel screen design example. It is way too big for a "middle" size icon. I would recommend for the programmers to take a look at the algorithm so that the middle size becomes smaller and more useful. (as you can see in your screenshot the big size is already nearly at similar size...) Another idea: separate sizes for master pages and normal pages. These really do not have to be the same...
  14. Maybe it's a bug, because I have only tried this on my non-retina displays: Has anyone tried this on a 4k or 5k Monitor?
  15. I would suggest adding a feature (or changing the behaviour) of adding a layer to include the already selected objects. Say, you want to clean up your document structure and sort the objects into their respective layers. You have already made a selection but now you realise there is no layer for it yet. In Affinity, if you add a layer, this new layer is selected and the previous selection is gone. Possible Solutions: A: like Indesign: you press the add layer button and this doesn't affect your selection, so you can drag these objects onto the fresh layer. B: I would suggest a new command (which one could assign a shortcut to) similar to "group" where the actual selection gets moved into a new layer.
  16. I'm not sure by which parameters the scale is calculated in the pages panel, but In my case, the difference between small, medium and big is not very balanced. I'm happy to have a "very" small icon view plus labels, but for most projects (4 to 16 pages) I could use a little bit more detail. And the "middle" size is way to big and not very different from the "big" one... I would need a size between small and middle, but really more at the side of small. just two times bigger and keep the labels.
  17. Problem: I find it difficult to quickly see the hierarchy of nested/grouped objects, especially if I assigned a colour label to a layer. Solution: I would suggest highlighting the belonging objects by darkening (light UI) or lightening (dark mode) the background colour in the panel. This would bee seen whenever you open a group. Maybe also let the colour of the label shine through: (see Mockup) Also, I think at this state the colour labels are not really well thought out if combined with the rest of the UI (especially in light mode) blue system tick boxes are barely visible on blue background... yellow and orange are rather brown and have little colouring effect, only darkens
  18. While I appreciate any button to customise everyones workflow, I would strongly propose to change the default to (OFF). Reason: If I set a fill, I want to see a fill even with an placed image/logo. If I don't want to have a fill, I usually set the fill to NONE This is my expected behaviour as it is in line with other DTP-programs (although OK to be able to turn it on if one likes so.)
  19. Thank You very much!! Wow, have to say, I had to google your exact phrase for a screenshot, otherwise I would NEVER in a million years found this... It is NOT described in the help under "picture frame"! I append my screenshot for others like me: This looked to me more like a scaling-relevant icon until I hovered over it. Should be moved over to the right, next to "Fill" if you ask me...
  20. When placing logos (which have often times transparent backgrounds) inside a picture frame I want to have control over the readability. Especially if placing them over an image. So if the logo designer did not include a white background (paper is always white, so why bother...) and I don't want to risk altering the logo, I usually assign a white fill to the picture frame which then provides the opaque background for the logo. I'm not able to do this in AfPub. Which is weird because a stroke is possible...
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