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  1. Interesting, I hadn't tried your method before and it was looking good until I exported. When I exported a PDF made of 6 artboards with bleed and crop marks I ended up with 6 single pages rather than 2 pages with a combined bleed and crop marks. Is there a step I'm missing, or do you then move everything onto a single artboard as part of your pre-press flow? My Publisher solution was to create a master template with guides and create groups for the pages which need to shuffle. Having a gutter would also be super helpful for fold marks and notes to the printer etc.
  2. +1 I too was really hoping that this had been sorted out.
  3. Indeed, I was referring to the space between the space between items. https://xd.adobe.com/ideas/principles/web-design/what-is-white-space-in-design/
  4. I love that you can modify the shortcuts, especially if you're migrating from another product! There can often be rather a lot of whitespace between what you're modifying and the shortcut, and they can look similar. I appreciate that this follows the same order as within the menus, but it doesn't need to be. If the shortcut modifier was moved to the left then there's less white space to navigate. It would also be really handy if the search function picked up the shortcuts, rather than having to navigate through lists!
  5. I'd been holding off to upgrade to Big Sur until now and didn't come across this thread until too late (after updating). It's always a punt upgrading too soon to a new Apple OS. Designer, Photo and Publisher take an absolute age to open the first time, not quite going to grab a coffee but certainly no way near as nippy (almost instant on Catalina). Admittedly it IS faster once it's been opened the first time. It's frustrating as all my other software is speedy, but I use Designer on a daily basis. Is there any timeframe on when / if this is going to be fixed?
  6. I know that Designer and Publisher are two different programs, but in Designer you can now have multiple pages (artboards) all at completely different sizes. So, Serif, please can we have more than two pages next to each other in Publisher
  7. Hi Beacon, I've been using Designer for a few years now. It's great that Publisher has finally been released. It was a bit of a learning curve as I'd been using Adobe software for decades (since 1992). I was an early adopter of InDesign (CS1) over Quark so have been through this process already. There were a few mental leaps to me made on the Affinity way of working, but after taking the plunge on a couple of live projects it's now become as second nature as Creative Suite was. Some things are easier, some things are counter-intuative at first (personally I feel the whole colour system needs a bit of a review). It's well worth the initial pain, plus no subscription. The nice thing is that Affinity do seem to listen to their users, and the forum is friendly and supportive. Good luck with your switch over!
  8. Thanks for this Matt, I'm a latecomer to the whole retina display thing. Having just opened up my AD files to edit them I was rather surprised to see them at half the size I was expecting. CMD+9 did the job of making the designs appear as they should do, but if I change the document settings from px to pt 100% works as it should
  9. Thanks for sharing this. It was interesting to do a quick conversion comparison with Viva free and IDMarkz on a 20pp CC2019 InDesign brochure I was given. Neither was perfect, but both gave a good starting point to tidy things up from, always helpful to have a PDF as reference. Although after a successful first run, Viva then crashed each time I tried to re-open the original INDD file.
  10. In that case I'd download a trial version of Adobe CC, convert as many old InDesign files you can get your hands on to IDML and cancel the trial.
  11. If you still have InDesign on your machine you can Export them as INX or IDML ( depending on what version of InDesign you've got ). You can then open that file in Affinity Publisher. If you've no longer got InDesign then take a look at IDMarkz ( https://markzware.com/products/idmarkz/ ) which does a pretty good job at creating an IDML file which can be opened in Affinity Publisher. Hope that helps!
  12. Thanks Sean. I figured it may be something like that, but worth putting out there just in case. Somehow Adobe did it in the versions of InDesign I've run, but it's not a deal breaker. I'm really loving working across all three Apps. Got the new version and the Toggling is working again - good work!
  13. This is more of a niggle than anything else. When working in separated mode, when you ALT + click on the green Mac traffic light to expand the window, it expands to the full screen size. This means that the Toolbar covers the rulers, and more importantly the open / save / export dialogue box. Yes I can move it down 70px each time I open or create a new document, but it's a bit of a pain. I've just noticed that using Tab to hide all tools in separated mode hides the toolbar forever! You can see on the screenshot it's selected to show the toolbar. When you go back to non-separated mode everything comes back!
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