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  1. Thanks Walt! Works for Publisher. Would be great in Designer too :D
  2. I really hope that I've missed this option somewhere. When you show / hide guides it does just that - brilliant! Shapes you can toggle the edges in Designer (but not Publisher) with view Outline mode, while not exactly what I'm after it does help locate white boxes on a white background. However I can't find a way to showing / hide edges of text boxes. It would be really helpful, especially in creating templates etc. Many thanks
  3. Hi Callum, I've not noticed it before, it's just started happening with some the designs I need to get to my client rather urgently (always the way when things go wrong). When you say exporting to my desktop, what do you mean exactly? That's the error I get when I try to export the designs or is it something else? I now suspect it may be a font issue, as turning off one of the fonts means I can now export without the error but also without the client's corporate font so not ideal. Hmmm what to do next? I found a workaround for my client's proof by printing to PDF from Apub, but not idea.
  4. Forgot to add, it's when exporting as PDF and on Mac
  5. I'm getting this very unhelpful error message when trying to export my Adesign or Apub documents if more than one page / artboard.
  6. Thanks MEB and fde101! 1. For showing me how to turn it off. 2. Telling me what it was doing. Great work
  7. I'm loving finally working in Publisher, it's a nice fresh break from ID! Not sure exactly how to describe this, and have done a bit of searching on here, the internet, and help to see if it's covered anywhere. A lot of the time when you're working on a document it's a bit "disco like", as each time you deselect an object (text, image etc.) the outline of what you've been working on goes magenta and fades to nothing. Is there any way to turn this off? I can't find a setting. It's also not consistent, I'll be working away with my document flashing like "Saturday Night Fever" and then nothing for a while. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. In addition to the use I initially created the request for, I've been using the newly launched Publisher and have found it a bit of a pain when you (read clients) need to swap pages. With facing pages as it currently works, If I need to move or swap a page, Publisher automatically reflows the other pages. Exampe Original pagination [1][2] [3][4] [5][6] [7][8] I need to swap pages 2 & 6 Publisher automatically flows everything to this [1][3] [4][5] [6][2] [7][8] Easy enough to fix on a small document, but would create a mine field on larger documents!
  9. I've been experiencing this problem in both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on Windows and pDrive. Weirdly, this issue doesn't happen on my Mac, where pDrive and AP / AD work fine. I thought I had found a fix by using a synced folder (similar to DropBox) rather than the virtual drive pDrive mounts, but sadly not. It'd be really helpful if instead of closing without saving, there was a save as option. There doesn't seem to be an autosave option which would be handy (unless I've completely missed it). I'm pretty good at ctrl+s / cmd+s but sometimes things can get the better of you.
  10. Everyone's needs are different. Let's not forget that Publisher is still in Beta! Affinity seem pretty good at listening to their customers, so let's see what happens when it becomes commercial - I can't wait! I hated the transition when I still had files in Quark which needed to be updated, and had started working in InDesign for all my new projects. As time went on, I opened Quark less and less until I stoped using it completely. Very occasionally I received Quark files from clients, and needed to be able to edit them. After a lot of digging about, I came across Markzware's Q2ID which does a pretty good job at converting things. I really don't want to have to upgrade InDesign as CS5 works fine for my uses. I looked at Quark 2019, and for me it's not moved on. There were real problems with dialogue box positions, and even though I still use Quark shortcuts in InDesign, it felt very clunky. Markzware now offer a converter so you can convert InDesign CC to CS5+ so that will suffice for now. There will be a need for converting files from InDesign, and Quark, to Affinity Publisher, although converted files are not always 100% accurate. If Affinity don't make it an integrated feature then perhaps perhaps Markzware or someone else will.
  11. LOL, as a Brit it makes me smile that you think we're all really polite (I wish it were true). I'm really appreciative at just how supportive both other users and the tech team are on this forum. No question, seems to be too obvious and feedback / feature requests appear to be genuinely listened to. It really feels like a community, and long may it last!
  12. Thanks for pointing this out, much much easier than the Stop Tabs panel! It would be really handy if this could be added to Designer.

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