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  1. I've been experiencing this problem in both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer on Windows and pDrive. Weirdly, this issue doesn't happen on my Mac, where pDrive and AP / AD work fine. I thought I had found a fix by using a synced folder (similar to DropBox) rather than the virtual drive pDrive mounts, but sadly not. It'd be really helpful if instead of closing without saving, there was a save as option. There doesn't seem to be an autosave option which would be handy (unless I've completely missed it). I'm pretty good at ctrl+s / cmd+s but sometimes things can get the better of you.
  2. Everyone's needs are different. Let's not forget that Publisher is still in Beta! Affinity seem pretty good at listening to their customers, so let's see what happens when it becomes commercial - I can't wait! I hated the transition when I still had files in Quark which needed to be updated, and had started working in InDesign for all my new projects. As time went on, I opened Quark less and less until I stoped using it completely. Very occasionally I received Quark files from clients, and needed to be able to edit them. After a lot of digging about, I came across Markzware's Q2ID which does a pretty good job at converting things. I really don't want to have to upgrade InDesign as CS5 works fine for my uses. I looked at Quark 2019, and for me it's not moved on. There were real problems with dialogue box positions, and even though I still use Quark shortcuts in InDesign, it felt very clunky. Markzware now offer a converter so you can convert InDesign CC to CS5+ so that will suffice for now. There will be a need for converting files from InDesign, and Quark, to Affinity Publisher, although converted files are not always 100% accurate. If Affinity don't make it an integrated feature then perhaps perhaps Markzware or someone else will.
  3. LOL, as a Brit it makes me smile that you think we're all really polite (I wish it were true). I'm really appreciative at just how supportive both other users and the tech team are on this forum. No question, seems to be too obvious and feedback / feature requests appear to be genuinely listened to. It really feels like a community, and long may it last!
  4. Thanks for pointing this out, much much easier than the Stop Tabs panel! It would be really handy if this could be added to Designer.
  5. Here's some inconsistent / odd stop tabs behaviour... If you enter your text first, and then decide you need a stop tab or two at the beginning of the paragraph then they don't show up or work / are adjustable. However, if you start with your paragraph with stop tabs, then enter your text all is good.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. I can see that all my .ai files have "Create PDF Compatible File" and indeed unchecking that means the file is un-openable. I'd still like to be able to import .idml or .indd files!
  7. +1 as a feature request to import .idml or .indd files. It's great that AD can open .ai files and APh .pdf, which has been a real aid to move my workflow away from Adobe. Looking forward to the next Beta
  8. I've seen this request somewhere else on this forum, but can't find it. I've been using Indesign for the past 16 years, and Quark for about 10 before then, and am really excited about the development Affinity Publisher! One feature which I will be needing is the ability to have more than two pages side by side. This is particularly useful when designing and proofing roll-folds on PDF as you can show front cover, first reveal, full spread, all within the same document and then shuffle the pages ready for artwork. e.g. [] cover [][] 1st reveal [][][] full reveal [][][] back I also use this feature if I have to shuffle pages about, or amend a design with existing content on a large document. So have the moved page temporarily on the right or left of the spread so I can compare. Thanks
  9. Feature request please. I can see that you can position an image in a picture frame using the Transform panel. These coordinates are relative to the document, can we have them relative to an picture frame instead (or an option to toggle between the two). Relative positioning makes placing image on the page much simpler and accurate. Also when you place an image using the place image tool, and crop using the vector crop tool as you can in Designer and Photo, you don't have the option to refine the image crop using the Transform panel. Also, having the content scaling up / down in proportion with the picture frame is a must. I found the picture frame properties, with the option to scale to max fit, however this doesn't give you the ability to further scale the image within the frame and then scale the picture frame up or down. The screen grab shows what I mean. Using this circular picture frame I'd have to keep the picture frame that size, if I scale it the image stays the same size. Thanks
  10. I was a little puzzled by this too. Perhaps worth changing the alert text to something a bit more understandable like "This feature isn't available in the beta version".
  11. +1 for importing INX / INDD files The ability to import Quark files is one of the reasons many of us made the jump to InDesign. I really don't fancy having to recreate all of my old documents if I'm going to be switching. Looking forward to making a bit more time seeing what AP can do
  12. Feature requests 1. Stop Tab Ruler The current stop tab panel is rather frustrating, and often these things need to be designed rather than calculated. The same sort of thing as in Word, Illustrator, InDesign, Quark Xpress 2. Text box overflow Currently the text in a box flows out of the bottom of a text box. I read the reasoning why, however at concept stage (especially when using dummy text) I find myself having to delete lots and lots of Latin text, only to have to re-paste it in a few moments later once I've changed font size / box size etc. 3. Text box linking It would be really great if there was an option so that you could choose if the text flowed out of the bottom of the text box. Likewise the option of linking / flowing content between text boxes would be super-helpful. I know that these may appear more like options for a DTP package rather than illustration program, however there's often need, especially web concepts. Thanks
  13. Any updates on this? It appears that EPS export still doesn't support Pantone spot colours! It seems rather convoluted to have to export as PDF then open in Illustrator in order to save as EPS. I was under the impression (perhaps incorrectly) that EPS and PDF were very closely related document formats.
  14. 3Dshark

    UI design wishlist

    +1 I was chatting with someone at the weekend about how we'd both discovered AD & AP and were both enjoying working in it vs Illustrator and Photoshop We both agreed that what would be truly amazing would be making the effects correspond with CSS values (or at least have the option to toggle this in the prefs). That way when you move to build the values can be easily ported over. Even better to export them, but would be happy to do it manually. Another feature to borrow from PS would be copying and pasting filter effects, it can get a bit tedious to redo the same effect. I know you can do an effect on a folder, but that's not always an option. Thanks
  15. I understand what you are saying, but it can't suddenly now be over 20% more expensive to do business in the UK. As we are currently still part of the EU, surely the compliance issues must be similar (if not the same) for the time-being at least?
  16. Hi MEB, Well spotted! I looked again at the Illustrator and the text is rasterised there too. I just looked at the layers panel rather than trying to edit the text. Any idea when the text layers are going to be supported? I'm using AD/AP in my workflow, but when I collaborate (which is 50% of my work) I have to supply PSD so am at the moment using Photoshop as well as AD/AP :(
  17. I have a layered PSD file which opens up 90% OK. Half of the text is in the wrong place, but with a bit of work I can get it looking as it should. HOWEVER, when I export back to PSD from both AP or AP the text layers end up as rendered rather as editable text! I've made sure that the Rasterise all layers option is unchecked, and tried both with and without Compatibility mode. The very strange thing is I checked the Exported PSD in Illustrator and they are editable there! Which Photoshop version is the PSD file meant to work with?
  18. I checked this morning £39.99 (the old RRP) is converting to $49.86. So 13 cents difference, not £20 or $24.93!!! I enraged by this profiteering by US companies, hence my excitement about Serif being a UK company on top of the good software they've been developing. Adobe has been simply changing a $ to a £ for decades for it's Uk version of the same software. It's claimed that it's gone through localisation, however colour is spelt color etc. It's not like translating into French, Arabic etc. Before that they said it was down to shipping when things were still supplied on disk. Last time I checked posting an App on the App Store it was possible to have DIFFERENT prices for different regions too... If it IS to do with the Apple Store then it still doesn't explain the Windows price increase.
  19. Firstly, thank you again for Affiinty Designer. I'm really loving designing in it and how the features are growing! One thing which I would find really useful would be able to increase fonts by a single unit. I know that you can already use the up and down arrow keys for that, however you have to click out of the box for the new size to take effect. So, either please can the font scale as the units increase / decrease, in the same was as it does with the dropdown or can we have little up and down clickers next to the dropdown selector. Thanks. And, yes I created the very rough mockup in AD :D
  20. Hi, I love that you can change the shortcuts! While most of the shortcuts are similar or the same as I'm used to, it's always nice to be able to customise things. However I don't seem to be able to use function keys. I can assign them OK, and there are no clashes with other keys, but if I then try to use the shortcut nothing happens except my Mac making a beep. It works OK if I add a modifier e.g. cmd+f7 just not f7 on it's own. It would also be really great if you could assign shortcuts to separate studio elements, so you could show and hide just layers or stroke. This is particularly handy when working on smaller laptop screens. I know I can select from the drop down menu, but shortcuts are SO much faster. Many thanks!
  21. So I "think" I've found the answer, well one which works for me anyway. There's a little check box "Ignore modifier" I had this deselected. I've now selected it and can use my function keys. Happy days!
  22. Hi R C-R, Thanks for replying so quickly! I have the "use all F1, F2 keys as standard function keys" and I have disabled most of the Apple shortcuts as the mess up other apps. If there isn't a way round or fix, I'm sure that in time I will remember to use shift+F7 instead of just F7. However muscle memory is often faster than my grey cells! I still get frustrated when I hit cmd+H and it hides my app - thanks to Apple for the "feature" of not being able to turn that short cut off.
  23. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, or need to learn the Affinity rather than the Adobe way, but I'm having a bit of a problem working with masked images. If I use a vector mask, then once the original image is masked then I can only resize the masked image, not the original one. If I want to reposition or resize the original image I first have to move the vector mask out of the group, or turn off the vector layer. It's really cumbersome and not great for cropping and repositioning images. Ideally I want controll over both at the same time. As far as I can see, it's the same with pixel masks. Any work-arounds anyone? Thanks
  24. Thanks. I think I must have not realised that it was happening before - lost in layers! I'm really enjoying my new design environment and can't wait until the iPad version comes out :D