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  1. On iMac OS 10.12.6 Sierra Oups, false forum, is last beta photo
  2. I did it. Applying a mockup gives anything like page numbering.
  3. Redone from zero, the phenomenon is reproduced more. On the other hand, once the merger is carried out with pagination, if we add pages before and after, the pagination is no longer respected.
  4. After merging, adding pages shifts the data out of the frame. Cancellation removes content from every other page. The same with customer version 1.9 and Beta Merging.mov
  5. It would be useful for the Studio menu to remain open while you check all the options you want, instead of closing each time an option is checked
  6. created it with, works on 1,9,0,920 (Sierra and Big Sur)
  7. I recreated it with I will see if it is read by the next beta Things don't look the same on my late 2009 Sierra iMac and my late 2020 Big Sur MacBook Air
  8. A document created with Beta 1.9.887 causes the crash when opening 1.9.902 (iMac late 2009 mac OS Sierra) No problem with MacBookAir late 2020 macOS BigSur crash.mov
  9. At the first launch after starting the machine. Afterwards, the opening is normal. Less long, in any case
  10. At launch, the icon jumps between 50 and 60 times before opening. The three apps. Purchased or beta, the same. macOS Big Sur Macbook Air 2020
  11. Works with Macbook Air 2020 Big Sur, not with iMac late 2009 Sierra ! After relaunch Finder, works !
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