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  1. The info Button in the Embed metadata option of the export panel is empty; nothing happens when clicking it.
  2. Yes, you may be right since I am on Mac....
  3. you can s I shrink it also anywhere in the canvas but I do not think is not very elegantt. Every filter/layer has a red button to click why not this one? plus everything is not the most intuitive and at time confusing in my opinion. But thanks. Best
  4. When I want to crop to a preset, I click the crop tool then the gear weal and click the preset I want. At that point if I clik the blue apply button outside the gear window, AP decides that that is the final crop and removes the rectangle (it removes also the history...). On the contrary if I want to try different sizes or else at the chosen ratio the window of the gear is on the way. I think that in the gear window there should be an OK button os something that allows a smooth transition between setting the custom ratio and maneuvering it.
  5. may be I do something terribkle like touching the mouse or the windows but it is the second time that this happens: after working with some layers and filters i do something which does not seem related to the keyboard and all the work except the two un-worked main layers, disappear. The history reflects the disappearance of the work too. What am I doing wrong here or is a bug?
  6. OK thanks, I did not know the enter thing on the keyboard I assume. Iwas just clicking somewhere on the window and that entes sthe value. May be a little tab with the word enter would be helpful.
  7. Hello, when I am on a HSL adjustement layer and I want to reset the value of the slider of a color back to 0 (zero) I found than after I type on it 0 and then I go directly to another color and then back to the color I had put to zero in reality did not reset to zero but kept the previous value. Confusing? here is a sample sequence: I click red or any other colors and try different valyes then type zero to reset it Then I click another color and work on it go beck to red and found that is not zero but another value ( the last I have tryed before resetting to zero)
  8. Thanks, I normally do not use short cuts because too difficult to memorize for me. Thus I believe than in this case, like in many others, the short text at the bottom left of the screen should be more complete in this specific case with commd+I. BTW inverting the selection do seem to invert the overlay that is why I got confused
  9. Hi all, I have a question on quick mask (have watched the affinity video on that). Once I select the area that I need to work on and did the changes I want, how can I work on the other area of the photo/canvas outside of the selection? In other words how can I work indipendently on the selected area and on the rest of the canvas?
  10. Hi MEB, Indeed this is a different file that I uploaded. What I ment is that I feel that all the problems I am having with the lighting filter/layer appear after I save a file and then re-open it.
  11. I re-opened a file I have worked with V1.7. I wanted to work on the lighting of the background but the filter does not want to work. As you can see on the screen shots, nothing changes after changing the lightning parameters. Or I am missing something or the lighting has some problems. I believe that this goes together with other posts of mine on the lighting filter in V1.7. All the problems seems to happen after I save and re-open the file.