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  1. here are the original .PHOTO and the PSD. Two further questions: which are the best configurations to save in PSD Do you still have in program to give a TIFF option that is like in V 1.6? I hope because non of the TIFF on v 1.7 can be opened in EPSON print layout which I use regularly...
  2. No, I was not using the 32 bit. sorry if I overlooked this, and yes I was thinking it would add.
  3. Not sure i follow that logic, yes it works, but why not using the inpainting brush tool. One step instead of three...and yes you mentioned that. But I think that there must be another reason for that dust and scratched otherwise just useless unless for older photo or something like that
  4. to remove the dust and scratches....but from what? a scan of an older photo?
  5. I tried to use the live filter dust and scratches and really it does not seems to work.
  6. not in my case...v...116 PS: Strange thing is that immediately after I upgraded to ...112 I thought the problem was solved (pretty sure it behaved like it should) but then returned to the wrong direction.
  7. srg

    brush opacity issue

    No I do not have the wet edges on. I guess I should. Sorry my ignorance but what is exactly UI?
  8. Thanks, wise decision.
  9. srg

    brush opacity issue

    I want to add that at 100 percent, when I use a brush with a mask to erase a layer I must pass two three times to erase it completely and expose the underlying layer. I had thought that at 100% the brush should work 100% in one pass.
  10. Hi MEB, I uploaded the file.
  11. this is a composite of two photo. The first is the result and I just opened the diplace logo without moving the slider. Second slider moved to the right at a casual value of about 240 and you see that on the bottom the background is starting to show; in the third the slider is at its maximum and the background is showing even more together with the dodging marks I made on the basket that are taking the place of the handles of the basket.
  12. I think this was posted in another thread which I cannot find so I post. In the screen shot is a displacement filter results in v.112
  13. I thought that v...112 got rid of the little annoying problem I reported, but now it started to do it again. Not sure if my memory is failing me but that is what I think happened. )
  14. I am not completely following this discussion but one thing must be achieved in all new versions: all the files worked and saved in 1.6.7 MUST be perfectly openable with the 1.7x. example of this not being the case are here The reason for this necessity, among others, is that there are Limited Editions created with the 1.6.7 and they must remain identical to the end of the edition, tweaking the file in the newer version to make it similar to the original is not an option. I think this must be taken into consideration, especially in a photo/images editing software.
  15. I am honestly not sure why to leave a function one has to fish for a key that may or may not work. By the way, a key that is rarely used and often not used when it should be, like when one wants to escape the full screen mode. Furthermore in my imac, when I have the level function and press esc I get the golden spiral.