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  1. Thanks, MarkDaniel, I have never even knew about the magnet feature! so it may have been there for a long time and I did not know. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have noticed a nice feature in the 1.7 betas: while cropping when the line was on the border of the canvas a red or green line appeared. that was very nice to make sure the crop was inside the limits. In the final 1.7.1 this featured disappeared. Is it me or that feature is really gone?
  3. Ok but still rather confusing...I do not recall updating my release version that says 1.7.1
  4. v 141 but it does not load anymore, it did load until yesterday!
  5. HI, I have nbeen using the latest beta but today while opening it it asks the validation code. I type my email and immediately it said the info you put in are wong. Any input?
  6. I have the same icons in Dock and elsewhere. This makes choosing between the two versions confusing. mMy be a good idea to change the icons or add a Beta or something....
  7. As I posted in possibly the wrong section I re-posting here. I bought from apple store AP 1.6.7 and updated to v1.7 through the serif site since I had problems with the apple store. I paid @39 for the update, may be I need that refunded? Furthermore, one of the problems I have and was not aware of it, is that I have two accounts with serif, how can I consolidate them or at least deactivate one so that I will be left with only the right one? Thanks
  8. As i said I was confused, bought 1.6.7 from apple now 1.7 from serif paying $39. Can I have a refund and consolidate my two accounts I have with serif?
  9. I am confused. I have the 1.6.7 version but paid $39 for the 1.7.135. Can I have a refund? Also I have two accounts, probably my mistake, but very confusing. How can I consolidate them?
  10. in not only my opinion is a non sense to cover a button you have to click. Easy enough to make the pop up go up instead of down. Let us keep things simple and smooth and a pleasure to use.
  11. MEB, the pop up covers the "apply" button which is a non sense since you must click it to apply the fill. It should always go up to free the button visually and functionally. I discussed this point with your Chris B who agreed on this.
  12. strange, I have been using the latest version .130 of AP and the window on fill the gray scale on a pixel layer finally opened in the upward direction. Thus I thought the problem of hiding the apply button was fixed but tonight the window opened in the downward direction. little annoying problem.
  13. Hi MEB I uploaded the file in question. The file got incredibly big, not sure why, perhaps because I forgot to un-click resample when I wanted to resize to 300 DPI. BTW I strongly believe, as I said in another post, that there should be two distinct buttons there, on for resize and on for resample, or perhaps because of the history attached? I am uploading a jpeg I saved before the last cropping and one after the cropping that created the problem. B After posting this I worked another photo and when I resized it to 300DPI the lighting got completely changed. I could not recovery it even after command Z. Definitely there is something wrong with the lighting filter and other functions. Furthermore the files get humongous, a simple file from focus merging of two photos a few layers: 3.9GB without history and 4.9GB with history!!!
  14. Hi, I was working on a photo on which I had applied the lighting live layer.I cropped a few times to see the best fit and everything was fine till the last crop: the lighting layer is still there but the lights disappeared. I have a file with the history if interested.