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  1. Thank you so much. Thinking backward i am pretty sure that that cross and may be others i may have missed show only when i do long exposures. Which I do with my light painting photos. And yes I clone them out. Sorry to have posted in the bug section but i was not sure if it was the camera. thank you very much. PA: i love those videos and beautiful voice!
  2. Hi I uploaded one raw image. The develop assistant is set to apply color reduction I guess the default since I never changed that.Is that OK?
  3. I can uploaded with a dropbox and image in DNG, I usually clone that cross out. But could you explain what hot pixels are? An are the camera fault? thank you
  4. Cannot say since when but recently I am starting to see a little bright cross in the same position that seems perfectly in the center of the frame. I do not know if it is the camera, or AP. may be you can. and
  5. Thank you MEB. I uploaded the .photo and its .TIFF export. When I open the TIFF in AP it's OK but with other programs such as preview or Epson Print Layout (which I use to print and I consider a very good printing program) it opens with the grid.
  6. It happens with the destructive filter only. what happens with the life filter was discussed in a previous post of mine but not sure how to show it here. If the moderators wants the file I will be happy to provide all the info.
  7. Noise added by a destructive filter is saved as a grid by AP. see also my post
  8. I got your point and so I tried with a non live filter.When the saved .TIFF file is open with AP the file opens OK but when the file is open by another application like preview or EPSON PRINT LAYOUT here is what I got, a grid or something like it.
  9. I will upload the files but need a dropbox address. I want to mention that in the photos the noise has been partially erased so it should be more evident in the light I added. This is another photo to show that is is not an isolated accident.
  10. Thus the problem I have is definitely a bug since it seem common to all the files I tried . BTW I work with Mac and AP.
  11. first: save in .aphoto second: same image saved in TIFF clear?
  12. Can anybody tell me what is going on? I think not being able to save with TIFF a modification like added noise is a serious flaw unless I am missing something.
  13. can you reproduce what I say?
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