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  1. This appears similar to what i 've reported in another post. saving and re-opening the file solved the problem.
  2. It is important to note thatthis bug is not present in V2.1. Only on the V2.2 beta
  3. hope I can explain. It happens when I am working on a mask and when AP is open and another window is active. When I want to re- activate AP by clicking on the AP window, the brush leaves a stroke instead of waiting for AP to be activate by the click. I had a recording but cannot upload it This bug is very annoying because after
  4. I cannot at the moment because as I said, saving and reopening the file solves the problem
  5. It happens occasionally and it happened with previous version of AP and macOS Problem with metal computing seems to have been here for years. How is that possible?
  6. Sorry, cannot upload recording.
  7. As shown lever of level layer gets occasionally stock. Saving and reopening the file seems to restore lever mobility. Screen Recording 2023-08-17 at 4.57.25 PM.mov
  8. The second screen shot was done after I worked on the file a little and I moved the layer with the legend down and put the mask under the third layer which now is the first. The title background was the original one that I have changed in Impressionist Fauntanbleu now disappeared.
  9. I was finally able by chance to document this that happens rather often. I write a legend and then after saving and reopening the legend disappears. i documented this by chance after posting a video for another bug I documented. In the video you can see the legend "Impresssionist Fountanbleu" . The file was saved and reopened a few times when I noticed that the legend is no more there (secondd screen shot).
  10. I thought I posted this already but do not see it so I post again. It happens occasionally with different files. It seems always with masks but I am not positive about that.
  11. It happens occasionally and usually after saving and reopening solves the problem. Actually I saved and reopened this file and there was a transparent band on the side. Had to apply another backdrop and mask it. Screen Recording 2023-08-10 at 5.15.16 PM.mov
  12. I just got a new Nikon Z8 and save files in camera as RAW but cannot open them with AP, only a dark scree appears when I try. Any idea also how to open and save them in Mac Photos? Thank you
  13. Thank you, I have read all of that, I just wanted to know from personal experiences if available. I tried a few of them and had only problems. the best results I had with the Apple P3 which is similar to Adobe 1998 which was using before. By the way, I think that soft proof really stinks, never got any improvements over just working on the screen.
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