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  1. I was finally able to get the ICC on the softproof function by downloading the the epson drivers and manually selecting the OS v12 on their menu.
  2. OK but there must be more to that since in the softproof function I see the Epsom p7570 printer ICCs....which are missing in the ICC profile folder in library.
  3. If I understood well that is an Affinity problem then, or something that Affinity should address, am I correct?
  4. the fact is that the ICCs in question are available in the print function but not in the soft proof function of Affinity says that is an affinity problem. It seems logical to me...but I know nothing
  5. I called Epson and they told me that in the ICC profiles folder I will NOT find the epson ICC profiles. The reason for this is that EPSOn changed the way they handle the ICCs and they now link/sync the ICCs in the driver software. With Epson support we opened the Affinity photo printer and the ICCs were found there but not in the soft proof thus showing that the it is an Affinity problem.
  6. this is what I see inside the ICC profile folder
  7. here is what I get when I right click in the ICC profiles, no show package content
  8. Hi, I have no ICCs in that forlder for my Epson p800. But when I use the EPSON Print layout application they are available.
  9. they are on my mac!! and I regularly print from my imac on the p800 that is totally missing from the soft proof
  10. Hello, I use a imac with OS v12.6. When I want to soft proof I see only the p[a[er profiles of Canon and Epson p7570 which is also missing papers I use. My imac is not connected to the p7570 but to a p800 and this printer is completely missing on soft proof. . I usually transfer files to a portable mac to print on the p7570. So how I add the ICC profiles of the p800 now missing> and how can I add the ICC missing for the p7570? thank you =very much.
  11. Hello everybody, I have a 2017 iMac and AP runs very poorly on it with delays and turning wheel always on. It does not matter if metal or openGL is on. So I am thinking of buying the new Mac Studio but first I would like to make sure that it will run faster and better, otherwise it will be a waste of money since AP is the only application I use besides the usuals that come with the OS. I read of problems of AP running on mac studio and that is why I am posting this. Will Mac Studio make AP perform better and faster or not? Anybody with an idea on that? Thank you.
  12. My mac has SSD internal drive. I read that many other AP users have the same performance problems I have so may be a software problem is involved.
  13. Hello, I have a 2017 imac running the latest mac OS. the spinning wheel and lags for apparent no reasons are so common and frustration. At time to export from Aphoto to jpegs AP takes minutes just to start. I have metal on because if I remove it the spinning wheel and lags get even more frustrating. Other bug abound too. Metal has been around for almost a decade and now in its third revision. I am wondering what is Serif doing. they have a beta in development and may be they fixed it (I doubt it though) but in any case my question is: why look for new features when the old one do not work yet. Isn't better to fix the essential before proceeding? too reasonable to be true...
  14. Thank you, that is what I thought, no single portions can be refined...
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