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  1. I would like to add another problem connected with layers. Sometimes after writing the caption in a layer and working a bit, the name disappears and at times an A shows up, probably something to do with writing but I do not know since I never use that feature. Hope this may help fix these problem that are really making working with layer difficult and annoying.
  2. I am using a surface mouse. The new problems with the layers were not present in previous versions of OS.
  3. Yes definitely, the problem was evident with Catalina. I must say that now with big sur other problems appeared for example, clicking on a layer that layer does not change the color although it seems activated.
  4. The layers often do not respond to clicking on them. Clicking on them sometimes result in opening the writing line and not highlight the layer. As said before, writing the caption is often a nightmare. New bigsur here
  5. Hello, the problem is still alive and well in beta I guess programmers do not use their own programs so they cannot realize how annoying and time consuming this glitch-bug can be.
  6. I must tell everybody that I am absolutely upset about this caption thing. It is a true disaster in v 1.8.4 and a tremendous waste of time and patience. It is also very frequent that in the mess of trying to write a caption the layer disappears. A disaster. Please fix this ... thing which should be an obvious fix.
  7. Thanks, perfect. That fits the pattern....
  8. Occasionally, no sure exactly when but sometimes a "passtrhough" filter in the bod near the opacity function (not sure how that is called), appears. Why only occasionally?
  9. I can confirm that occasionally, and I emphasize occasionally, AP takes a long time to load a file, to the point that I quit AP and reopened hoping that that could resolfv the problem. Often it did not.
  10. Metal is on.As I think I said, I had this happening preciously with older version of AF and now with the new version. Not often at all but it does happen. I cannot say when specifically it happens but you saw the video of two different files: it happens.
  11. I just opened a file and the problem came up but did not disappears after saving and re-opening the file.
  12. Hello, I like to use the UnsharpMask to increase the contrast of a photo but I find that that gives me a big problem tedious to correct: A bright line of bright pixels at the perifery of the subject. I usually stay under one pixel of Unsharp radius but the bright pixels are there. Any way to eliminate this problem or solve it in a reasonable way? In the photo included you can see the bright pixels on the right side. The one on the left have ben attenuated with the Blur brush tool.
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