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  1. Thank you. Here is another screenshot showing the Text Style for the whole TOC
  2. okay thank you. I will check this out. Another TOC - all leader dots vanish when table updated - any ideas why? No settings are changed, just TOC updated.
  3. Grateful for any help. I've used AfPub for multiple publications, including several books, and never had this issue before: TOC - all entries have the same Text Style but the leader dots are missing from some - see screenshot Which setting mat be incorrect? thanks, Den
  4. Okay thanks. I'll try that next time the app starts acting up.
  5. AfPub crashes (repeatedly) after duplicating a group and attempting to paste. Crash Report attached Crash Report - duplicatinbg a group.pdf
  6. Thanks Mike (are you also in Toronto?) Thank you for the explanations. I have opened and closed the dialog box several and this has also happened with the same incorrect word in search even after closing the document and total macbook restart. I'll try Preflight at the end, though I'd just like to teach AfPub the correct spellings so that correct spellings are not constantly being flagged eg. maximise (UK) not maximise (US). English UK is installed.
  7. Thanks for quick reply. I am trying to check the spelling and Learn words. Two approaches two different ways: 1) select word > Text > Spelling > Spelling Options = dialog opens with a different word highlighted 2) select word > Text > Spelling > Check Spelling = NO dialog, highlight jumps to another word in the document Am I doing something wrong? (Doesn't seem like it)
  8. I'm having the same problem - Language > Spelling is set to English (Canada) spell check jumps to a completed unrelated word on a different page - even when the search word is cleared. thanks for any suggestions
  9. Sometimes my APub file will crash when opening. However I have found a work around that has not yet failed to work. 1) open file 2) file must close dialog popup opens 3) Missing Resources dialog popup opens 4) in the Missing Resources - click Yes or Resource Manager. 5) let the next dialog open, then close it 6) the APub file remains open and does not crash 7) Save As – just to be save. hope this helps
  10. Yes, I'm training myself to do the TOCs last. Otherwise great software and I appreciate the willingness of Moderators to get into a file if truly stuck.
  11. I do the same - separate text frames for TOCs and for the Index and separate text frames for headings
  12. Found a hidden Text Frame - only know it's there if happened to be highlighted. Text Frame contains Index - Text Style = Index Section Head. what is weird is that when search made for Index Section Head - result = <No results found> see screenshot. no idea how Index got put in this Text Frame - it was a very text frame for a single word. (Could be that I selected Index with cursor still active in the text frame. Not likely, but possible. It was all happening at the same time the book's main TOC was being replaced by the index!) APub will still not allow an Index - so there must be another text frame linked to the deleted index. I guess one solution is to 1) check every text frame on every book - 288 pages + 188 pages and 2) scan every page for hidden text frames, as Find is not finding any Index text styles.
  13. Thanks Mike. just to be clear: Text frames NOT on Master Pages ALL text frames on ALL pages with TOCs (4) and Index deleted ALL pages with either TOC or Index - Master page cleared and reset app closed and Mac restarted after each action one change: on Friday pm - Text - showed BOTH Insert Index and Update Index at the same time (instead of one being greyed out) Monday am - Text - shows only Update Index (however all Text Frames that had contained the Index have long since been deleted)
  14. Right now the file has no TOC - I deleted all four in the book and the text frames and cleared and reapplied the Master Pages to those pages. Still can't add or update an Index because APub says there already is an index - but Find finds nothing to do with an index. Production on two commercial books has stalled because of this serious bug. Somehow Index and TOC are not working correctly. updating Index screws up two but not all four TOC TOC text styles change randomly - from left indent set at 18 to suddenly 660 pt.
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