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  1. blackxacto

    Af Photo for Mac

    Thanks, RCR
  2. Any reports on the beta which was pushed out a few weeks ago? Are there any problems associated with it? I saw where it corrected the inability to draw straight lines w point and click.
  3. That looks like a way. I'll look at it more tomorrow. Thank you.
  4. I’m setting a text list in Affinity Photo. Does Affinity Photo allow me to use tabs?
  5. Thank you. I changed the setting to Nearest Neighbor.
  6. 17,1 iMac 10.14.2, Affinity Photo 1.6.7, a viewing glitch on my 27" monitor. The attached image shows what I see on the monitor [note the red arrow pointing] of a LAYERED file before I export as jpeg, then as the exported jpeg image. THE BLACK BORDER I created shows a monitor glitch in the Affinity Viewing Window, but there is no real glitch, as seen on the exported jpeg.
  7. blackxacto

    Cropping Tool 16x9 ratio is 9x16

    Hi, Chris, I’m not sure about “portrait mode”. In previous version, if I wanted a set ratio of 16x9 I chose the ratio 16x9. But I don’t remember now if I had made the ratio as a preset or the program provided it. Anyways, when I chose the provided 15x9 ratio in the beta, the program set at 9x16. But like I say I can make my own preset in the beta, and the issue is solved. Just a glitch in the beta I thought I would report.
  8. Once again we're free to click, hold shift, click again with brushes, and get a perfect straight line. No longer do Mac users "draw"+hold shift+click to get a straight line.
  9. Beta Cropping Tool: Select the 16x9 ratio, but on layout, the crop tool forms 9x16. To get 16x9 ratio, I must manually make a 16x9 preset. Which is ok, but in previous version selecting 16x9 gave me 16x9 cropping tool. Maybe I am doing something wrong.
  10. Firstdefence, thanks for your reply, why is the channel breakdown duplicated, what can I do with one that I can’t w other?
  11. So I turn the image into CMYK. How the heck do I select the black channel? I click on the black channel there is no way to copy the channel. I have selected, I have selected and copied. I Apple+Clicked the black channel, nothing. I searched AP help, got blank results.
  12. Brush. No one will say why it is taking so long to correct this update created mess or when to expect the correction.
  13. Why is it taking so long to corrrect this flaw?