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  1. 19.1 iMac, Monterey 12.4, Affinity Photo 1.10.5: Having changed a documents rulers to inches, when I go to choose a new document dimension, why do I still see MM dimensions? I have no use for MM dimensions.
  2. I haven't used designer as yet. Just bought it to have on hand should I do any page layouts again. I used QuarkXpress for years before retirement.
  3. Walt & RCR, thanks for responding. If others have success just replacing the raster_brushes.propcol, then must be something else. I only targeted the Affinity Photo folder in libraries. Time Machine is set to ignore only my external disks. Maybe I’ll figure out what I did. Thanks again for responding.
  4. Then why don’t all the per user brush presets backup in Time Machine. If they did, I’d simply replace the same file from two days before. But AP ignores previous preset states from backups.
  5. I didn't keep a backup of the originals. I thought Affinity Photo would backed up. I do three complete iMac backups each night. But Affinity Photo does not backup itself, or there is a file no one is talking about w the backup of the Saturday Affinity Photo brushes. It isn't in raster_brushes.propcol. Its not in any backups through the last month. If Affinity Photo keeps all my brushes in a file: raster_brushes.propcol, then it isn't backing up correctly. Or, there has to be another file that backup brushes.
  6. I did exactly as you suggested, ~/Library/Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Application Support/user/. Restored from two days before Saturday (day I deleted the 3 brushes) No three brush backup of the three last week. I went to March 18 this year. I did EXACTLY as you say. There were no three brushes from the 3-18 restoration. There has to be ANOTHER FILE that holds brush info that will restore my 3 brushes I deleted on Saturday.
  7. Got Affinity Photo from the Apple App Store 19,1 iMac, Monterey 12.3, 64gb RAM "I QUIT AP. Looked for the file in my user account: ~/user/Library Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Application Support/user/raster_brushes.propcol. TRASHED IT. Then replaced it with the Time Machine backup file from two days earlier (raster_brushes.propcol). But when I REOPENED AP, the deleted brushes were not there." This told me that that raster_brushes.propcol(from two days ago) did not have the 3 deleted brushes before Saturdays deletion. So my question is still, what file can I restore from a Time Machine backup that would give me the 3 deleted third party brushes?
  8. Chased down where all these brush propcol files reside w one user on iMac. Trashed the backup file I made. There is only one left for AP. Here's what happened Saturday: Opened AP, accidentally deleted 3 (3rd party) brushes. I asked in the AP forum where was the AP brush file stored. I retrieved it from Time Machine backup from couple days previous (raster_brushes.propcol). I quit AP. Looked for the file in my user account. Trashed it. Then replaced with the TM backup file (raster_brushes.propcol). But when I opened AP, the deleted brushes were not there. That's why I asked the forum where is the file that keeps record of the brushes. Still do know what file keeps records of brushes. dd.pdf
  9. Why are brush files hidden in the Affinity Photo Application/Contents/Resources. Am I suppose to reveal these hidden files?
  10. Quit AP. I only explored the ~/user (me)/Library/Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Application Support/presets/. For the Workspace file. And trashed it. Restarted AP. The workspace did not go to default. The workspace picked up the trashed workspace file. Please take a look at the search results on my iMac only for “propcol”. Can you see my confusion? I don’t remember what brush propcol I trashed. What does ~/user (me)/Library/Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Application Support/preferences.dat accomplish? What does ~/user (me)/Library/Containers/Affinity Photo/Data/Library/Preferences/com.seriflabs.affinity photo.plist accomplish? In Photoshop I only have one preset folder, all files inside relate to me only. Other users have their own user preset folder.
  11. You see, this is irresponsible unnecessary complexity. One preset folder w all items inside. Thank you for your info.
  12. Thank you for the info on .propcol , .preset, raster_brushes.propcol. However after deleting 2-3 brushes, finding the Time Machine brush.propcol, then restore does nothing. Deleting the brush.protocol, then dragging a backup did not work. I also found out that deleting the preset layout.preset, restarting AP and the program picks up the deleted preset file from somewhere to be found. AP needs the great folder storage that Photoshop keeps all presets. If I import an A.style, I want it to show in a folder under Preset/Styles/A.style. AP method is simply confusing.
  13. If I go back in Time Machine, where would I find these 3rd party brushes I imported into Affinity Photo? They are NOT under ~/user/library/Application Support, or so I didn't find.
  14. 1. My cursor is colorful as I want it that way in Monterey. 2. After 5 days of "Trouble Shooting" unsuccessfully, tonite I solved my situation.
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