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  1. I have searched through the forum for ways to import my old items before Affinity Photo 1.7.2. I saw searching for the file raster_brushes.propcol, and somehow importing. I saw drop old. asl brushes files onto the Affinity Photo app icon. But nothing has worked. Then I heard to revert to Affinity Photo 1.7.1. To me, it's like kicking a dead mule to get up the hill. I've spent the first year with Affinity Photo UNABLE to DRAW A STRAIGHT LINE, unless I skillfully bump+drag+shift, whatever. So I recently got that ability back, but I get the ability to import items taken away. Then try to remember that Cropping does not crop, I can't crop with outside crop disappear. I must Rasterize and Trim. The logic is unusual. I think I have had it. I may switch back to renting Photoshop. What a disgusting time for computer graphics.
  2. Does anyone know how to get rid of the excess area of the original image when drug into another document layer. The problem is I can't figure a way to delete the unused area of each layer. Is there a way to CROP the ENTIRE DOCUMENT and delete all the huge bulky crap that is slowing down my Affinity Photo document. If I rasterize the new layer, the entire stupid unused extra is rasterized. What the heck do I need the huge extra waste to ride w my document? I don't, its a waste of my document storage.
  3. Thank you ABC for the information. I appreciate your generosity.
  4. Affinity Photo 7 - Upgraded to 7 in Mojave. Now how do I transfer all my styles and cropping setting. It's a shame that this isn't considered when upgrading the Photo software.
  5. Yes, this is the how to I was searching for. Thank you. This the second time I have lost its location. Maybe I'll bookmark this time.
  6. There was an Affinity created step by step, explaining each pref selection. It is in hiding. Or moved.
  7. I want the instructions for what are best settings, I’ve see this before, it says how to set best prefs
  8. Someone please direct me to the explanation of how set preferences in Affinity Photo for Macintosh?
  9. blackxacto

    Af Photo for Mac

    Thanks, RCR
  10. Any reports on the beta which was pushed out a few weeks ago? Are there any problems associated with it? I saw where it corrected the inability to draw straight lines w point and click.
  11. That looks like a way. I'll look at it more tomorrow. Thank you.
  12. I’m setting a text list in Affinity Photo. Does Affinity Photo allow me to use tabs?
  13. Thank you. I changed the setting to Nearest Neighbor.
  14. 17,1 iMac 10.14.2, Affinity Photo 1.6.7, a viewing glitch on my 27" monitor. The attached image shows what I see on the monitor [note the red arrow pointing] of a LAYERED file before I export as jpeg, then as the exported jpeg image. THE BLACK BORDER I created shows a monitor glitch in the Affinity Viewing Window, but there is no real glitch, as seen on the exported jpeg.