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  1. Dan, I was wrong. Rasterized the layers and no hidden info. Sorry. Embarrassed
  2. Dan, I am sure I rasterized all 7-8 layers. I do that the first thing, but the extra cropped out stuff still travels w the file.ill check again tomorrow and verify. Thanks for responding
  3. (ATTENTION ALL MAC USERS) Unlike our fellow PC users, the Mac brush tool is a dinky retarded brother. You must first Click+DRAG a tiny bit+HOLD SHIFT+Click the end point on a Mac. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? You must CLICK the brush to start BUT DRAG SLIGHTLY, then, (+) Hold Shift, then, (+) Click the brush at the end point. They screwed up the Mac Brush in Affinity Photo, say it will change in AP 7, and we've heard nothing else for months. Hell, go back to Photoshop if you have it. Come back when it is corrected.
  4. If I have multiple layers, and crop the layers, all the data is still there, but does not show unless I click on a layer. Is it possible to save a version of the cropped document ONLY without all the invisible cropped original data?
  5. I guess I proved that without realising, thanks.
  6. Well guy's, looks like I was confusing the HSL adj and as mask adj layer. In the original image I sent, you can see where I am painting on the HSL layer. I confused it was a mask layer. So deleted the painted HSL layer and added a new HSL then a Mask layer, for the eye color. Must have been tired or sloppy or both. Thanks.
  7. I think that I closed the pixel layer & it’s mask. The arrow on the layer shows this, I think. I will check back in the morning to make sure. Thanks for your response. I remember selecting only the mask layer, but will make sure
  8. Note the arrows pointing to what happened when I tried to erase on a layer mask. Are any of my settings wrong to erase on a mask? I only changed the color of the area I wanted to erase. Why did this happen? I painted with both white and black and could never erase completely the area I want removed on the mask.
  9. STOP STOP. I figured it out. Brain freeze.
  10. MAC ONLY COMMENTS, please, no windows. Where in the attached jpeg have I applied outline to every font I pick? I keep deleting the stroke in stroke, but it keeps being applied to all fonts
  11. Yes, thanks for answering about the crappy way Mac people have to use to draw a straight line. I didn’t see the moderator reply until today. You know, if they have this trouble with drawing a simple line, should we expect much from Affinity advances?
  12. What are you people waiting on?Please FIX the most basic of drawing tools on the Mac side: Select Brush+CLICK CLICK. How simple is that?
  13. I was just browsing my old queries and had to respond about XnViewerMP. I love it. Have been using it since I purchased Affinity Photo. I found out how to change the interface to solid black with only the number of the image. It is perfect for my image browsing. I haven't lost any images. I'm not sure of our different experience. It is blazing fast with one exception, where I move several images to a new location within the same folder of images. That is tricky, but doable if I take my time at the screen top or bottom, but other than it, and XnViewerMP displays all my images, no exceptions.
  14. I tried to color correct a Vietnam War soldiers picture for his son. It is a complete shame that Affinity PHOTO (an app for PHOTOS) does not allow us to set grays or any other channel correction. The white balance, HSL, shadows & hilites, is such a cheap way to send out an app for Photos, to me. Please allow us to set color targets within any photo by using channels and a cursor set anchors. This program is only for photos shot close to accurate. I want to be able to tell the curves, that shadows are only such a color, rgb grays are all 128, whites have a tiny point of blue only. This is the one big missing issue about AP, besides the missing batch processing. I will pay more for AP. I don't expect your work to be free.