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  1. Same problem. no server. CLIENT waiting for files!!!
  2. Love using AF - with over 700 line drawings completed for a technical book on marine diesel engine systems! However, with the update to 1.5.5 I've encountered a few bugs: 1) Move Tool will suddenly stop selecting with mouse click - can only select with click and drag 2) Transform - locked ratio suddenly goes wrong. Object can be distorted in any direction, even though locked 3) Grouped items - objects can be moved individually even though they are still locked in a "Group" 4) Font - selecting bold or italics in Iowan Old Style will suddenly switch font to Times. Happens intermittently. 5) File that was being used when computer goes to sleep is BLACK on wake-up. File has to be closed (no save) then reopened. Using Sierra 10.12.4 on new Macbook Pro Tested the Logitech mouse - failure to Select only happens with Move Tool in AF, works flawlessly with other tools and with all other software on the computer. Hope this helps, thanks. Dennison Berwick www.marinedieselbasics.com
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    Move Tool and other problems with 1.5.5

    Okay thank you for responding so quickly. 1. I will do this as soon as I have a moment (major book deadline next week) 2. Thanks - this probably solves it. Maybe it reset to Do Not Constrain when update installed. 3. I'll have to experiment more with this. 4. I think so because it happens intermittently. 5. Yes using an external monitor. Thanks, Dennison
  4. I'm having a similar problem - started a few weeks ago. When the computer wakes from sleep, the file visible is black, the largest object has a blue shape grid but none of the other files open are affected - when I click on those the normal artboard etc is there. Running Mac 10.12.4 and AF 1.5.4 - though it was happening in the previous version too before the latest release. Solution is to close the black file and then reopen it. Seems no harm is done to the file though it is a nuisance. Thanks
  5. What difference does Locking or Unlocking the chain to the right of the W and H make? - the object can still be resized along one dimension and not proportionally. Is this a bug?
  6. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. The new Symbols feature seems very useful, though I was very surprised when, after creating several while working in one file, the symbols palette was then blank when I started a new document the next morning. Are any symbols created limited to that specific document or have I missed something? I'm relatively new to AF after hundreds of hours with Inkscape. Thanks
  7. Apologies if this has been answered, I looked but could not find. Is there a way to add a border automatically when exporting or printing the artboard? in Inkscape, this is done simply by checking "Border on top of drawing" in the Document Preferences - Page Set-up. Thanks.