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  1. Lagarto, Thanks again. I need to do some testing of options. I'm also formatting the book's interior and up against a looming deadline, so I appreciate all your thoughts.
  2. Lagarto, Thank you for the information. Just to confirm, if I want to check the color profile of the images in my PDF, I can open the PDF in publisher, making sure that in opening it I choose CMYK. Is this correct? The current document color space is CMYK. I think another strategy for achieving my goal (having both CMYK JPGs and grayscale JPGs) is to convert the images I want in CMYK to CMYK before inserting them into the document. Then would I export selecting Color space "As document"?
  3. I have a Publisher document with JPGs in both grayscale and RGB. If I export to PDF with "Convert image color spaces" and a CMYK profile selected, will my grayscale images be converted to CMYK? I need only the RGB JPGs converted to CMYK.
  4. Lagarto, Thank you for the excellent information. I am getting inconsistent messages from the printer. Now he is saying 400 DPI in the PDF is fine and that 600 DPI is the resolution in the actual factory print. I'll see how this all works out when I submit the file for his approval.
  5. I am working with a printer who prefers PDFs at 600 DPI. Affinity Publisher's drop-down menu for Raster DPI goes up to 400. However, you can manually enter 600. In this case, does Publisher really export the PDF at 600 DPI?
  6. There is a very simple, very useful, and very inconspicuous modification that would address 90% of this issue. Simply do not allow an index to exist on a page or master page if none of the entries are marked. I think my problem arose because I had edited the text on pages extensively, and the text originally marked to create index entries had been deleted. So my index was inserted but "invisible."
  7. Dan, Sorry. I do know what "marking" is. All my index entries were created by marking them in the text, but now none of them appears to be marked! This is a little puzzling. In any case, my primary problem is now solved. I appreciate your assistance.
  8. Dan, One more question. I don't know what you mean by "marking" and index topic. Can you explain? Thanks.
  9. Dan, I just discovered the same thing. I very much appreciate your assistance with this!
  10. Dan, I appreciate your efforts to help me, but I don't think you understand the issue. I know how to use the index panel. I can add index entries and delete them. This is not the problem. You will find that it is IMPOSSIBLE to insert the completed INDEX into the document. Here is my challenge to you: Delete all current index entries. Create one or two index entries. Insert the index into the document. You will find that THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. You will receive this error: "Cannot insert multiple indexes. You cannot insert more than one index in a document." You will also find it is IMPOSSIBLE to find the index that Publisher says is in the document.
  11. Dan, Thanks, but I have not made myself clear. The issue is this: I cannot insert the index, because I get this error message: "Cannot insert multiple indexes. You cannot insert more than one index in a document." However, the index appears nowhere in the book. Publisher has no way to find or delete the index. I think this is a bug in the program. If you insert an index and then delete the pages that contain the index and then save your document, Publisher continues to believe the index is inserted in the document. Therefore, if you now wish to insert the index on a page or pages, it is impossible, because Publisher does not allow you to insert multiple indexes. At this point you have no choice but to start from scratch by creating a new document.
  12. I am trying to insert an index into an Affinity Publisher document, but this error is displayed: "Cannot insert multiple indexes. You cannot insert more than one index in a document." How do I find and delete the index the document apparently has? I do not see it on any page in the document. Earlier I made some test index entries, which I do not now want to use. The index appears to update but is nowhere to be found.
  13. I am filling text frames in Affinity Publisher. One and only one character, the letter "f," always falls outside the right edge of the frame (as shown below). I am unable to fix this. The font is 08 EB Garamond Regular.
  14. I am preparing a print book with color images for IngramSpark using Affinity Publisher. I must be absolutely certain that images in the PDF I submit to IngramSpark are CMYK. How can I confirm this for sure? If I open the PDF in AP using "DPI: Estimate" and "Color space: Estimate" and then check image properties with the Resource Manager, does this show the color space of the image in the PDF correctly? My concern is that opening the PDF in AP may change the image color space to a default preference.
  15. I agree with other forum members: Affinity Publisher sorely needs cross reference functionality.

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