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  1. I will never understand why people in such forums are arguing against feature requests. This seems obviously to be a serious requirement for certain users, so why bring arguments against it? Certainly not every feature is for everyone, but I would expect some tolerance towards requests not fitting exactly individual and personal needs, as I am doing with requests of others not of relevance for myself. Just my 2 eurocents of opinion here!
  2. reviving this old thread. still, having simple calculations in tables would be great! i was missing it in indesign and i’m missing it here. unfortunately apple pages does a poor layouting job, so no practical solution left apart of using the …pocket calculator (joking). any hints if this is on the way?
  3. Please add DWG or DXF import and export. We are doing architectural visualisations and are tying to replace Adobe's Illustrator with Affinity Designer. We need to be able to import PDF's or DWG's and export as DWG or DXF for our modeling app. Unfortunately, these functions are strongly missing.
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