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  1. I have used it in early October for map/booklet. In general i have almost no problems except missing/duplicate spot colours in imported vector graphics (from Affinity Designer) so i needed to manually clean-up resulting PDF in Illustrator before printing. Also at this time Russian hypenations didn't work at all.
  2. It's a screen version of my printed monograph, made via InDesign by book designer bureau. https://www.arnoldsche.com/out/media/files/Blick ins Buch/478-1_Velikovsky.pdf
  3. I've opened a CMYK pdf and choose convert colours to RGB - received this (see attached file). Open in CMYK works ok (with some cyan cast probably due profile mismatch but ok).
  4. oops. totally missed it
  5. How a Pantone colour can be selected by name/number not by scrolling all the way palettes? (same problem with Designer)
  6. Does Paste FX working? I want to apply some text changes not saved to style. According to Publisher help i should Copy or Cut object/text fragment/whatever and use Edit>Past Style - does it apply for graphical properties like fills and strokes only? Or for Paragraph and Character properties too? If not is there a quick way to copy&paste|apply it between (Style Painting in MS WORD)?
  7. Is there any plans for command like Collect for Output in Freehand - where all linked files and fonts were collected to chosen folder together with project file?
  8. I have a crash when opened a .133 file with Russian hyphenation enabled. Deleted dictionaries and it opens fine.
  9. qwz

    Drag and drop behaviour

    I've discovered a another problem with placing pictures. If i take a image frame and Place picture in most cases it will fit automatically but in rare cases it will be placed at proper dpi/size not respecting image frame dimensions.
  10. Here is it bfe57931-1a08-4ffb-b896-b2dbaa6f572d.dmp
  11. Oh, yeah it will be great
  12. I'll try but this file crashes in 139
  13. 139 crash on open. one page, few text frames, all-russian. testdraft3.afpub
  14. Just created it from the scrath (cannot open previous one made in 133 - crash on open). untitled.afpub