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  1. Oh, yes, is just a handles. Great, sorry. Now i see.
  2. Artistic Text tool instead of Frame will work for it.
  3. Is there a plans to implement deceased Macromedia Freehand Distribute options - like Distribute Centers, Tops, Bottoms, Lefts, Rights [of the objects bounding box] in addition to current Affinity Disttibute widths/heights? Also is the Align Again command hidden somewhere?
  4. I've checked it also with Nikon D800 and Nikkor 24-70 lens with the same result. But Sony a900 with Minolta AF 135 worked.
  5. Anyone has the same behaviour or i'm missing something?
  6. Yesterday i've discovered (both in Affnity Publisher and Designer, Windows) that if Transform Objects Separately checkbox is On for some objects (geometry, textboxes etc.) it is unable to select more than one object (like marquee tool or shift-clicking - CRL+A is stil working). So, transform of each object is working only if i select all needed object beforehand.
  7. Dear Dan, i've send it DSC09020.arw (i have similar situation with different lens and camera combo)
  8. I have the same problem - AP detects lens (it is listed in the window title), lensfun library is installed, but Develop Persona lens tab shows gray check box and (none) under Lens Profile selection. P.S. Also, may be better to have a manual selection from installed profiles?
  9. Edit>Paste Inside command will place a object i.e. picture from clipboard inside a simple closed path object i.e. rectangle. Double-clicking on inserted picture get you controls of sizes of it (via handles or Transform panel). Studio>Constrains get you a constrains of relations between container and inserted picture, see there:
  10. So, maybe is better just Paste a image Inside a rectangle?
  11. I have used it in early October for map/booklet. In general i have almost no problems except missing/duplicate spot colours in imported vector graphics (from Affinity Designer) so i needed to manually clean-up resulting PDF in Illustrator before printing. Also at this time Russian hypenations didn't work at all.
  12. oops. totally missed it
  13. How a Pantone colour can be selected by name/number not by scrolling all the way palettes? (same problem with Designer)
  14. Is there any plans for command like Collect for Output in Freehand - where all linked files and fonts were collected to chosen folder together with project file?
  15. Oh, yeah it will be great

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