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  1. I don't think the OP is referring to Google Fonts proper but rather fonts from other sites found using a Google search. All fonts from Google Fonts proper allow commercial use.
  2. Why is it when I catch up on this thread I have the urge to make popcorn?
  3. I was able to reproduce a crash to the desktop trying a few times. Three times, actually.
  4. Yep, that sucks. In lieu of simply remaking the posters in a different application, I've attached a single poster version using the atletica artboard. I've chosen to rasterize all raster/pixel objects that had adjustment layers one at a time. I've also selected all objects and moved them up/outside/above the artboard and deleted to artboard itself, which leaves the base page. If this works for you, I would recommend doing two Save As, naming them for each artboard and performing the same things I describe above. The included pdf was exported at 150dpi. SPORTIVA-atletica-poster
  5. Using Windows here... Exporting @150dpi with a single artboard takes about a minute/maybe a touch longer. However, there are several/many missing resources and have no idea if they, or the missing fonts, will cause me issues as well. I suggest trying each artboard separately...which is how I would always send the job anyway.
  6. Gosh, I "heard" my name mentioned... That thread was a blast from the past. That was back when I still had a love-hate relationship for arguing with R C-R and actually cared about the upcoming, yet to be released APub.
  7. Kip, the image in your post is a cmyk .jpg As it's for the web, is that color format really what you want for use on the web? The Instagram link requires a log-in. I don't have an Instagram account so cannot view the other version there. Mike
  8. Windows 3 came out in 1990 and ATM was then available. But ya gotta love editing those Gem VP width tables. Got good at it.
  9. Oh. Yes, all the versions had much the same capabilities as regards the issue at hand. Never had issues with fonts.
  10. Nah, started with the Gem version in 1989. Used the Windows versions through CVP 10. AndI do have CVP 10 installed here and use it X number of times a year.
  11. An exception with Q are bullets and numbering can hang outside of a text frame. Another has to do with the use of hung characters using a hanging style (mostly useful for drop caps, hung punctuation that hang outside a text box). That said, I still usually use what we all did back in the VP days in that the body's text frame had all text indented and hung paragraphs and/or characters simply had less an indent.
  12. Set a single tab at 0.5" Set the Left Indent to 0.5" Set the First Line Indent to a negative amount, in this example, -0.5" Make sure there is a single tab between the number or bullet and the first character of the text. Does this work as desired?
  13. I use two methods. One is opening a font as you mentioned, the other is looking on the web for example code/tutorials. Well, also via Microsoft's repository of OT features to better understand what a feature is supposed to do. Glyphs application's website has a bunch of good tutorials. But other websites have them too.
  14. Python is/can be used in Glyphs and FontLab. I mostly use FontCreator when I code as I love its visual OT Feature editor. But FC has no automation capabilities. Yes, the code becomes quite long with something like arbitrary fractions and long/s substitution. But the ordn feature is easy and relatively simple.
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