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  1. Reviving an old thread... Due to the fact APub will be a bit & the fact that for more involved work it will not be as capable as some will want, Quark earlier in the week had made an offer to its closed Facebook group. I should have considered this post at that time, but was hesitant. Still am actually. However, my desire to see people get out from monthly payments and or have a viable layout application until Serif releases and improves Affinity Publisher, I decided to post this anyway. And it is late as today is technically the last day of the Quark offer. Here it is... You can purchase a 2 version back copy of QuarkXPress for 79 dollars OR Euros. So it is QXP version 2015. There's a catch. This offer was made to participants of Quark's closed Facebook group. However, if you send me a Personal Message with your name & your email address before midnight tonight my time zone (midnight PST), you will be able to receive the offer. I'll collect the names and email addresses and they will be forwarded onto my contact at Quark and from there he and/or Quark will contact you. Mike
  2. You are correct. We shouldn't need to by now. But here we are...still.
  3. Reset the tracking to 100%. It's always been an issue in AD.
  4. Hah. Xara Designer Pro. Sorry about that. It is my main vector application but I'm trying to love AD. AD has unparalleled OpenType support and that is more important for me than drawing...I have trouble drawing stick men. And XDP is over-priced. Xara may be improving certain features that are important to me, but it is mostly at a snail's pace. I'll see what I can do with AD as regards brushes when I get back to the office. Seems like someone here has to have made such brushes, but I really don't know if that is so. In any case, making such a brush ought to be "easy" and its application to an object just as easy. And if it is not, then that's an area Serif needs to improve things. Mike
  5. I used XDP, made the little squiggly line one sees above my m character, made that line into a brush (remains vector in output that supports vector), and applied it as an outline to the m character. If it isn't that easy to do in AD (don't have it on this computer to try), then Serif needs to work on its brushes. Mike
  6. Kip, it isn't as extensive as plug-ins are for ID. And currently there is no scripting available for Windows users but the Mac version does support AppleScript. There are three great XTensions to look at that are inexpensive though. All from the same creator. You can find out about them on the closed QXP group. The others I use are from the same companies that make plug-ins for ID, but there are some other maker's as well. Just depends on what you need to accomplish.
  7. Search for a post using the terms photoline gradient Choose the post by Herbert (3 listing for the same post if I recall. Photoline can use cubic and linear interpolation of gradients. But also read the thread linked to in one of his responses. Quite entertaining and the Chris Cox in that thread is/was the lead Adobe Photoshop developer. There are other applications mentioned that have other gradient interpolation methods as well. All that said, I can make a beautiful gradient in PL that cannot be well represented in CMYK. There are methods to step down such a gradient, that depending on the color mix, can be more than acceptable. And they can also be garbage. As for vector gradients, AD like other decent software, will/can export a gradient as a smooth axial gradient that any given RIP can blend to the best of its abilities no matter what it looks like on-screen.
  8. Ah, nah. Guessing is easy. It's being correct that is sometimes hard... So if I were to guess, it is a stitching line from flattening transparency in either/both the PDF and EPS export versions. The PDF may be able to export fine using the For Print profile. And it may require using the 1.6x beta depending on how the opacity is added (or at all). An EPS cannot have transparency and so that rectangle has to be combined with the background bitmap at some point. If such flattening is done at export, there may be no manner to control if/where it happens on the resulting image. If you need to supply the print establishment with an EPS version, you may be able to--in a copy of your file--to hide everything except the panel and image, and combine them via Rasterize. Then turn back on any other elements and try the EPS export. Mike
  9. Adobe licensing only applies to Adobe fonts. Their license is explicit as regards the package command and has remained unchanged in that regard since the package command was introduced. As always, there is a dialog that tells the user the end recipient needs a license, or something to that effect. I have CS5 through CS6 installed and they say the same thing. I could point you to the Adobe help page about this if I thought you were incapable of looking for yourself.
  10. Adobe's package with the fonts still requires the recipient to also have licensed copies of those same fonts. The point of supplying the fonts is just in case there would be reflow issues by using different versions of the same font. Mike
  11. Perhaps the setting in Preferences is checked.
  12. Do you have the fonts used for that document?
  13. Yep, as R C-R wrote, we would need the PDF (or a sample) to replicate the inability to copy from it into AD. To see what goes wrong and if there are options to help you. Mike
  14. Yep, I use Em Software's data merge stuff frequently as well. Use them in conjunction once in a while too. I have mentioned in APub threads that I would like to see a better merge facility than a mere mail merge. A merging combined with scripting, which is what InData/XData is. I don't think any of the companies I switched to tagged text even knew what it was before I demonstrated the difference using their data. The "what" I could do with it versus XML. I had to guide some of their IT people in constructing the queries for the output. But each company did the work quickly. One can also write an XSLT to reformat the XML too. Most of my clients using XML have been big pharma and hospitals. Mike
  15. Dunno. But it would help people to aid you if you uploaded such a pdf