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  1. Try svg. Eps never has supported transparency. But, you could always export as flat color (use the suggested Nothing setting) and add transparency in AI.
  2. Eps files cannot contain transparency. Never have. Transparency will become a bitmap. You would be better off exporting as a pdf or an egg. But note not every transparency type can be contained in either type of format.
  3. I agree with firstdefence and Alfred. The original graphic is nice, the angled text not so much. And using the same font would be nice.
  4. MikeW

    GREP bug

    Yes, NotePad++ has the switch for . matching a new line. A distinct switch one needs to turn on. In lieu of the switch, I believe the default behavior should not match a new line and should Serif desire to add the switch, then all is well and good. And as far as that goes, one shouldn't need the . after the K. The cursor should just locate the appropriate start of the paragraph versus selecting the first character as with ID. I use the same expression in UltraEdit sans the . following the K frequently for inserting tagged text paragraph style tags where every other paragraph cycles between two p.styles. fwiw, I see no difference here between: \r.+?\r\K. \r[^\r]+\r\K. (?-s)\r.+\r\K. All select the first character in every other paragraph.
  5. MikeW

    GREP bug

    I'm away from the computer right now, but the decimal point should not include a new line.
  6. There is no QR-code generator inside of APub. There are plenty of on-line paces and standalone applications to do so. PDFs from Affinity applications print just fine. Generate a PDF and review it in Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  7. MikeW

    Export to PDF for Printing error

    I'm using Windows and get no error exporting to PDF. But I also don't have the Helvetica you are using. The only thing that I would remove would be the rectangle on artboard 2 on the right side. I don't know if that is causing any error. Mike
  8. You can post here but make sure to write in the context of why a BookPlus-type of module is needed. Else consider posting on the Serif Legacy Product forum (especially if you run into issues): https://community.serif.com/forum?sort=DateOfLastPost&products=PagePlus&search= One of the Serif staff, commenting upon a BookPlus-type of feature wrote something to the effect Serif hopes such a module/application isn't needed. I personally wouldn't use APub for a long novel, much less a longish book heavy with illustrations. And I likely wouldn't even with a Book module/application. Not until such time as there are substantial changes anyway. Mike
  9. I just remembered where it is located. It should be in Preferences, one should be able to see & edit the replacements, etc... Hold down ctrl while starting APub until you see the nuclear options...
  10. Ouch! Been there, done that.
  11. If you have ever chosen to replace a font in APub, it remembers and does it automatically. You can reset the replacements. Hopefully that will work for you, Arun. Mike
  12. Note that one can install the 32-bit version of PagePlus X7 and up by re-running the installer. That will restore the file types one can use for merging. The issue was that the MS component used cannot readily be used on the 64-bit versions of PagePlus. Merging will come to APub, but not at first release. Whether it comes during the 1.x release cycle may not be set in stone yet. We won't know unless Serif states it won't nor until the 1.x release roadmap is published. There certainly have been many people requesting it. Personally, I avoid the Books product in just about every application if I can. There are a few types of publications I do use it for, but not typical books. This too is an oft requested function and, again, no one yet knows when it will be added. Mike
  13. Don't know what to say, R C-R. Photoline has a Mac version. It opens it.
  14. Any EPS that has been saved with a PDF portion can open if the EPS extension is swapped with PDF. This has also applies to any AI file that has been saved with PDF compatibility. We've done that for years with the Plus line. BTW, that original file opens in EVERYTHING I use from 2012's last version of MS Expression Design to Xara products, PL, CD (all versions installed), even PagePlus. They all can get at the PDF portion.