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  1. @SeeJaneB, @Lagarto, @thomaso, Thread is moved to Publisher Bugs found on MacOS section...
  2. My guess? At least as far as PDF and AI files--with AI files, Affinity applications can only open the embedded PDF portion--is that Affinity applications use the measurement units in the file. In the case of PDF/AI files, that unit is always points.
  3. Just a follow-up to my post... QXP 2020 now has the ability to have variable size pages side by side. Still don't know whether I'll use them, though. Well, other than testing to see how well it works, I'll wait until I build something that can make use of them and likely use it once...
  4. The (stupid) default export is All Spreads. Change the export to All Pages. Then each page is exported as individual pages.
  5. Conventions like this where thin space (or other space) before punctuation shouldn't happen at either the application nor font level. It can/will cause more problems than it solves.
  6. Open it in Excel or another spreadsheet application and change it there...or use a text editor capable of regex or after it is brought into APub and use its regex find/replace...
  7. No, The Ghent Suite deals with other issues. This was what Stephan pointed out in the article you first pointed to. At the time that Stephan engaged here, there was only one application that passed all tests--something that isn't a desktop publishing solution and is beyond many/most peoples' financial means. While I do not use Affinity applications for most any production, I have used them for production jobs and or for adverts to be placed in QXP/ID. A person can build good files in Affinity applications...and one can have issues whether going to a final pdf for a print service or for placing in another layout application. But this is also true of ID, AI, PS, QXP et al, one can build proper pdfs or not in them too. This thread is specifically about opening a pdf and APhoto/AD, and has since included APub, as regards font embedding and the need for pdf passthrough. PDF Passthrough will come at a future date. However, I have no doubt the Ghent Suite will still reveal Affinity application issues (based on past implementations of the pdf library in use). If you would like, this discussion can continue in a new thread devoted to the Ghent Suite failings if you care to start one.
  8. That has nothing to do with this topic. I believe @Stephan Jaeggi already has a post on the forum that links to the same article.
  9. Well, well. Seeing how this might have been a TEX document, I feel your pain. Whatever was the source, and if you need the text as text, the equations, etc., as graphics, there are only a handful of options. I've done a few going from TEX to a modern layout application. No two have been the same nor as successful as others. If at all possible, obtain the source document files if you can. If that isn't possible, the first thing I would try might be the InkScape route above. LibreOffice Writer has some extensions that may help. Acrobat's save as a Word .docx may too. Even importing/opening the PDF in a newer version of Word may convert the equations. The LyX word processor likely can open the original files and one can deal with the equations there. There is also a TeX to rtf converter on (if I recall) Github that works well enough to get the file(s) into Word. I've gone that route and used MathType to convert the equations to inline eps files and placed the .docx successfully before...same with going through LyX. I hope you are getting paid well for this.
  10. There are free and paid for applications that can do so. It just takes one a little bit of time up front to pick and install it. Thereafter it takes more seconds to convert such a pdf for use in Affinity applications. So the choice for anyone desiring to use Affinity applications until such time as Serif not only adds pdf passthrough AND gets it working more faithfully than the Plus applications ever did, is to install such a work around. And I'll guarantee you that if one gets a wide enough variety of pdfs, they will still need such a tool.
  11. If APub cannot open for editing a pdf that has a user password, I seriously doubt it could open a pdf that is actually encrypted via 256/512 encryption--which is what is used for an open password. Even a brute force attack on such a password can take from hours to weeks (or more) to break the encryption password. As far as I know, nothing can open such a pdf.
  12. Yes. It always could have been a better, fuller application than it is. I blame the Moirs. It seems they got bored at some point. But until it does not do my relatively simple needs as fast as it does, I don't need to switch.
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