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  1. If you are doing the signatures, sewing them together and the binding etc., then I would recommend obtaining an imposition software that handles both signatures and creep. This way you just output a pdf in normal reading order, open the pdf in the imposition software and set your parameters, and then finally it creates the pdf you'll use for printing. The learning curve for an imposition software is far less than the manual method. Mike
  2. If the OP's point is to display images, then they need to export to a recognized format for use on the web, like png, jpg), versus uploading the Affinity file format...
  3. Hah. I was going to revisit this when I got on the computer and spaced it out. Thanks for the follow up!
  4. MikeW

    PDF/X-4 doesn't work.

    Does it work to your desktop?
  5. I'm unsure what you're asking, but I've used the lock children like in the above... Both the text and rectangle are 100% black.
  6. Actually, TIFF layers are actually called pages. I don't have PS installed currently, but I made the following 3-layered TIF in PhotoLine and am opening it in Corel Photo-Paint. The older Windows Photo Viewer would open such a TIF and can cycle through the pages. Faxes can/do create multipage TIFs as well. However, last time I used PS, multpage tiffs created in about any software would only load page one. That was back with CS4 (maybe earlier).
  7. It is. In fact, when I do use grep in p.styles, I usually first use ID's grep find/change to go through a bit of text to make sure what really is being trapped, what will be caught, before using the expression in a p style.
  8. Bummer! That process works in the other layout applications I use so had hoped it was the same in APub.
  9. I'm not at a computer right now and haven't really delved into tables themselves much less getting those created styles into a new document. But, try just copying a formatted table into a new document and see if the table style and any associated paragraph and/or character styles and maybe any associated swatches come with it.
  10. MikeW

    Palette Pantone

    Hello Réjean, Though the DS part isn't used in Affinity application, the E designation is used in its place...I believe: The numbers, and colors, are the same, I believe. Nice to "see" you here, too! Mike
  11. MikeW

    error placing image

    I've never experienced the issue you are having. I do not color the images...color images just come in properly.
  12. MikeW

    error placing image

    Weird! How about another thing...try changing from Adobe RGB to another RGB profile in a new document. I don't imagine it will work. But I'm out of ideas.
  13. MikeW

    error placing image

    Select the image, use the None color proxy for fill
  14. MikeW

    error placing image

    I'm using a phone right now so cannot look at the video. Would you post a screenshot of the document setup, color section?
  15. MikeW

    error placing image

    Do the images in your post above turn to gray in your document? Because here they are in color and copy/paste/import in color.

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