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  1. True, it can be a pain haha. Correct, most of my clients use professional printing and most of them use my service to handle all of that for them with my preferred professional printing company. I do give them jpg and png's so they can add them to for example their e-mail or a quick in house document if they want to. In their zip file ( with the AI, EPS, PDF and jpg and png ) I insert a document that explains the differences between RGB, CMYK, Pantone and Vector & personal use files. That helps them ( those who actually read it ofcourse sigh ) to understand it, and if they did not read it and ask me later, I can just send them that document again...and again...and again haha. Gotta love clients indeed haha. Thanks, Annie
  2. Hi Mike, I agree there might be some difference depending on the image editor. However, thanks to your tips, we/I am getting closer to the right color by adjusting the export color profile so it seems right? I am very new to AD but please look at older logo's of mine that where created in AI and exported to jpg and png. As you can see below, the brown color is pretty much the same, just looking at it does not even show a difference. Color picker shows a very small difference as aposed to what I get so far with AD export. Some clients can be very picky when it comes to color differences and ofcourse this will not play when they get the professional printing but they prefer having the same logo color for example in their e-mails etc. That is why I am trying to figure out in AD to get the same results as I achieve in AI if possible. Thanks for helping me out here! Annie
  3. Aha, getting better, I used an RGB8 profile but it keeps the "print" setting. This is the ( better ) result if you compare it to my first screenshot, but not that same color. Did you chose web? I choose web also but in the export it goes back to print Now I tried this in export: and this is the ( almost ) same color result. What am I still doing wrong here please? Thank for your help, Annie
  4. Hi Mike, Yessss, your jpg looks good in document and e-mail, awesome! What settings did you use to export it this way please? Thanks, Annie
  5. Hi Mike, Thanks for answering my question. I already tried changing it to RGB to export the jpg but same result. I could try to import the png into AF and save that as a jpg. I will try and get back to you.
  6. Hi, When I export my vector logo from AD to png all is fine, original colors are preserved. This png also keeps his colors when I insert it in a document or e-mail for example. However, when I export my AD vector logo to a jpg this happens when I insert it in a document or e-mail. When I open the same exported jpg in Windows 10 viewer it looks ok as you can see below. When I do the same in Adobe Illustrator, this does not happen. Both png and jpg keep the same color. What can I do in AD to keep the color in the jpg version please? Attached my AD file of the logo, that I used to export the jpg and png from. DRUKWERK BORST TECHNISCHE TRAINING EN ADVIES Logo 2019.eps
  7. Hi Gludie, True, but for flyers/brochures etc you do not need vector quality perse as those will not be/need to get enlarged in some cases. In logo design I prefer the "kis" ( keep it simple method ) and avoid gradients.
  8. Hi MEB, Tried your advice and indeed when I create the gradient with the fill tool, all stays sharp. Thanks a lot for your help, Annie
  9. Hi MEB, Thanks for your help. The DPI is already set to 300 DPI. I'll try recreating the gradient with the fill tool. Thing is, we still have Adobe Illustrator and creating gradient text and saving it to PDF does not cause it to get unsharp. I really want to start working with AD from now on, so need to get used to differences and workarounds that seem to be necessary ( unless ofcourse I need to learn more about AD ) In 2016 this seemed to be concidered a bug that would get fixed? On the other hand, this design is only intended for a small sticker 40mmx40mm, so I might not need a pdf but maybe a 300 dpi jpg for printing? For logo's I normally avoid gradients all together, but this is just a sticker. Thanks, Annie
  10. Hi Walt, Thanks for your reply. I am searching this forum and internet to find a solution, but so far no real solution. Found this topic though: and the poster seems to have the same issue. Topic is from 2016 so maybe no longer valid?
  11. This is my file, as soon as I save as a PDF it seems to rasteraze and get unsharp in the final print ready document. When I set it to "rasterize nothing" the end result is sharp, but gradient is gone.... COR 4X4 5 marge en 3 bleed gradient 4-3-19 12u31 - kopie.afdesign
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