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  1. Thanks to G13RL and Bruce. The following also seems to work: Draw a rectangle around the intended PNG image. Remove the fill and stroke from the rectangle. Select the intended image and rectangle and export both as a PNG (Area: Selection Only). Use the exported PNG for the brush. See below...
  2. I'm almost sure. However, I've downloaded the circle I originally uploaded and tried it with that. Below is what I got. Incidentally, I don't know what the Corners setting is for, my system defaults to Pull. I used a circle for simplicity since having the same problem with another PNG image. I'll try the artboard method (probably tomorrow) and play about with that. Thanks for your help.
  3. It's no great problem, Bruce. The following seems to work: Clipcopy circle. File menu > New from clipboard. Create artboard from image. Stretch the right-hand side of the artboard. Export the artboard as PNG file. Use the exported PNG to create new brush stroke.
  4. Designer, Windows 10 Designer Persona I draw a circle and save it as a PNG file. I create a New Textured Image Brush and select the circle PNG when prompted. I select Edit Brush and change the Body setting to Repeat. The Brush preview window shows a line of circles touching each other. I increase the Tail Offset to put a space between the circles, which it does. However, I get a line running through the circles rather than having a blank space between them. Can I get rid of it?
  5. Designer, Windows 10. I draw a circle and select it. I press Ctrl+J to create a duplicate of the circle. I move the duplicate with the mouse cursor. I press Ctrl+J and the second duplicate moves as expected. Rewind. I draw a circle and select it. I press Ctrl+J to create a duplicate of the circle. I move the duplicate with the keyboard arrow keys, not the mouse cursor. I press Ctrl+J and the second duplicate doesn't move. Should it?
  6. As others have said, some of the text has a stroke applied (see attachment). I think the quickest way to get rid would be to select all the text in the frames (click inside the frames and then select Ctrl+A) then click on the 'no stroke' icon (circle with red diagonal line) to clear the strokes. Hope this helps.
  7. Does copy/paste not work? I sometimes open CAD files in DrawPlus and clip/copy them. I either paste them into Designer or File menu > New From Clipboard. Seems to work OK.
  8. Thanks Hens. I've changed the UI to dark (and Renderer to WARP) and it still happens.
  9. Hello Nathan. The three attachments, new document, change width and zoom out detail the problem. After disabling Hardware acceleration, the problem persists. Something I've just noticed is that when I increase the width back from 90mm to 110mm, the document resizes as expected. Also attached is the document preferences after disabling Hardware Acceleration.
  10. Designer, Windows 10. Not a major problem. I create a new document, 110mm w x 210mm h, portrait with 10mm margins. I click on Document Setup and change the width to 90mm, then OK. The margins readjust as expected but the overall width remains at 110mm. Zooming in or out clears the problem and resets the dimensions.
  11. After some Windows 10 updates, The CAD I've used for many years stopped working. I tried LibreCad but didn't take to it for some reason. After trying the free version of QCAD, I splashed out £36 (including VAT) for the full version. I haven't used it much and there is a bit of a learning curve. That said, it seems to think for you and for someone using it regularly, I suspect it would soon be easy to use. One of the first things I did was that below. Exported to SVG from QCAD and opened in Designer. 7-sides (50p).afdesign
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