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  1. Sounds good, Mike. I have CAD drawing files which contain all text-based information related to a particular job in File Notes (usually a small job) - correspondence, equipment used, etc. I.e. one file rather than several.
  2. Keep you busy over Christmas, Mike 😉. Here's a screenshot of the notes in action...
  3. Skimming through the new version 2.3 features and the Tags in particular, I was reminded of a CAD programme I once used which had a File Notes feature. Basically, these were just text based items relating to the drawing which got packed within the drawing file. They came in handy for such things as correspondence about the job and even parts lists copied from spreadsheets. Would such things be useful for Affinity files?
  4. Thanks Ron. Although it's not a problem now I know how to get round it, I'll delve a little further out of curiosity.
  5. Thanks Garry. I've tried something similar in Publisher 2.3.0 and it behaves as expected.
  6. Workflow as follows, Garry: File menu > New from last preset Document = 2000 px x 2000 px Click Document setup Select Enter the width of the new document Change the value from 2000 px to 1000 px Click OK Nothing happens to the document Select keyboard Ctrl and using the mouse scroll wheel, scroll in or out The document resizes to 1000 px x 2000 px, as expected If I do something similar and change the height of the document in the Document Setup window, as soon as I select OK, the document resizes as expected. As I said, it isn't a problem, just unexpected behaviour.
  7. Designer 2.3.0, Windows 10 No problem, just an observation... I have a Print preset, 2000 x 2000 pixels. I open the Document Setup window and change the height to 1000px (width and height unlinked). The height immediately changes to 1000px. If I do something similar but change the width to 1000px rather than the height, nothing happens. Only when I zoom in or out does the width change. No problem, just confusing.
  8. I don't disagree, simply because, like the author of this post, I don't understand the significance of the DPI setting. I don't understand why the document size changes rather than just the properties of its contents.
  9. Publisher 2.04 New document > A4 > 210mm x 297mm > 300DPI Under Document Setup, I change the DPI from 300 to 200. When I check the document's size, it's increased to 315mm x 445.5. ????????
  10. Thanks Carl. It's no great problem for me to do what I need to do, especially since I'm now using Layers more than I used to do to split objects across the document and which helps with selection. I would be even better if there was a feature allowing selected objects or layers to be edited in a separate tab, independent of the main document. Food for thought for the future?
  11. Thanks Walt. I think I've seen the problem mentioned on posts relating to Select Same ignoring hidden objects and suspect that Serif are aware of it. I'll check the bugs forum.
  12. Designer 2.0.4 Edit All Layers specifically says 'Layers'. I have a document with two artboards, each containing a red rectangle. I disable Edit All Layers and select a rectangle on one of the artboards. I use Select Same > Fill Colour and change it from red to green. As expected, the red rectangle on the other artboard is unaffected. If I do the same with a document containing two layers instead of artboards, the red rectangles on both layers get selected and change to green. ??????????????????
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