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  1. Thanks for this and the updates to Publisher and Photo. Keep up the good work.
  2. You're being generous with the word "unintuitive", Bruce. Although at this stage I have no need to export selected artboards in a single pdf, I can't see how it can be done. Using the Export Persona to export selected artboards, I get separate pdfs, not a single one. Retaining the Export Persona settings, switching to Designer Persona and exporting with the 'Don't export layers hidden by Export persona' box checked, I get a single pdf but with all artboards included.
  3. Thanks Mike. I'm still finding my way around the Export Persona. Incidentally, have you tried using the check-boxes in the Slices panel?
  4. Update: If you intend exporting multiple artboards as separate pictures using the Export Persona and if the output format is the same for each (for example jpg, png, etc.), it's a idea to set the intended format in the 'Defaults' mode in the Export Persona's 'Export Options' panel before adding artboards to the drawing.
  5. To thomaso. Thanks. It's a feature I've not used before but I've just tried it and it seems to do what I need. I'll check the Help file for more information.
  6. I can export multiple artboards to PDF in one operation, as Alfred says. Is there a way of exporting the artboards as separate jpg pictures in one operation, similar to how Publisher does so for separate pages?
  7. Thanks Bruce. Although it's probably quicker to do it 'longhand', you've introduced me to a feature I wasn't aware of and which will come in useful in future. Regarding PagePlus and DrawPlus, there seems to be a few useful features which haven't migrated to Affinity.
  8. Thanks Bruce. I have a page containing a table and want to create a number of identical pages. A master page wouldn't allow me to vary the number of rows on each page as required. It's no great problem in Publisher to duplicate a few pages but it would be time consuming for someone wanting to create many pages. The screen shot shows how it's done in PagePlus.
  9. In PagePlus, I can add multiple pages and have an option to include the layers and objects from the source page. To add pages and include layers and object in Publisher, this requires multiple select and duplicate. Why not one select and multiple duplicates?
  10. I'd also welcome a Move to Layer command, similar to DrawPlus.
  11. Thanks G13RL. I did try that but the shape I tried it on was slightly more complex than the example I gave and it didn't seem to be working too well. I'll give another try.
  12. Thanks PP. Your answer seems to confirm that it's not possible. I've managed to do what I need in DrawPlus and bring it back into Designer. As you can see from the following example, it's a marvelous feature that DrawPlus has and produces a realistic shadow effect.
  13. In DrawPlus, I have a vertical line and can create a shadow emanating from the bottom of the line - a sort of 'sundial' effect. Is this possible in Designer?
  14. Thanks Garry. There seems to be one or two things left behind in Serif's Plus office when they moved to their Affinity abode. Hopefully, these will be retrieved in good time.
  15. Thanks PP. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I can't get the same DrawPlus effect with either Textured Intensity or Textured Image when applied to a line. I don't get the colour and I get an unwanted background line when I try to increase the spacing. See attachment for what I do get. Intensity top, Image below. Update: I might have sorted out the colour issue in the Swatches tab but not the background line. Please don't waste any more time, I'll try a few more things.
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