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  1. I totally agree, Joachim. The field border is not very clear at all and it's quicker to just click in the field to select it.
  2. Thanks. Now you've pointed it out, I can see it. However, I'm on a 'light' UI and it's almost invisible at a distance.
  3. In PagePlus, I select a field in the Transform tab. When I press the Tab key on the keyboard, the selection jumps to the next field and that field is highlighted. In Publisher, pressing the Tab key jumps to the next field but there's no highlight to indicate which field is selected.
  4. Thanks Walt. I've tried your suggestion and it seems to have done the trick. I took the precaution of copying the Fonts.xml files before making any changes, just in case.
  5. Thanks Callum. Given the number of fonts these days, it would be a useful feature to have.
  6. Is there a way to copy Favourite fonts between Publisher and Design?
  7. Thanks Alfred, that seems to have done the trick. Procedure as follows: Add picture. Draw quick shape rectangle (1) where I want the hole in the picture to be. Draw another rectangle (2) on top of the picture with the exact same size as the picture and in the same location. Move rectangle 1 on top of rectangle 2 and select both. Geometry > Subtract cuts out rectangle 2 with a hole the size of rectangle 1. This new 'donut' shape should still be on top of the picture. Right click on the new 'donut' shape in the Layers panel and select Mask to Below. P.S. Ideal for putting a window frame in a wall .
  8. Thanks haakoo but it's not really a good workaround for what seems to be a bug.
  9. In PagePlus, I insert a picture and convert it to curves. I draw a quick rectangle in the middle of the picture. I select the two. Arrange menu > Join Outlines > Subtract. The result is a rectangular hole in the middle of the picture. If I repeat the procedure in Design and then Geometry > Subtract, I get the rectangular hole but the picture is magnified.
  10. Thanks Jens but it's the same picture. Firstly, if I make no adjustments to the picture within the frame (enlarge, shrink or reposition), when I Replace image I get exactly what I expect to get. It's the adjustments which seem to be causing the problem. Secondly, if I right click on the enlarged picture and select Frame Properties > Scale to Max Fit, I also get a proper fit.
  11. I have a picture frame and, after clicking Replace image, I import a picture. I slightly increase its size (Z:15%). I select the picture frame a second time and repeat the above. This time, the picture is inserted at a vastly increased size and beyond the range of the zoom adjustment. In both cases, the default Zoom to Maximum Fit option is selected. What's happening? P.S. Double clicking a picture frame to insert a picture in PagePlus was easy and quick. Why not in Publisher?
  12. To firstdefence. Yes, that does what I need. Thanks again.
  13. To v_kyr. Thanks. Your suggestion seems to be along the same lines as that of firstdefence, which appears to do what I need.
  14. To firstdefence Many thanks. Because the base of the object is irregular, I want to keep it and the ground as two pieces of a jigsaw. On a quick try, your suggestions seems to work.

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