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  1. In PagePlus, I drag a Tab onto the working area to expand it. When I've finished with the Tab, I double click on its top bar and it bounces back to where it came from. So quick and easy. Docking a Panel in Publisher is a clumsy affair. Can it be simplified?
  2. In PagePlus I draw a narrow rectangle and give it a 3D effect such that all four edges are beveled. I then convert it to a picture and crop two of the sides to remove their bevels. In Publisher, it seems the only way to do that is to export the rectangle as a picture and then import it. Is there a way to convert to picture without going the 'long way' round?
  3. Thanks, that seems to have solved the problem. That said, there doesn't seem to be a mention of a fill in the help file when adding a vector mask.
  4. Still scratching my head. I have a layer containing a large green rectangle. On the layer, I draw a triangle. This appears above the rectangle in the layer stack. I right click on the triangle and select 'Mask to Below'. I'd expect the result to be a green triangle but it isn't. If I click outside the spread, it goes blank. What's happening.
  5. Thanks for the link, Dan. Regarding the screen shots, I start off with View 1 and see what I expect to see. When I untick the Mask and the Ellipse (View 2), I'd expect to see the rectangle but nothing changes. Only when I click on the Preview Mode button does the view refresh and show the rectangle (View 3).
  6. I'm struggling to get to grips with mask layers and their use and have tried switching a mask layer on and off to get a better understanding of how it works. When I do so, nothing happens as expected. The only way I seem to be able to see what I expect to see is by clicking on the Preview Mode button. This refreshes the view. Should what I see be influenced directly from the Layers panel?
  7. Eddy-2

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.2

    Thanks to Serif.
  8. Eddy-2

    Affinity Publisher for Windows - 1.7.2

    Thanks to Serif.
  9. Thanks Dan. The Help file does show the double-arrow method but I obviously missed it. I need to take the sunglasses off.
  10. In PagePlus, I have a table with more rows than enough. I select the surplus rows, press Delete on the keyboard and they disappear. When I do the same in Publisher, nothing happens. Why?
  11. Serif's DrawPlus does open DXF and DWG files and they seem to copy and paste well into Designer. Assuming there are no unforeseen snags (Serif could advise if there are) and given that DrawPlus does other things as well, would it be worthwhile paying the £19.99 for a copy to supplement Designer? Link: https://www.serif.com/en-gb/
  12. Thanks but to avoid a workaround I've dropped back onto PagePlus to do what I need.
  13. For information, the problem came about when I added a text frame as a title to a picture and exported both as a picture. The result was that the text frame had been cropped to the top of the text although its width was intact. The picture below simulates what happened, using a rectangle instead of a picture.
  14. The move tool. I take your point about selecting the text as, unlike with PagePlus, the text and frame have to be edited separately. I forgot to add, I'm using Windows 10.