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  1. It may be connected to the way the last node of the curve is drawn: Screen Recording 2021-03-04 at 20.24.31.mov Try switching to the Node tool and then changing that last node to Smooth.
  2. True that. Mine's a UK 2018 MacBook Pro. My wife's UK 2012 Air doesn't have a symbol for control, and has 'alt' instead of 'option'. I've also got an incredibly ancient iPad dock+keyboard which doesn't even have an fn key. Worth more as an antique than as a piece of technology... (Haven't we had this discussion before?)
  3. You say you created the templates with "AF". Is that AFfinity Photo, AFfinity Designer or AFfinity Publisher? You then say you changed the "Open with Affinity Publisher" to "Open with Affinity Photo". Yet your third screenshot shows an Affinity Designer document icon, and Affinity Designer as the default app. So it's all a bit confusing. But if I create a template with Affinity Designer, change the default app and then try to open it by double-clicking I get the same dialog as you. I think you'd be better off creating separate templates for each application, and going through the standard File - New Document - Templates route rather than trying to change default apps.
  4. Not quite sure if this is what you mean, but... In Photo Persona, if you choose Unconstrained or Resample as the cropping mode you'll get a fine crosshair which can be used to re-draw the cropping area like this: Screen Recording 2021-03-04 at 12.08.00.mov Once you've re-drawn that cropping rectangle and released the mouse/trackpad, you'll get a thicker crosshair cursor which you can use to move or resize the cropping rectangle, but not to re-draw it. If you need to re-draw the cropping rectangle a second time before committing, then clicking the Reset button in the contextual toolbar: will bring the cropping rectangle back out to the dimensions of the image and let you repeat the process with the fine crosshair. If you're in Custom Ratio or Original Ratio mode, clicking Reset switches you into Unconstrained mode, which may not be ideal. Cheers, H
  5. Check out the answers in this thread which may help! Cheers, H
  6. Also check your Baseline Grid settings for your document. These are in View - Baseline Grid Manager - . and also for the individual text frame in View - Studio - Text Frame: If the original text frame was not set to lock to Ignore Baseline Grid, and your document or text frame has a baseline grid (showing or not) then changing the leading may not necessarily change the line spacing. This is 9pt leading with a 48pt Baseline Grid: Cheers, H
  7. Hi @der_ein_Lauch and welcome! If you switch into Pixel Persona you can use the Flood Fill Tool ("Paintbucket") with Contiguous unchecked. Choose a different fill colour from the Colour Panel, then click in the green:. Cheers, H
  8. Unless you're in Separated Mode (see above): your two files will appear as two separate tabs: You can click from one to the other, but only one will appear on screen at any one time.
  9. From other posts on the forum it's also not recommended to work on cloud or network storage. Keep your work on your hard disk and save before copying to anywhere external. Cheers, H
  10. View - Snapping Manager (sounds nasty), uncheck "Only snap to visible objects": No need for a specific grid setting. Depending on screen tolerance and zoom you'll then be able to snap to the rulers. A high screen tolerance will mean less chance of snapping to the ruler units, especially at zoomed out views. I tried setting mine to 45, and snapping to the rulers didn't happen at around 25% zoom.
  11. Same with macOS. But I can resolve it by rasterising the bitmap-filled rectangle before exporting (right-click on it in the Layers panel and choose Rasterise), or by choosing Rasterise Everything from the More section of the Export dialog. The latter is probably less desirable. Cheers, H
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