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  1. h_d

    Apple Photos Extension

    Both - and in the first case (Affinity open) it doesn't seem to matter which app (Apple Photos or Affinity Photo Beta) was launched first.
  2. h_d

    Apple Photos Extension

    Likewise with all the extensions except "Edit with Affinity Photo". For example: APH
  3. h_d

    Scanning from Epson scanner not working with Mac OS X 10.14

    Hi @Chris_K I can definitely scan using the Preview app, although at the moment I can't check through System Prefs. Cheers and happy New Year!
  4. h_d

    Scanning from Epson scanner not working with Mac OS X 10.14

    Same here with a Kodak Verité 50, OSX 10.14.2, APH Beta Works fine in APH 1.6.7.
  5. h_d

    #103 Filter - Voronoi - Catbug

    Sorry @Chris B, I'm still getting the 'half Voronoi' effect with Metal Compute enabled on my mid 2012 MacBook Air (Intel Graphics 4000) running Mojave 10.14.2 and Affinity Photo build ADD: The Voronoi filter works fine with Metal Compute disabled. Cheers, H
  6. h_d

    #103 Filter - Voronoi - Catbug

    Many thanks @Chris B. I'm pretty sure it's down to hardware acceleration: With Metal compute enabled, I consistently get the 'half Voronoi' effect. With Metal compute unchecked, it works fine. This is on my somewhat ancient MacBook Air (Mid 2012) with Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB.
  7. h_d

    #103 Filter - Voronoi - Catbug

    I'm seeing the same thing (beta 103). I've attached an original image (just one pixel layer) along with the .afphoto created after running the Voronoi filter. I've also attached a .mov of the entire process. Screen Recording 2018-12-04 at 14.09.15.mov It's not visible in the movie, but in the real world the filter dialog becomes half-transparent without completely disappearing from the screen, I get the Spinning Beachball of Death for a second or so, and then the dialog is cleared and the image appears with its half-Voronoi treatment. And after that (sometimes but not always), further images open as a blank background with some oddities in the RGB sliders - the display appears to be corrupted, and it almost looks as though a slice of the image is being displayed in one of the sliders. This is also shown in the .mov file. The only cure for this is to quit from the app and restart. It seems to be related to the file size of the original image. The filter works fine with small files but gives up half-way through with larger ones. Let me know if you need more info. H P1130203_voronoi_2.afphoto
  8. In the Procedural Textures filter and also the corresponding live filter layer, if you add a Real Number Input (snap below) the popup over the double-arrow control always displays "Kerning": Same for Integer Numbers too. Cheers, H
  9. Ahh - missed it when searching . Thanks.
  10. My HW is slightly more ancient than yours @R C-R (mid-2012 MacBook Air) but my OS is slightly newer (10.14 Mojave) and I'm seeing something similar. Very laggy drawing of the brush preview, but the brush itself works smoothly while painting. And no lag of any kind with the Eraser tool. Cheers, H
  11. I know this has been raised in the Windows Beta forum, but just to mention it also happens on Mac (OSX 10.14 Mojave): If Raw images are processed with the Raw Output Format set to RGB (32 bit HDR) in the Assistant, the Saturation control under Enhance has no effect. If the ROF is set to RGB (16 bit) in the Assistant, then the Saturation control works as expected. (I'm using Panasonic .RW2 files if it makes a difference.) Cheers, H
  12. Same happens here. Just to add to this: when round-tripping from Photos in this way, the name of the 'non-edited' image does not appear in AP Beta's 'Open Recent' menu, even after saving and closing. However, editing the slightly slower way (Photos - Edit - Extensions - Edit in Affinity Photo) does update the image in Photos: The file name does appear in Affinity Photo Beta's "Open Recent" menu, but as "Apple Photos Document.afphoto", and the list is not added to when further images are edited.
  13. 1) Incorrect tooltip (Snapping options) for Presets button: 2) "Turbulence" misspelled when selecting presets: Cheers!
  14. To be perfectly honest I don't give a hoot if Affinity introduces the pica as a measurement option, as long as it doesn't add to to the cost of the final product or slow down development. It won't stop me using mm, especially when sums like 10mm = 1cm are a lot simpler for my poor brain than what I'm reading on Wikipedia: To date, in printing three pica measures are used: The French pica of 12 Didot points (also called cicéro) generally is: 12 × 0.376 = 4.512 mm (0.1776 in). The American pica of 0.16604 inches (4.217 mm). It was established by the United States Type Founders' Association in 1886.[1][2] In TeX one pica is 12⁄72.27 of an inch. The contemporary computer PostScript pica is exactly 1⁄6 of an inch or 1⁄72 of a foot, i.e. 4.233 mm or 0.166 inches. Life's too short...
  15. I can see why it's happening - if you select a single page in the Pages panel, and apply a spread master to it, then only the single page (in my case the right) is modified. More weirdness though... I've now managed to apply the same master to my spread - twice: I don't think this is a good idea. master oddity.afpub