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  1. Hi, Just tried the Affinity Monochrome Photos extension. The Sharpening control doesn't seem to have any effect (or if it does, it's too subtle for my poor old eyes to detect). The same control in the old 1.6.0 extension definitely does modify the image. Cheers!
  2. Hi, The "Colour" and "Gradient" tabs of the pop-up generated by clicking the colour swatch in the Fill and Stroke sections of the Appearance panel are semi-transparent, allowing the underlying document to show through, while the "Swatches" tab is fully opaque. This is inconsistent with similar tabs generated by clicking the contextual toolbar or the Colour panel in Studio: all of these are fully opaque. The video shows the effect in Light mode, but it's similar in Dark and Default OS modes too. I'm running MacOS Mojave 10.14.3. appearance panel semi-transparent.mov Cheers! ADD: this is linked to the "Reduce Transparency" setting in System Prefs - Accessibility - Display. When this setting is checked, the background of the AD panel is fully opaque. It's still inconsistent with the other panels, though I suppose you could argue that in fact it's the other panels that aren't respecting this setting in System Preferences.
  3. As @fde101 says, 32-bit applications do run under Mojave, although I can't myself check the performance of your versions of Acrobat Pro or Illustrator. One thing to consider, though, is that if you're using the Mid 2009 MacBook Pro listed in your profile, it's not Mojave compatible. Even Sierra and High Sierra won't run: I'm pretty sure El Cap is the end of the line. I don't know if it's any help but there's also Markzware FlightCheck. It's not free, but it looks a bit less expensive than PDF Toolbox. I haven't used it myself.
  4. h_d

    Place Image Tool

    Could well be. There's a Place Image tool in Affinity Designer (below is the beta, but it's in the release version too):
  5. h_d

    #103 Filter - Voronoi - Catbug

    Yes, seems to be fixed for me too
  6. Ah thanks, confirmed that it works for me with DA's output set to 16 bpc.
  7. Sorry if this has been raised already but I'm not getting any result when using the Saturation control in the Develop Persona: Vibrance, Contrast and Clarity work fine. Saturation control in develop persona.mov
  8. FWIW, I just accidentally discovered that Cmd+. (hold down Command, type a full stop) returns from full screen to normal, at least on my machine.
  9. Hi, Same happens to me with a Panasonic .RW2 file (build The thumbnail orientation in the Navigator is correct. Same with a .jpg shot just afterwards: The .RW2 file is attached but the .jpg is failing to upload. Let me know if you need it and I'll try again. Cheers, h_d ADD: applying the tone map does not result in a rotated image. The issue appears to be with the thumbnail display in the tone mapping presets panel. _1160491.RW2
  10. h_d

    #103 Filter - Voronoi - Catbug

    Just to update, I've updated to build and with Metal Compute enabled, I've still got the same 'half Voronoi' (or in some cases 'no Voronoi') issue, along with occasional display corruption in the Colour palette after applying the filter. It works fine without Metal Compute. Still on the same 2012 13" MacBook Air (Intel 4000 graphics). I'm getting an upgrade soon though
  11. h_d

    Apple Photos Extension

    Both - and in the first case (Affinity open) it doesn't seem to matter which app (Apple Photos or Affinity Photo Beta) was launched first.
  12. h_d

    Apple Photos Extension

    Likewise with all the extensions except "Edit with Affinity Photo". For example: APH
  13. h_d

    Scanning from Epson scanner not working with Mac OS X 10.14

    Hi @Chris_K I can definitely scan using the Preview app, although at the moment I can't check through System Prefs. Cheers and happy New Year!
  14. h_d

    Scanning from Epson scanner not working with Mac OS X 10.14

    Same here with a Kodak Verité 50, OSX 10.14.2, APH Beta Works fine in APH 1.6.7.