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  1. According to the help files, double-clicking on the View tool's icon in the toolbar sets the zoom level to Fit: This is the case in the latest release build, but double-clicking on the View tool in Beta appears to have no effect.
  2. FWIW I get the same error message and behaviour when sharing an .afphoto document to Apple Photos. The image is definitely shared, despite the message.
  3. When I create a selection that stretches to the full width of any image, the appearance of the marching ants is erratic. Depending on the zoom, they march or disappear from one edge or the image or another. This often makes it difficult to know what is selected and what isn't. Movie below. macOS 10.15, Affinity Photo Screen Recording 2020-01-18 at 18.10.14.mov Cheers, H
  4. Yes that's what we're talking about. It's a new (but not altogether obvious) feature in You won't see it unless you install and run the beta.
  5. This is the Info panel in the Develop persona in 1.7.3 release build: and this is it in The icons for Colour Model, Sample from Cursor and Sample from Location appear to have gone AWOL (although the tooltips are still there). Cheers, H
  6. My screen shot above is from 10.15. Once I've dragged the Status from the Customise Toolbar panel into the toolbar in Develop Persona, I get this:
  7. It doesn't seem to be there by default, or in the Default Set for the Develop Persona. You have to Customise Toolbar and drag in the Status: Cheers, H
  8. a) Developer version of Catalina and the associated version of Apple Photos (still at version 5.0, as it has been for some months with release builds as well). Probably can't say much more or Cupertino will start waving an NDA at me. b) No - and I'm not currently in a position to do so.
  9. Hi @MEB The sliders on the right do work - it's just that once the nodes have "stuck", as they did with me yesterday, the sliders also became impossible to move. Typical though - I can't make it go wrong today, everything is sliding nicely. Although it still seems very slow to save.
  10. h_d

    Cropping overlay

    It's quite possible that I ran a previous Beta at some point in the past and that I used the Golden Spiral cropping overlay. I'm afraid I can't remember, though - I was just a bit surprised to see it pop up as what appeared to be the default in 1.8. Case closed though, I reckon.
  11. Hi @Chris B I'm not scaling the display at all: Just to confirm, I'm on a 2019 15" MacBook Pro. I've just checked and I get the same glitch in the release versions of Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. The common factor: in all cases I have Preferences - User Interface - Font UI Size set to Large rather than Default. If I change to Default (a bit too small for my poor old eyes) the glitch disappears. This is Affinity Photo Beta with the size set to Default: Hope that helps! H
  12. I was wrong about this. Again, if I flatten manually then edits made using the Edit With command are in fact saved back to Apple Photos.
  13. See screenshot: the bottoms of the words "Red", "Green", "Blue" and "Alpha" are sliced off. macOS 10.15, 2019 MacBook Pro 15"

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