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  1. Thank you Cineman and MikeW for your replies. It's difficult or rather impossible, for us 'testers' to know what is finished and what isn't
  2. Sorry jamessouttar, as far as I am concerned that is a bodge of an answer. When setting up a new document I expect to set the size, pages, facing, columns, margins, bleed and slug in one go. I would also expect to set set the bleed in one side and all the others to match. Unless I missed this, I had to put in all four separately. As yet I have never found the requirements of any work I have done to have separate bleeds for different sides. When I work on a document, I want to see the bleeds. I don't expect Affinity Publisher to have all the features of InDesign, that would be unfair but do expect something as basic as this.
  3. I have found the Bleed setting under document set up but when applied I can't see them. How odd.
  4. Yes, there are five sliders for lens correction but as Jeremy153 I was expecting a drop down menu with my lens listed, as in Adobe Lightroom. My first disappointment with this excellent software.