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  1. Hey MikeW, great job! Thx! I see that you used CorelVentura10 for this - right?! is it possible to export to idml? or Word? is it possible to switch off hyphenation? is it possible to find&replace some special characters into croatian characters?
  2. Hey Friedberg - that´s fine! your name sounds german.... can we comunicate on german? please can you send me just a small part or some pages so I can see the result. Than we can speak about the next step. (file is on the 4th post!) OK?
  3. Thank you so much for your effort! I will try to figure it out and write back!
  4. I checked this link before. But newer OSX can not open this old software 🙂 It would be great if you could open one file and see what is possible... thx a lot!! KOMENTAR 1.zip
  5. I have some old VenturePublisher documents: I need them - but I don´t know how to open. Google couldn´t help me.... There are still some old DOS versions to download... but I use Apple. Has anybody an idea? Thanks a lot
  6. super! koji rijecnik koristis? sto sam ja skinuo je prilicno star i mali. Molim Te link. Hvala
  7. Bok qazar, ja sam sve napravio kako su druge pisali na ovom forumu (na Macu) i sad radi.... Je li folder sa hrvatskim rijecniku na pravoj adresi? ima ispravno ime? mislim da nista ne trebas mijenjati u preferencesu (Windows??) na Macu je preferences samo sa UserInterface vidi na slici sto moras ukljuciti: bitno: u prozoru CHSETS moras ukljuciti i!! u PARAGRAPH. Onda treba raditi. Nadam se da sad radi. Ako ne - slobodno se javi! lijepi pozdrav. Christoph. GOD is good
  8. The print shop has now confirmed that everything is ok! What was probably the problem: the text frame that caused the problems was output as a picture in PDF. No idea why - in Affinity Publisher it was a text frame! I then deleted the text frame and inserted a new one. That then solved the problem. Anyway - now we can print!
  9. crashing down.... I don´t know. It works fine on my Mac. What is important: " Everything fine in APu and PDF." 😀 thank you very much for your Hilfe!!
  10. ok - so I don´t understand what the printer told me.... I will send them again. Thank you very much for your help!!! I will get in touch as soon the give me new feedback!
  11. ok, here we are. PDF problem is in page 4 (document page 2 "kako sam skoro prokockao svoj zivot) second document is the publisher document (without images and fonts - hope it works...) ths radosneVijesti_FINAL3-5.pdf radosneVijesti_FINAL.afpub
  12. Hey MickRose, I use CMYK - and as I wrote: all 15,5 pages were ok, only in one text frame the text is 4c!
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