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  1. I use 227 on a mac. If I click: check for updates: You’re up-to-date! how to reset Studio on a Mac?
  2. Hi, there is no Hyperlink Studio and no Interactive-point in the Text-menu. Why?
  3. thx guys for your time! I tried - but it was not working. So - i built up the file from the beginning - of course no problems :-)
  4. Hello, when I work with an imported pdf document - after several minutes the program is crashing. I most force-quit. I sent several crashing reports. It is just these imported PDF. Otherwise working fine. See attached file. Can you help please? Thx! Grafische_Uebersicht_Ueber_Den_Galaterbrief.pdf
  5. I tried again and again, played al little - now it is working. Thank you for your help!! Hope that in the final Version this will work better! thanks for help!
  6. I switched in the "Character" Panel under Hyphenation from Auto to Hrvatska (that is the croatian word for Croatia). but no results.
  7. Hey, here I am back. I installed the hr_HR folder on my mac here: ⁨Affinity Publisher Beta.app⁩ ▸ ⁨Contents⁩ ▸ ⁨Resources⁩ ▸ ⁨Dictionaries⁩ After restarting - what to do? See my settings - seems everything - but no hyph.! Why it is working in your case - and not in my? Maybe the dic-file is too small? in the preference I cannot change language. in the panels I can.... see all my settings and the dic-files in the attachment.
  8. Walt, I tried - but I can not download these files... and I cannot find this: "If you look at your Affinity Preferences, Tools panel, you should see at the bottom a line that says "Additional dictionary folder" see also my screenshots of the preferences - no possibility to change language:-(
  9. Will there be hyphenation and spellcheck in Croatian language? Indesign has it.... thx
  10. I read you will make Digital Asset Management Will this be something like Lightroom? Something similary? There is a big need for that! Thx
  11. again - I think there must be a solution. See in the attached screen how difficult it is to get an overview without this disturbing lines! to get a preview - or at least a something like that - I have to export the file in jpeg and open with viewer. Or while scrolling the document in AD very slow the disturbing lines disappear.
  12. yes - i know. But that is not a really previwe :-(