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  1. But you know it's not a real desktop? This is a web application glued to the chrominium engine (from the Chrome browser) and wrapped in a common binary package in one window. This is de facto an additional instance of the browser that eats up a lot of resources for nothing.
  2. I would never have come across that 500w is 500 pixels wide.... is there documentation somewhere for these values? Thanks Garry!
  3. I have a high-resolution image (9000x1000) that contains several independent elements that I want to export as separate files. I use Export Persona, select these areas (slices) and I have a problem, because I need the resulting image to be at a lower resolution than the source, but I have a choice of 1x, 2x, 3x, etc. How to make the resulting image with, for example, 1/3 of the source resolution?
  4. Using a virtual machine is obvious and effective, but it has downsides: - you need an additional windows license - the machine takes up a lot of host resources - the software runs a bit slower and sometimes this is noticeable That's why it's worth struggling to run effectively in Wine.
  5. I used Bootles for version 1, the screenshot shows it, now I am writing about version 2, here it is impossible to use Bottles
  6. Hello, I managed to fire up AD 1.0 on Ubuntu (under wine) after several hours of struggle. However, I can't run the version 2.0 installer for the hell of it. It's a file with .msix extension, does anyone know how to install it under Bootles?
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