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  1. No need to apologize. I am actually glad you have the same issue, now I know I am not losing my mind. Thank you for your help in trying to diagnosis the issue, and thank you for testing it as well. Robby
  2. I tried searching for this topic, and I couldn't find anything. The link you showed seemed specific to Publisher and not Designer, that is why I started this thread. Thank you for sharing this. Robby
  3. I just did a test. Created a document, and "create art board" when I did it. I placed a green rectangle over the bleed. You cannot see the bleed area, but it prints the bleed area when you print. I added a second art board. Same thing, drew a green rectangle over the bleed area, just as the first you cannot see it. But when I print art board 2 only, it does not print the bleed area. Robby
  4. Yes I have that selected. In fact I have them all selected, just to be on the safe side in my test. When I have a single document, and I drag a rectangle out to the bleed area, I can see on the screen the size of the rectangle. When I have a setup that includes multiple art boards, I cannot see the colored rectangle all the way to bleed area. Robby
  5. I have run into a small almost non-issue. At my place of employment we use utilize custom made name plates. I make them for a lot of people. Generally, I print them on card stock, and then trim them down using a paper cutter. Problem is, sometimes I don't cut exactly perfect. To make them fit in the holders sometimes requires a lot of manual trimming at the end. This led me to do some searching on Google about full bleed prints. While I knew of full bleed before, I never thought about treating these name plates in a similar manner. So today, I create a document with many art boards. I include a bleed of 0.125 inches (1/8"). I attempt to print one of the art boards with the bleed marks, and the print does not have a bleed area. I see the bleed mark, but the color does not go into the bleed area. I created a new file, added bleed marks, and it did print into the bleed area. I have noticed through numerous test it seemed to affect art boards, despite having a bleed set. Is this a bug, or "working as designed"? Does any body know how to not have this happen? Thanks in advance, Robby
  6. An uninstall and reinstall of Affinity Publisher fixed the issue. However, now he sees the TIFF images as blurry objects. Is there a way to fix this? Robby
  7. OK, I think part of the problem with the author's computer is that Publisher does not have permission to access certain folders. Below is a screen shot of my system preferences, and his. Mine has the red circles, his does not. He tells me when he opens the file it asks him for permission, which he says yes. Then he gets the error screen shown in the post above. Is this the problem, and if so, how does he add Publisher and the locations necessary? Robby
  8. OK, here is where I am at..... The packaged file is 316 MB, so e-mailing the whole thing is impossible. I sent 3 versions of the book to the author to open on their computer: 1) A package file created on a folder on my desktop. 2) The same package file zipped up. 3) A trimmed down version of the book with over 180 pages deleted, and no graphic images, etc. The author is still having issues opening #1 and #2 from above. He gets the error as described above. The picture shows the error message. #3 the author could open the pages, and Publisher was asking to locate the missing resource files. For the record.... In the Save as package dialogue box, I viewed all of the fonts, none of which are restricted, all showed green marks. I did the same for the images. All images were green, some were embedded, some were linked. All 1,000 + graphics were green, no errors detected. I am really at my wits end here. Nothing is locked, nothing is set to restrictive permission as far as I can tell (please tell me where to look for this). I saved the original package folders directly to my iCloud Drive. The most recent test, I saved it to my hard drive, then copied to iCloud Drive. As well as taking the folder from my desktop and "compressing it" (ZIP file). And then copying the ZIP file to my iCloud Drive. Thanks for the help! Anyone have any other suggestions? Robby
  9. Here is how everything happened. I saved the package file to an iCloud folder. I tried to share the folder. It had issues with the sharing. I had to share it again. Still nothing. Finally I moved the folder to an existing folder that the other person and I already have shared. Then he was able to access the folder. Copied to his desktop, and when he attempted to open the file, he got the error message. I have since created a new package to the iCould folder that we already share. I will see if this makes a difference. But aside from that, I have not restricted access to anything pertaining to the package itself. Robby
  10. I am having an issue that I need help resolving. I was under the impression that the best way to share a file with another Affinity Publisher user, was to save the file as a package. That is what I have done. And the other person has Affinity Publisher, same version as I do (1.10.4), also on a Mac.. When they go to open the file on their Mac, they get the error "Cannot open package file "(filename here).afpackage." Access to packaged resources was denied." What is going on? And how do we overcome it? Thank you, Robby
  11. I am running into a lot of crashing out of nowhere it seems. The project that I have discussed in other threads before is crashing in the export phase. When I click export, I get the spinning ball, and 15% of the time, I get the Preflight Options. The other remaining times, the program crashes. Is anyone else getting this? Or is there a work around? Robby M1 Mac mini, macOS 12.0.1 Publisher 1.10.4
  12. I restarted the computer, and dealt with the crashing a few more times after the restart. Then I was able to get the file to export. I'm not sure what happened. But I will keep an eye on this issue and repost if it happens again. Robby
  13. I am in the final stages of a book. I am trying to export the book as a PDF. Yesterday I exported the file with no issues. Last night I added about 20 jpg files to the book. Today the I cannot seem to export. Clicking on the export button causes the application to crash. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks, Robby
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