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  1. If you are using a duplex printer, you may need to change the 'flip page' setting from short side to long side (or vice-versa); but really we need more information about the project to help.
  2. Plus 1 for splitting up the forum into product lines; it makes sense.
  3. For a program like it see here https://www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com/ Pricing is comparable with WPX8. It is not subscription or web-based, e.g. wix et-al. Apparently lots of ex-WPX8 users have migrated to it - I am trialling it and so far it is very good - give it a whirl.
  4. Thanks Callum, I will have a look.
  5. I was playing with the 'nested brushes' new feature when I realised I couldn't remember which brushes I had been experimenting with. Is there any way - apart from opening every brush and looking - of finding out. If not, would it be possible in a future update for a flag to be set, say, the brush name changing to red to indicate it had nested brushes? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have to say that when I first heard there was to be an AP I imagined it would be a PPX9 on steroids. I am disappointed with it and with the staff response thus far, being: " Do you mean a separate app like BookPlus? We hope that Publisher will be able to cope with long books without having to split each chapter into a separate file." 'Hoping' does not inspire confidence in the product or address the issues mentioned by prospective professional users in this post - which I imagine AP is primarily aimed at with the 'hope' of attracting them away from InDesign. If the design brief was to see how big a file AP could 'cope' with before failing, then the designers don't understand print or the needs of publishers. For one, a large file is very unwieldy and difficult to deal with - imagine a printer trying to print a book on a very big single sheet of paper in the 'hope' that the machine will be able to cope without having to cut the sheet up into sections. If there is to be no book function then the product is really only suitable for slim booklets and the leaflets and flyers already mentioned. I accept that large files may work as mentioned by Dominik above, but that misses the point - you can drive screws in with a hammer, but they won't hold as well as when screwed in with the right tool. Perhaps it would be a good idea for Serif to come clean and state 'Yes or No' as to whether there will be a book function or not. That way we won't hang about waiting in vain for something that is never going to appear. I think that is the least that could be done.
  7. Also known as fogbows, as was the case; brilliant sunshine and slightly foggy.
  8. I have seen white rainbows.
  9. By tabulation do you mean tab-stops to produce tabulated text - columns of numerals for example? If so, you can go to View>Show Text Ruler This will put a ruler on the top of the text frame on which you can set tab stops that will enable tabulation. Handily, when you zoom in the ruler zooms too and drops down the page as you scroll. Using the vertical double arrow on the left of the ruler allows you to place it where you need it.
  10. Try this thread; and don't forget to logout and back in again (like I did )
  11. You are welcome; glad it has been of help to others too.
  12. Update: Having seen RICH313's success in following Patrick's suggestion detailed above I decided to try it again in case I missed something. I did, I didn't change the scaling as well. This time I only changed the scaling, as per RICH313 example above, I went down to 175%, but still nothing changed. I was about to change the resolution as well and try again when the following, under 'Scale and Layout', caught my eye: "Some apps won't respond to scaling changes until you sign out". I signed out and back in again, ran the update and it worked. Hooray! Thanks Patrick - not a 'stupid' sounding suggestion at all, but bang on target, and thanks too, to all who posted - we got there in the end.
  13. Hi, I have a 4k screen running at 3840 x 2160. I took it down to 1920 x 1440; still didn't run. I don't have dual monitors on this laptop
  14. Mine too: Setup.log SetupUI.log
  15. Hi Patrick, 206 installs no problem.