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    I'm Martigny and I write and illustrate non-fiction philosophical/self-help books - Mostly they're about human behaviour and our strange traits. I'm self-published. I've been using Serif products for many years now; Webplus to create my website, Drawplus to create my illustrations/book covers and Pageplus to design the interior layouts for my books and make ready for uploading to the printers. Now I use Affinity products and I'm loving them.

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  1. It was a no-brainer really. Your programs are Ace and I use them all the time for the illustrations for my books. Congratulations Affinity
  2. This is excellent news Ben. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks MEB, much appreciated - and the immediate response.
  4. Hello, I have AD for Windows and would like to obtain AD for my Mac. Will I be able to open and work on the AD files created on the Mac in Windows and vice-versa? I have searched on the forum and google but cannot find an answer. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Chris, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure what you mean by Export dialog :) However ... I think I've solved it but it's a bit weird. If I click and drag my mouse over all the objects I want to include in the final image then the erased parts don't show in the .png. If however, as I've been doing, I CTRL click and drag the mouse over all the objects then the erased parts show up in the final image. Hope this is clear :P . I CTRL click and drag the mouse over because when I use the mouse alone it doesn't appear to select all the parts, even though it apparently does. I am wiser :)
  6. Hi Guys, I have created a shape in Draw Persona, gone over to pixel persona and erased parts of it. When I save the final image as a .png, the erased parts reappear (.afdesign and .png images attached). Any ideas? Many thanks Martigny Test_Doc.afdesign
  7. brushes

    Hi, I got the email, thanks, but on clicking the 'UPDATE' button it takes me to a page asking for payment; there does not seem to be any link to get the updated files without paying again. Is this correct? Thanks in advance. Martigny
  8. This thread seems to have died in March 2016 and I can't find any more information about Affinity Publisher (Windows). Any news on this at all guys? Many thanks Martigny
  9. Yes please, please, pretty please to feathering ... much needed. I used that a great deal in Drawplus.
  10. Did that Chris but it didn't work. Tried CTRL+SPACE then M and also CTRL+SPACE+M and no change. I disconnected my second screen and it worked okay, once. I tried to repeat it but nothing came up at all. After reconnecting my second screen the same thing happened. Worked just the once and sort of flickered for a miliisecond, but no popup at all again.
  11. Thanks Chris. I can't even get the popup to open now :P I might need a re-boot
  12. Hi Guys. I've a bit of a problem viewing the popup window in the effects section (this is the full version - not beta). I select outer shadow, then settings and can't see the full popup. I've attached two images for you. They images are both shots of my full screen and displayed on my secondary screen. The first image is where I shrunk Designer down a little to see if it made a difference. Edit: This happens on my primary screen as well. Just tried several other popups and the same thing happens. Document settings and outer shadow.
  13. Got it! Thank you all and congratulations on the launch.
  14. Thank you ... again and again ... it looks amazing.
  15. Exciting stuff :) Can't wait to get the full program.