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  1. I totally agree with you about the lock workspace and recalling favourites for them. The 'select subject' is great too - it's way too difficult to know if any photograph is original these days.
  2. Martigny

    Character and Paragraph Windows not Working

    Hi Sean, Thanks for your response. This was on my iMac (details in my signature) and I had no other monitor plugged in. I'll be sure to let you know if it happens again.
  3. Martigny

    Character and Paragraph Windows not Working

    Okay - resetting the studio solved this problem ... weird though!
  4. Help with this please. I can't get the paragraph or character windows to open up - they do nothing when clicked on. Doc attached. This version is AD for MAC 1.6.1 Is this a bug? character_paragraph.afdesign
  5. I've no idea where to post this, but this seems like the best place after my search. I found it amazing to watch a Photoshop CC 2019 'new' features video - Errr ... don't we have most of these in Affinity already?
  6. Lovely ... thank you team. I particularly like the option to choose the number of pages when creating a new document.
  7. Thanks for your reply. The tablet works fine so I guess all is well there. What I need to know is, is there a shortcut similar to the brushes so that I can use the ring and increase and lower opacity in the same way that is does to make the brushes bigger and smaller.
  8. Does anyone here know how to setup the touch ring on a Wacom Graphics tablet to use for opacity, if it's possible? I use a Wacom Intuos Pro 5 Thanks Martigny
  9. All well and working here, thanks.
  10. Martigny

    Possible bug with lists

    I can''t see a way to do that. However, when I want to do it I use tables and do the list manually - much more flexible.
  11. Martigny

    Possible bug with lists

    I agree. I'm sure they'll sort it out.
  12. I just uninstalled and reinstalled Publisher and still can't open the section manager, or create sections for that matter.
  13. Thanks Chris. Can you give me a dropbox link please?