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  1. Thanks guys ... downloading this now.
  2. Thanks Sean - glad to help out.
  3. This is now working and was solved on this thread
  4. That worked for me too. Thanks GRH
  5. That would be cool. Thanks Patrick
  6. I tried again this morning and still no luck. Oh well, at least I can still use Publisher on my Mac for now.
  7. I did the same Patrick - still no joy
  8. okay thanks. I've attached one of them - there are loads there as I've tried so many times Setup.log SetupUI.log
  9. How do I get the installer log please?
  10. I've just installed 206 it too and it works fine. 221 works on for me as well Correction: It worked until I uninstalled it - it won't work again now.
  11. Thanks Patrick. Done all you suggested and still the same problem. My partner has the same problem on his windows laptop too, so it's not just me.
  12. Hi Patrick, Do you mean uninstall the whole program and then install the update on it's own? Does it work as the complete program? In other words - can I install version 227 on it's own?
  13. Hi Jon, This is the update.exe file.
  14. Let's hope they sort it out soon