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  1. Kapuan

    Days Gone - my poster (contest)

    On this stock photo? - really dont know. I just use some free stock photo as base image. Thats true ;)! @borNie wiedziałem, ze na tym forum są ludzie z ppe Kapłan - Kapuan, jeżeli mam być szczery to sam nie wiem jak poprawnie to wymawiać :). Ktoś kiedyś powiedział do mnie Kapłan a ja postanowiłem lekko to zmodyfikować, tak by nick się nigdy nie powielił Nope, was closed week ago. Results of this contest should be announced tomorrow. Have also second version
  2. Hello, i'm taking part in a competition for making promotion poster for "Days Gone" game . Below is my work Hope you like it and keep fingers crossed! Base image: My poster:
  3. Hello, I put my vector vision of a jungle below over time, further modifications will probably take place Hope you like it and with some FX
  4. Kapuan


    Hello, below the desert in the vector edition
  5. Kapuan

    Fiat 500 in caricature style

    first post refreshed - new final view
  6. Kapuan

    Fiat 500 in caricature style

    here you go - i change topic name
  7. Kapuan

    Fiat 500 in caricature style

    this Guy's it was on porpose
  8. Hello, I would like to share with us my new latest night art Work in progress.... final view
  9. Kapuan

    Calendar 2019

    and a christmas card:
  10. Kapuan

    Calendar 2019

    Hello everyone! My first work in Affinity Designer. This is calendar for company that i am work for. Title say "electronics you need" Below is history how its evolve Hope you like it