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  1. Hi, here a little batch file which copies the needed XML-File to the standard folder C:\Users\{YourName}\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces" and start AP. In my case there are two different workspaces (Painting, Photoediting). After setting up the workspace(s) i copied it (them) to a folder, renamed it (them) and created the following script inside this folder: @echo off & setlocal echo This batch file sets the workspace of echo Affinity Photo and starts the program! echo. REM Set workspace REM ------------- set workspace=none set choice=0 echo Available Workspaces: echo --------------------- echo [1] Painting echo [2] Photoediting echo. set /p choice="Please select workspace: " if %choice% == 1 set "workspace=Painting.xml" if %choice% == 2 set "workspace=Photoediting.xml" REM If nothing was selected, stop script REM ------------------------------------ if %workspace% == none ( goto END ) REM Source is the current directory of this script and the filename REM Destination is the folder where the workspace is saved (with correct filename) REM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ set "source=%~dp0%workspace%" set "destination=C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces\Photo\WindowProfile.xml" REM copy workspace file REM ------------------- copy %source% %destination% REM Start Affinity Photo REM -------------------- start "" "C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\Photo.exe" REM End script REM ---------- :END For safety reasons i kept a copy of the last created WindowProfile.xml in the workspace-folder (if something goes wrong with the copy process at any time). Created under Windows 10. Use it at your own risk ;) Greetings from Vienna Martin
  2. Hi everyone, one short question... When i read the system requirements for AD i found this: Wacom (and other WinTab devices) support I have an "XP Pen Star 04" tablet. Does AD (and AP) work with this tablet? Thanks and greetings from vienna Martin
  3. Hi, alrighty then :) (i never make a false double click when i need it) Thanks for the hint, works perfectly
  4. Hello Team, i really like Affinity Photo, you did a great job. Thanks a lot for that :) I've worked for a time with Photoshop and in AP i miss just two little things (for the moment) *A filter like Glowing Edges in PS: I found "Detect Edges " in the filter menu but it's not the same, too less configuration possibilities * Free Transform like in PS: The Wrap Mesh Tool makes a good job but i miss the possibility to click somewhere inside the photo and push and pull in whatever direction i want, it's not the same if you can only ยด"grap" the photo on the outer edges Would be great, if you could implement these two things in the future Thanks and greetings from Vienna Martin
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