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  1. Thanks for the insight. That explains how the devs got AP/AD to come up so fast. So I guess the answer is no, Publisher can't be used as a 'studio' for all the apps. Oh well, I'm still excited to play around with Publisher, although I have no real use for it.
  2. Now that I have Publisher, and can launch AP and AD from within it nearly instantly, Publisher could act like a 'Studio' version of the Affinity products. I could configure my system to launch Publisher for AP and AD files. It appears that when I switch to AP from within APub, I am in the full AP program with all AP features available. Is this the case? Assuming memory isn't an issue, is there any reason not to do this? It would be even better if APub opened in the app associated with the file type I opened. For example, if I open an .afphoto file in APub, it opens in the APub UI rather than the AP UI. No biggie, but this would be a nice touch.
  3. Thanks, I've got that. I thought there was perhaps something more...
  4. I don't see where I can select a category. I'm on Windows; is this a Mac-only feature?
  5. I've been using AP for some time, and picked up AD to play with. I just noticed the incredible sale on Publisher (thank you, Affinity!) and grabbed that as well to complete the set. I'm amazed at how well AP and AD are integrated into APub. Switching between the 3 is faster than I could have imagined, especially on a 6-year-old system with SATA storage. You guys are awesome!
  6. I was reading an article about sizing images for Facebook and ran across the following "JPG is generally used for images with blended tones, like photos, and GIF and PNG are better for images of flat tones like logos, text and graphics." I've never heard this assertion before and can't imagine why it would be true, but I'm not an expert. What say ye?
  7. If you haven't been able to disable Windows Ink at the OS level you should pursue this; my Deco 03 problems (across several apps) vanished once I'd done this. The problem is that in Windows 10 they've changed the way to disable the 'feature' more than once, so the solution you find may no longer exist in the Win 10 release your're running. I'd suggest searching until you find a solution that works on your version of Win 10.
  8. I'll second John's recommendation. Simon's (drippy cat's) courses are great. He provides the assets you need to follow along and is on-the-spot to answer any questions you may have. His 'Solid Foundations' course includes a PDF that serves as a reference.
  9. That's sad, but if all the features aren't available then it wouldn't be fully useful to me anyway. I wish they'd do a real studio - not everyone needs publishing features, but I'd love to have all of the AP and AD features in one UI.
  10. If things are working properly I wouldn't change a thing. If you want to disable it, Google is your friend. I'll warn you that MS has changed the Win 10 interface in this area more than once, so you'll have to find a solution that works on your system.
  11. Studiolink is impressive. Are all of the AP/AD features available in APub? Is something like this planned for those of us who have no need for APub, so we can access AD features from within AP?
  12. I was having this issue on my Deco 03, and not just periodically. The solution was disabling Windows Ink.
  13. I'm running the update on 2 monitors without issue on Win 10. By that I mean my practice is to open AP on my main monitor and as needed drag images and panels onto the other monitor without layers vanishing or other misbehavior. You've got it working OK on a single monitor. From this point what have you tried to do that doesn't work?
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