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  1. I can’t get my new XP-Pen Deco 03 working with either AP or AD, release or beta. I know others are using this tablet, but perhaps not on Windows? I was having driver problems with a Wacom tablet and replaced it with the Deco. I had problems with the Deco as well, so I did a clean reinstall of Windows 10 Pro x64 (and hours of updates!) before proceeding to try again (as before, with the latest tablet driver). The problem is that when using the tablet, cursors do not update as you change tools. For example, I can open AD and select the pen tool with the mouse. I move the mouse over the document and the cursor changes to a pen. If I then pick up the stylus, the cursor remains a pen until it needs to change, whereupon it changes to the standard Windows arrow (or perhaps the left/right drag arrow) cursor and remains that way. This only occurs with the following programs: AP AD AP (Beta) AD (Beta) The tablet cursors work as expected with many others: Photoshop CS6 Photo RAW 2019 ArtRage 5.0.8 AVS Video Editor 9.0 Windows Paint 3D Gimp 2.10.8 Blender 2.79 Blender 2.80 (Beta) Seamly2D I went looking for a cross-platform, low-usage program to test in addition to those I already had installed. Seamly2D is a pattern-making program for seamstresses with a total of 94 YouTube videos so it seemed like a good off-the-beaten-path test case. I’ve still got the Wacom tablet (which I need to return soon) but I’d like to get the Deco working if possible. If I can’t I’ll have to try with the Wacom again but I need to decide soon.
  2. I'm right there with you . It's not only possible, it should be pretty easy to do - just change the increment value to match the numeric edit's range when the wheel is scrolled. I'm sure they'll get to this - SMOP (small matter of programming).
  3. AD, Win 10. After a day playing with the new Blender beta (a program I'd ignored due to it's horrible UI which is vastly improved and very usable), I'm back to AD training. In this exercise, I'm tracing with the pen tool, roughly tacking down points then going back and cleaning things up. When I need to convert a smooth node to a sharp node, I click on the convert button and the node changes to a square as expected. Cool, but I can't seem to find the node's handles after the conversion. This isn't what was happening in the video - there, handles appeared after conversion. So the bottom line was that I could always find handles on sharp nodes created with Alt-drag and the Pen Tool but never on ones I'd converted. After a LOT of dinking around, I discovered that the handles are indeed there, just not visible. It appears that they are created with a length of zero. Here's how to get at them. Select the Node Tool, then select the node in question. Hover your mouse over the line on either side of the node until the cursor changes as shown: Then simply drag the line - the handle will appear as the line is moved. Move the other line to see the other handle. I hope this saves someone a bit of time.
  4. Agreed. Affinity needs to do some work on this so that the increment/decrement values make contextual sense. But for most numeric input fields it works well.
  5. This isn't really a USB issue. The issue is in the Wacom drivers, and, as you know, they are written to the OS manufacturer's specs which are well established and supported. I'm not sure what Wacom really by drivers. Since they are selling USB devices they should be using the class drivers provided with the OS. If they are installing drivers I expect they're shimming the existing drivers or perhaps replacing them. I'm not an expert on drivers by any means, but I once had one of my engineers write one for a client, so I know what's involved. My best evidence is that Wacom tablets (I had an old Intuos a decade or so back as well) are one of the very few products I've had real driver issues with, and I had some odd stuff connected over the years . With luck my new Deco 03 will have more stable drivers. One of the reviews I read mentioned them specifically as being good.
  6. Yes, I acknowledged that. My system is not typical - I've got well over 200 programs installed, including driver shims and many low-level utilities. Of all the drivers I have installed, however, only the Wacom drivers misbehave. Wacom, for all their resources, have not found a solution for corner-cases where their drivers fail. A good example is the long list of rather technical steps provided to roll back their drivers. In short order, someone knowledgeable in the procedure could create a program to do this so the customer doesn't have to. I returned the tablet because I had problems with two consecutive versions of the driver and I wasn't willing to invest the time to roll back through their many versions until I found one compatible with my system. Interesting, but is this really something a customer should have to know how to do to keep their hardware connected? Tablets are built for people who use computers as a tool rather than a computer hobbyist who might know about (and have the courage to) dink with services! There should be no driver collision if things are written properly. But if the old drivers do need to be installed, the issue is that Wacom doesn't fully uninstall their drivers when told to do so. No user should ever have to manually uninstall anything, let alone a driver! I hope it does too My problem with Wacom isn't the hardware - the quality of my little table was quite good and I expect it would have lasted for many years. I just can't deal with the driver issues.
  7. I'm a tablet newbie, just developing pen skills, so for me precision mode was a real asset. . Re: size, I found it perfect for my situation. We downsized in 2017 and my office is now about half the size it used to be with, desk space at a premium. I will rearrange things to make space for the larger tablet, of course.
  8. Simon, thank you for putting together another AP course. You've got a new student. I'm especially interested in creating images like the top example above. I don't suppose you're working on something for AD? I'm taking an AD course now, and while it's good I like the way you do things better.
  9. Try as I might, neither can I. This is puzzling because I reproduced this many times as I was putting together the images in my OP. Phase of the Moon Error?
  10. Returning my Wacom (again). In an earlier post in this thread I mentioned that I had purchased a small Wacom Intuos tablet that worked really well. I guess that's still true; the tablet is great. The driver, on the other hand, sucks. Not for everyone, obviously, but if you've got a system that Wacom drivers don't like you're hosed. A week or so ago my tablet started disconnecting from my PC. It was easy to unplug/replug the USB cable so I ignored it. Then it got to the point where, occasionally, a reboot was required. Then I had to reboot more than once a day whereupon I swapped returned the tablet to Amazon for an exact replacement. When the replacement came I unplugged the old tablet and plugged in the new one. The driver software told me I needed a driver update, so I updated the driver; when I rebooted the pen wouldn't work. I called Wacom and they assured me that the driver software was the problem all along (which had become obvious at that point), and that I would need to roll back the driver to a previous version. They sent me the list of instructions, which were long and manual (searching for files with wacom in the name and such), and by the time I finished reading them the pen was working. That was two days ago. Last night as I was practicing with the pen tool, the stylus stopped responding. Unplugging/replugging didn't help. Rebooting the computer didn't help. Before going to bed I went to Amazon and returned the Wacom, ordering an XP-Pen Deco 03 as a replacement. I'm sorry I had to do this because I loved the Wacom. Reviews indicate that I will love the Deco 03 even more, but it can't do the one thing the Wacom did so well: fit on my desk. BTW, I turned off my computer for a few hours (which I haven't done since I moved in 2017 other than to reboot). When I rebooted this morning, the Wacom table's pen was responding (after a couple of unplug/replug cycles), but I could not drag a Chrome window with it; I could drag Windows Explorer windows, just not Chrome windows, and I could drag both windows with my mouse. I don't even know how that can happen, and I've written a lot of Windows software, but it's obviously on the driver level.
  11. I don't have screen recording software installed (unless it's part of Win 10 Pro that I don't know about). Can you suggest an easy to learn/use free program?
  12. I'm on Windows and I see you have a Mac. I wonder if this is something that hasn't caught up all the way on Windows yet.
  13. Thanks for all the links. I see what you mean - I thought templates referred to a special type of file as they do in some other programs.