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  1. I've noticed that as well. I used to have an editor that would let me extract fields and order them in columns, but that was in a previous life.
  2. No, just a regular print to my printer, which is on my LAN if that helps.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the same on Macs, but on Windows when you save your shortcuts to a file, the .afshort file is a zipped archive containing the XML files.
  4. I've changed a few of my shortcuts and added many others to accommodate using a MIDI controller with Affinity products. Is there any way to list all of my shortcut keys in one place? Failing that, is there a way to convert the stored settings files to something readable so I can extract them myself? It would be great if the configurations were saved/savable in JSON or XML format... Scrolling through all of the various pages to remind myself of my assignments is painful!
  5. Given that I can't remember why I disabled Snapping Candidates, I'm going to give them a try again. I'll keep in mind that the candidates are available based on selection history.
  6. Agreed. But having to remove objects from a group to snap guides to them is unexpected and should be unnecessary.
  7. I have Show Snapping Candidates disabled because something else - I don't remember what - was working improperly/unexpectedly with it enabled. As far as the rotated circles I have no idea. I found the original template file on the 'Net long ago, probably as an SVG.
  8. I replied to @JimmyJack above that I couldn't get snapping to work using the Node tool. I then turned on 'Align to nodes of selected curves' and with the Controls group selected I was able to snap properly. Snapping did not work with either the Artboard or Encoders group selected. That seems to be the key, but I believe I should be able to snap to grouped objects using the Move tool.
  9. I'm unable to get it to work on any of the circles myself. Perhaps you have steadier hands than me? 🙂 Following your suggestion, using the Node tool, I've tried with the Controls group selected, the Encoders group selected and the Artboard selected. No joy!
  10. Thank you. You're right, the cone was totally messed up at the upper corners. I couldn't figure out how to get the 'loop' effect out of the Bezier curve - so I gave up in frustration. @iconoclast suggested using geometry which is what I was looking for! I've subscribed to ArtistWright's YouTube channel.
  11. Thank you! That gave me the exact results I was looking for. I'm fairly new to vector graphics and forgot all about the geometric functions.
  12. This method results in the oval overlapping the cone, hiding it's straight top. What I'm after is making the cone's top (or bottom in your example) exactly match the curve of the oval. @iconoclast suggested using geometry, which produced the exact results I was looking for!
  13. AD on Windows 11. I can snap horizontal guides to grouped circles works fine. Snapping vertical guides, not so much. Here's my snapping settings: And here's the video. Note that after I move the circles out of the group to the artboard I can snap vertical guides to the circles: Guides and Snapping.mp4 I've attached the AD file so you can give it a try. Thanks for your help once again! Snapping Guides to Circles.afdesign
  14. Win11 x64 PC with Ryzen 9 3950X, RTX 2080, 64GB RAM, 3 Monitors (AD was running on a BenQ W271), XP-Pen Deco 03Tablet. This has happened a couple of times over the last few days. I don't recall what happened to cause the program to close silently until today, when I had time to report the issue. In every case I was able to reopen AD and continue without the issue recurring. Today it happened when I tried to print a document (attached). AD closed when I sent the file to the printer. I had the Artboard with the cone and oval selected, and used the app to manage color. After the crash, I reopened the project and printed the same graphic without issues. I zipped up the 'CrashReports' folder and attached it. Shape Practice.afdesign CrashReports.7z
  15. Do you have a way to look at the file? If so, what I want to do will be clear - I need to move the cone up (no problem with that!), and change it's upper curve to match the curvature of the oval precisely. In other words, I need to shape the bottom of the oval and the top of the cone to exactly match.
  16. Thanks. The bottom curve of the oval and the top curve of the cone differ. I've tried using the node tool, but after an hour or so of frustration I turned to the forum for help. If I understand your suggestion (using the magnet), I don't know how to use it to accomplish my goal.
  17. I've been practicing with shapes and have a problem I can't solve. The attached file contains an oval and a cone. I want to make the cone 'attach' to the oval such that there are no gaps between the two. I can't seem to get the job done. I've fairly new to vector graphics so I'm probably missing something obvious... As always, thanks for your insight. Shape Practice.afdesign
  18. According to the help section quoted by 'R C-R' above, it's enabled on Mac. Either the docs are wrong, or it's a bug in the Windows version. Please, for the love of God, enable this by default on Windows! Better yet, make it an option in preferences.
  19. And I wish I had done that with the business cards as it would have saved me a lot of manual work with setting guides. As it was, I created the artboards first, then created guides on the first and found no way to copy them to the others. Fortunately, artboards have separate coordinate spaces so I could just copy settings for the new guides without having to calculate new offsets.
  20. I'm sorry, I was on a short timeline and didn't try anything beyond embedding the document which solved my issue. In a previous post I mentioned that I had deleted those of interest, but if there's interest I *may* have them on a disk backup image. Let me know and I'll go hunting.
  21. I also have APub to complete the suite, but I've never used it. It wouldn't occur to use APub for a single-page document...
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