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  1. Yes, wish this could be addressed at some point, it may seem like a small thing but as mentioned, it really kills workflow having to keep amending the brush size. Photoshop has global default option that keeps the chosen brush size the same, regardless of which brush is used. I know in Affinity Designer, you can keep the brush size the same, but even that is not very efficient, having to press 'Alt' everytime before you change the brush. Of course, if I have missed the option in Affinity Photo that fixes this problem, please let me know.
  2. I am having the same problem with New Pattern layer crashing Affinity. It doesn't take much to make it crash even with the default 32x32 grid. Just create new document, a small 800x600 document will do, go layer>New Pattern Layer - Select the brush tool, reduce brush size and place a dot in the centre of pattern. drop the brush tool, select the Move tool and zoom in & out a few times using the (ctrl) & mouse wheel, then click somewhere on the screen - Kerpoof! It appears to only crash when using (ctrl) & mouse wheel and while the Move tool is selected. Selecting the magnifier tool, the (ctrl) & mouse wheel combination seems to be fine. I've attached the crash report. System: Windows 10 Pro 21H1 i7 24GB Ram Nvidia Quadro K5000M d746897b-67c2-42da-8fd9-643f3888a1d0.dmp
  3. You can, while in 'Unconstrained' mode adjust the crop tool to a particular ratio you want - Then click the 'Custom Ratio' mode - This will un-grey 'Create Preset' in the hamburger menu, thus allowing you to save it as a preset.
  4. Yes I have the same problem, though I can get around it. In my case it appears to be an issue with a modified linked resource? And so until it's updated in the resource manager and saved, the file will crash Publisher. To open my file that keeps crashing Publisher, I just create a new blank document first. By doing this it appears to bypass crash issue so to allow the problematic file to open, to which pops open a dialogue box "Linked Resource Changed" Within the Resource Manager I click the 'Update' which sets the "modified" file to "OK" - I then save the file and all appears to be back to normal, though obviously there is an issue.
  5. I too have an issue with 'Live Filters'. Some of filters(Voronoi, blurs etc) are being completely ingnored as mentioned above, when printing/exporting pdf on all three - AFPhoto, AFPublisher & AFDesigner.
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