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  1. Thanks so much for this link ..... Perfect! I’m old and slow but I usually get there with a little help from a friend.
  2. Thanks John for responding. I have understood that part of the process but what I was trying to understand was how I can set a default size so whenever I load a Raw photo it will use my preferred sizing. I think that the last size I used might be automatically used next time but it would be nice if I were able to set a default. Maybe using a 'default' itself is problematic but I thought CS5 PS had this option. I did finally get a better result with the banding problem by starting all over again. I think that I was the problem. Thanks again
  3. Hi, Back again after trying again from scratch. It has come out OK - I may have tried to do too much editing on the 'reloaded' jpg file that I had brought back into Affinity Photo after having saved it as an Affinity Photo file format. Sorry if this is a bit confusing - I think I confused myself actually. What I have noticed is that when I load a Raw file from my Canon 5dMKiii the file is massive (saved into a 2gb file) - how do I get the size of the working file in Affinity Photo to stay at a default size of say 10x8 inches or whatever? Is this something that can be set so anytime I open the program the same file size (dimensions) fit my camera photo ratio? I notice that I can create a format but once it is created how does that become the default size each time I import a photo? Hope this is clear what I'm babbling about here. Thanks again for your interest in helping me.
  4. Thank you anon2 for keeping in touch with this issue. I think I will try to recreate the issue by re-editing the photo from Raw and see what happens - if it doesn't happen again, it may show that I have caused the issue myself by over editing a jpg file after I had saved it in jpg format and having brought it back into Affinity Photo (just guessing at this point). This particular photo is very special to me personally and I spent a lot of time trying to get it just perfect - and it was perfect inside of Affinity Photo before it was exported. Thanks for the offer of viewing the file - I will do this project again and get back onto this page with the results. Note: I had been a very long term Photoshop user (CS5) and transitioning across is a learning curve in some areas. Thanks again - I will come back soon.
  5. Thanks for that anon2, so I still do not know what is happening with the banding then? How do you get a 32bpc document? I noticed one of my photos came up with 32bpc HDR but I didn't select it? Not sure how this happened. So if I am getting this straight - Affinity Photo selects the bpc not me? In other editing programs I have used I can select either 8bit or 16bit manually. I can't find this option. Thanks
  6. Hi John, I am using the highest quality jpg file for exporting and it looks really good on the screen before I export as a jpg. I want to know how to have the software edit in 16bit after going through the Raw stage in the software. I am using a Canon Raw file and have not seen this on any of my other photos except one recently which I could live with.
  7. Not sure what you mean by 8 bits per channel (bps) means BUT the final edit on the screen looks brilliant and the banding only happens when the file is exported to JPG.
  8. Have been working on a RAW file that looks really good in the Affinity Photo software but when I convert it to a JPG it has colour banding on the skin tones. I have reduced the colour red (the main offending colour) which makes the skin almost pale but I still get a gradient/banding affect. I think I have caused the problem by editing in RGB/8 bit can I correct this somehow or do I have to restart all over again and edit in 16bit (which I have not set up in the settings when I go to NEW file). If I have to restart from scratch how do I get all the 'new' imports to go straight to 16bit rather than 8bit? I have found the presets for this but not sure how to create a new one and what the steps are? Thanks to anyone that can help. Cheers
  9. I am adding a cloud layer via the 'Place' option. The photo I am adding is showing on a layer of its own and can be seen as my new 'sky' via masking out the old sky which looked pretty crappy. But as many people find when putting in a replacement sky, the photo being added as background does not look natural and needs to be 'free transformed' to provide some depth (it currently looks flat and not really part of the scene). I only want to free transform this one layer - the cloud layer. Can someone explain how I do this - thanks.
  10. Hi Patrick, I have been slowly working my way through the Affinity Photo workbook and have had no problems until now downloading the material needed to complete the projects. BUT on page 408 'Installing your macro pack" I get an error 404 page does not exist when going to [linkremoved]. This also stops me from having the JPG file - Macro Cat.jpg that I need to complete the project. Can you offer a solution as there is no typo error in acting the web address. Thanks
  11. OK Alfred - I get it now! Ha Ha very funny - I love words too but completely missed it. I did warn all of you that I was old (but not necessarily wiser). Thanks for all the help everyone.
  12. Thanks for your comments. I don’t have a musical bone in my body. But in awe of anyone that does. Especially anyone that plays a didgeridoo.
  13. Hi Alfred, I assume your comments were actually directed at me redoing and following the ‘Workbook’ exercises not about playing the Didgeridoo. If you were asking me if I had redone that section of the book - I haven’t yet as I wanted to keep moving into the book. But I will go back to that exercise and redo it. I think it might be me missing the point but I will take more time redoing it and comment if it’s a problem in the book text. Thanks
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