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  1. Thanks firstdefence I knew it was somewhere. Appreciate the help.
  2. I am adding a cloud layer via the 'Place' option. The photo I am adding is showing on a layer of its own and can be seen as my new 'sky' via masking out the old sky which looked pretty crappy. But as many people find when putting in a replacement sky, the photo being added as background does not look natural and needs to be 'free transformed' to provide some depth (it currently looks flat and not really part of the scene). I only want to free transform this one layer - the cloud layer. Can someone explain how I do this - thanks.
  3. travel bug

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hi Patrick, I have been slowly working my way through the Affinity Photo workbook and have had no problems until now downloading the material needed to complete the projects. BUT on page 408 'Installing your macro pack" I get an error 404 page does not exist when going to [linkremoved]. This also stops me from having the JPG file - Macro Cat.jpg that I need to complete the project. Can you offer a solution as there is no typo error in acting the web address. Thanks
  4. OK Alfred - I get it now! Ha Ha very funny - I love words too but completely missed it. I did warn all of you that I was old (but not necessarily wiser). Thanks for all the help everyone.
  5. Thanks for your comments. I don’t have a musical bone in my body. But in awe of anyone that does. Especially anyone that plays a didgeridoo.
  6. Hi Alfred, I assume your comments were actually directed at me redoing and following the ‘Workbook’ exercises not about playing the Didgeridoo. If you were asking me if I had redone that section of the book - I haven’t yet as I wanted to keep moving into the book. But I will go back to that exercise and redo it. I think it might be me missing the point but I will take more time redoing it and comment if it’s a problem in the book text. Thanks
  7. Yes that's right I remember that sort of conversation when I lived in England as a young lad but I think the 'ditheridoo' is only used by Aborigines that can't yet read music and play scales on the full blown version of the instrument. Sort of a beginners version.
  8. Thanks for going the extra paragraphs for me. As *JC once exclaimed, "Alrighty Then!" I think I get it. So reducing colours doesn't give you a poorer result from a colour point of view? AND apart from helping web pages stop 'banding' is this used commonly for photographs? I haven't come across this before. I just looked up Web Safe Dither in Affinity Photo Help and up came the filter - Thanks for that I didn't realise it was there at all. Very interesting. *(Jim Carrey)
  9. Hi Affinity Jules, Yes that is the explanation I had for the word but not understanding its meaning in the photographic editing context. I sort of get a bit of it but still find it difficult to translate into how I would use this in editing on my photos. If I let it percolate in the old brain box for a bit I might get it eventually. At my age I'm expecting to lose some of my brain retention so we'll see how I go.
  10. Thanks dutchshader and Psender for your reply. I think the best explanation for me (and I am still a bit confused even then) is the one from 'firstdefence'. The only time I remember 'dither' being used frequently was when I lived in England and people used to say 'I'm all in a dither' (being confused). I'm old and still learning....
  11. Hi first defence, Thank you for the link - i think I need some dithering in my grey matter to fully get this concept. Appreciate your feedback.
  12. I was following the 'project' but didn't end up with a 'Background Dither' layer - must have stuffed up somewhere but what does 'Dither' mean? Thanks for your reply.
  13. I am on Page 258 of the Affinity Photo Workbook and Paragraph 1 states Quote "Above the Background Dither Layer, create a new HSL adjustment by going to the Layer Menu and etc., etc. I do not see a 'Dither Layer' on the layers on this particular exercise and I do not know what Dither Layer is anyway. Can you help explain this Please. Thanks
  14. Thanks everyone I am satiated now - your detailed explanations are really appreciated.
  15. Thanks R C-R appreciate the information. It’s curious that the video tutorial that prompted this discussion only referred to ProPhoto RGB and its not a profile included in Affinity Photo when installed - a little odd and perhaps a note from Affinity Photo could be added as a footnote to the video for us that do not really understand all this jargon to the degree of some others. Appreciate everyone’s help. Regards

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