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  1. Go to the naughty corner and recite I shall not assume everything is a percentage lol!
  2. Hi @EdD what are you trying to achieve with this image? Use the Develop Persona to get detail back in the image, once you have a workable image you can go to the Tones tab and select Black & White. On the tones tab you can pull the red back to about -20 to get a bit of detail in the background trees.
  3. Affinity only uses the PDF portion of a PSD. I've just exported a simple box shape from C4D to PSD with Alpha and I have an alpha channel.
  4. None of the affinity apps can "generate" patterns seamless or otherwise. You can create patterns using power duplicate (Cmd+J) Created using Power duplicate and symbols to enable mass editing.
  5. Just had another go at this and using the magic wand with contiguous off, add selected as the option and small percentages trying to fill the selection gaps within the leaves got a better result, not perfect but much closer to full selection, I also refined the selection and nudged the ramp to the positive a small amount. I'd say this is about 90-95% of the way there, so manually tweaking it would be a fairly simple job. leaf selection.afphoto Saved with history so you can jog back and forth in the history panel.
  6. It's a tough one, either way its manual selection and a few patient hours work, oh and save selection often, either to a spare channel or to file. You think this was a simple select by colour job but no such luck there is too much colour variation and tonal width to get an easy selection. It doesn't help that the image we are playing with is low quality so a raw file might yield a better workflow for selection.
  7. Meb replied to a post that had effect, this is the post and also the quote below.
  8. It's not a stroke, it's an effect of the antialiasing that is applied.
  9. Have you tried using the Background Channels to create a Greyscale Layer, you can use red, green, blue or all three to get a nice b&w Could you also upload the image unedited? if you don't want to do that could you upload a partial image by making a selection copying it and using File > New from clipboard to create a new file you can use to upload, before you save rasterise the layer.
  10. are the curves crossed at all and not just the curve you are subtracting, any of the curves, you have some very fine lines and I've seen this when a node has twisted the curve into a knot, so left handle over right.
  11. firstdefence

    First work is out

    While I think it's a nice image and well done, its also a bit cliché and stereotypical, I like the fact you haven't gone for the grim reaper look but I've always considered death to be compassionate, it's the end of suffering, it's transition and change, maybe do something along those lines as an alternative perspective.
  12. Operating System, PC specs, and Affinity Photo version would help
  13. If you don't fancy tinkering in the registry, which is completely understandable and potentially dangerous for the less technically minded, there is a small app that you can use: http://techie007.3utilities.com/software/dpiawarenessenabler/