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  1. Sketch allows the tilde. In windows, word/microsoft uses the tilde to indicate temp backup files,
  2. Welcome to the forum, Which version of Affinity are you using and on which Operating System platform are you on? Have you tried downloading the brushes again? Note to web mod, there is a typo: 40 lighting overlay JPGs
  3. Still worth it and I certainly get value, I’ve made my own filters - lots of fun, and I’ve used it on practically a daily basis since I bought it. I think JixiPix is also very good but use them off and on, a few of my fav JixiPix are Aquarella, Portrait Painter and Artista Haiku, JixiPix have some really nice effects and the application of texture is nice. In the JixiPix Pack I wish you could stack the effects and create something akin to the Overlays we have in Affinity’s Develop Persona, that would add a very cool dimension to the JixiPix Pack. This one is JixiPix: Aquarella.
  4. Are you talking about silhouette brushes? example: https://www.brusheezy.com/brushes/56016-9-high-resolution-tree-brushes
  5. Welcome to the forum Juan, Affinity Designer is a more comparable match to sketch and Affinity Designer would be able to design the graphic/background so that you can export it for use in a web design app like Blocs (Mac)
  6. If you @Filter Forge I'm sure they can advise if that’s possible @R C-R
  7. Yes it’s not ideal but until they get the brushes worked out it’s all we have, if you have some brush ideas or requests you can post here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/52-feature-requests-suggestions/
  8. You could resize the brush and then duplicate it, the duplicate will retain the brush size you set.
  9. It’s just an ON/OFF switch, so putting a one on the end basically turns "no update check" to ON/True.
  10. Problem: You need a complimentary vector app Reaction: Deliberate on whether you need Affinity Designer 🤔 Solution: Buy Affinity Designer, 50% off are you crazy, you're deliberating!!!! it’s the best £25/$25 you’ll ever spend, it will only ever get better and you get to play with it everyday… It’s like a Wonka bar you can never finish 🤯 Mind blown...
  11. 1. Yes, as R C-R has mentioned if the path/curve has a brush texture applied in Affinity Designer and is then opened/edited in Affinity Photo the texture remains and you can edit the curve but you cannot do anything with the texture until you go back into Affinity Designer. 2. You can’t, if you are trying to work with editable vector brushes (not pixel brushes) you need Affinity Designer, then you can apply brush styles to a path/curve using a pen tool 3. Affinity has Gouache brushes and others, you can also create your own custom brushes, image below shows stock brushes available. 4. If you need editable paths/curves with brush textures you need Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo is essentially a pixel/raster image editor and pixel painting app, Affinity Designer is vector based.
  12. You can add data to meta tags, you can record that in a macro and reuse that macro on other images, you can create a new batch job and use that macro in the batch job. As for Geotagging, as far as I know Affinity cannot geotag
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