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  1. Looks like Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer needs the NWC2STDA font to represent the notation
  2. firstdefence

    Problem loading new brushes

    Have you tried downloading the brushes again? Maybe link to the brushes so we can take a look and download them.
  3. firstdefence

    Photo or Dessigner

    Sounds like you'd benefit more from Affinity Photo. Not sure this is a good visualisation but I'd say Affinity Designer is 75% vector 25% raster, whereas Affinity Photo is 75% raster and 25% vector.
  4. firstdefence

    Printing areas of black

    @artycraftyrosie This prints out as expected too Rosie. I wonder if this is an issue with printer settings or the printer drivers? does this happen with any other software? Can you export the document to something like a PDF or a PNG file and print from Explorer or Finder if you are on Mac?
  5. firstdefence

    Printing areas of black

    The Lipstick file prints out as I would expect, no blocks of black. Can you attach the file shown in the printed image.
  6. Reverse the text path. initially Affinity Designer and artistic text will type upside down, click this icon On the bottom path (right to left drawn) the Artistic text is a whole world of hurt. The file is straight out of Adobe Illustrator CC default export settings. opens fine my end, I just drag the ai file into Affinity Designer.
  7. I think one issue can be if the path was created right to left, if the path was created left to right Artistic text works fine on paths created in Adobe products, you might have to reverse the text flow. Example file: Untitled-1.ai
  8. firstdefence

    Problematic visibility

    What are the settings in Preferences: Performance? Do you have the latest graphic card drivers?
  9. Don't have Move by whole pixels checked, if the selection isn't aligned to the pixel grid it will keep moving it offset from the pixel grid, i.e. 5.69px 6.69px, 7.69px etc
  10. In that case you will have to make a suggestion in the feedback forum here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/65-feedback-for-affinity-publisher-on-desktop/
  11. This is to do with position, make sure the selection is aligned to the pixel grid, check in the transform panel that position is not, say, Y: 3.35px change it to 3 You can see the effect if you use the arrow keys up and down and hold the option key to move the selection by point .1 increments.
  12. Try this, this is a completely transparent png file no fill no stroke.
  13. Could you not just use a rectangle shape with no fill
  14. Opens correctly for me too, the bounding box is correctly set, it exports correctly and opens in safari and Firefox correctly too. See if this SVG does the same, this is from my icons8 app icons8-youtube_filled.svg
  15. What settings do you have in Preferences: Performance?