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  1. The other angle here is what is expected, what will the vector look like, is the point of the vectorisation of an image, to have a lot of detail or to create a minimalistic look like this Silversmith.pdf
  2. To be honest I wouldn't consider the image to be of any practical use and the resultant vectorised images are a reflection on the poor image quality and small file size, the image is full of jpeg artefacts and is blurry and low contrast, I doubt I could have picked a poorer example to vectorise, I'm not sure what the demonstration was supposed to show other than, to demo a poor vector from a poor image. Hardly a fair test
  3. Would be interesting to see the results from all of the apps on a specified image with a particular criteria and then post the results. Ps. I like Vector Magic Its Mac and Windows. Its not cheap though.
  4. Because that would be way too easy but I think he'll get the gist. I also wanted to show what would happen on an outer stroke so he'd know how to correct it. Honest
  5. Because this can be done in most other editors, it would make sense to deal with more pressing features first and I can't see a great deal of benefit to having a tracing feature in affinity if it's not better than other apps tracing features, so, use the other apps to process a bitmap for vector conversion. I personally use Vector Magic and I doubt very much affinity could make a better version of this app for inclusion in Affinity
  6. firstdefence

    Inktober 2017 Vector Reworking

    Interesting articles, you can't look at drawings of how these creatures may have looked without thinking wow! but it's all the logistics that go with it, eating, predators, birth, death. Makes you wonder if anything today is directly related in some way.
  7. firstdefence

    indd files

    As far as I know you can't open indd files, try exporting the file to PDF from Indesign (ID) and opening the PDF in Publisher. This is a pinned post.
  8. You could sheer the text using the bounding box and add an outer stroke to make the text bolder. You will likely have to adjust the text layers blend options to hide the text antialiasing see image for settings below. This is how the text will look with an outer stroke applied without the blend options edited
  9. Welcome to the forum Gregory, In develop Persona the is a Develop Assistant. Have a look at the settings and make adjustments in there to see if alternative settings make a difference.
  10. File > New Batch Job... https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Macros_Batch/batchjobs.html
  11. There in no way to swap between The "Slice from item" (Yellow Icon in the slices panel) and Slice (a slice created using the slice tool in the export persona.) (Pink icon in the slices panel https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/ExportPersona/slicesPanel.html It would be nice to select multiple rectangles and have each one assigned as an artboard, a better idea might be to have an Artboard manager with additional features and settings. You can use power duplicate to create a line of rectangles and then power duplicate the line downwards to create a grid but as of yet no feature exists where you can specify rows and columns and gutter spaces in Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. There are options in Publisher Beta but they are related to tables. +1 for this, its a good idea and saves the fumbling we have to do at the moment. Bleeds can be set upon document creation now and the bleeds can be seen in the 1.7 beta releases As far as I am aware, this feature does not exist in any of the affinity apps yet.
  12. firstdefence

    .odg formats

    That's great. I actually meant export to PDF from Open Office, PDF gives good compatibility and edit-ability.
  13. firstdefence

    .odg formats

    I would go with PDF