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  1. You can actually do none destructive cloning by creating a pixel layer above the original and with the clone tool selected choose Layer Beneath in the context menu above the workspace, any cloning will be placed on the new pixel layer and will not touch the original image. The same goes for Inpainting, Spot Healing, Patching and colour replacement, the latter would be a good tool to use after blurring the water marked edges to soften the transition.
  2. Sounds like a mismatch of screens more than its an export and colour issue, what phone do you have? have you checked the image out on another phone?
  3. The magenta you have to do in stages, if you do it en-masse the lighter portions turn yellow, I was doing a colour balance to start with on the magenta marks, before you start to change the colour of the jumper in the magenta areas I used the inpainting to soften the hard edges of the magenta on the jumper, I wanted to minimise the the work here as much as possible, I also used the healing brush to get rid of the white flecks so they didn't repeat if cloned.
  4. No that's not possible but why not pop over to the requests section of the forum and make a request for this feature.
  5. Its hard to work out a solution with all of that black. You might be able to select the magenta streaks and get close to the skin colour with a Colour Balance adjustment, inpainting can solves some of the issues and the same with cloning.
  6. Under the Mode option select Absolute Dimensions then you can type what you want.
  7. firstdefence

    slow computer

    What are your system specs and windows version? You could check processes and memory, CPU usage from Task Manager too.
  8. firstdefence

    Deserted Moon Base Near Planet O

    Had a brush downloading fest and this is what I ended up with... A hail of shards rained down on the moon base after a nearby planet was hit by a huge comet, the base was evacuated months before, I was one of the recon team that came back to survey the damage. Most of the base was ripped to shreds, this window escaped with just a fracture. Affinity Galaxy Class Recon Ship: Assesa-AP-1.6.7 Stardate: -304269.8669774227 Status: Moon Base Uninhabitable, planet unstable, moon will eventually disintegrate.
  9. firstdefence

    Affinity Photo using.

    Pressing <Alt> acts as a colour picker. Pressing <Alt> + <Ctrl> allows you to adjust the width (left & Right movement) and hardness (up & down Movement) < this is so wrong hahaha With the brush tool selected to change the opacity just type the opacity percent you want so if you wanted 50% just press the 5 and the 0 there are no modifier keys to press literally just type 50 and the opacity will change. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Painting/painting.html
  10. Are you talking about the size of the document area or how the document looks in the workspace? The former can be changed by going to File > Document Setup... On the Dimensions Tab change the Dimension settings to your required dimensions, you can also change the unit type from Pixels to, millimetres, centimetres, metres. and points, inches, feet and yards. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/GetStarted/DocumentSetup.html The latter is just a matter of zooming in or out, press the <Z> key to select zoom, once you have the document to your desired zoom level press the <V> key to select the Move Tool. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/GetStarted/zoom.html
  11. Try this Create a rectangle that fills the document (I used white as the fill colour) Select Filters > Noise > Perlin Noise... Octaves: 6px Zoom: 50px Persistence: 100px Now select the Add Noise Live Filter Intensity: about 50% Now select the Curves adjustment Filter Pull the line down to look like this You should end up with something like this Zoom in and out to your hearts content and adjust those filters like ya life depended on it Firstdefence Officer Chunky's log, Stardate: -304271.6877219686
  12. It retains the Symbol folder tag, I'll make a video later to show you, I'm just finishing off another video though.
  13. I suppose, what makes me say most of the wires is when you try to create a symbol from from an apparently detached symbol and it changes the original to its state. It's like its still connected on some level.
  14. Editing a symbol while sync is off will effectively detach that symbol from its symbol collective but it's a kind of rogue detach, like only some of the wires have been cut, Personally I think the symbols need more work. Try this... Create a Doughnut and create a symbol. Drag 2 more symbols into the workspace. Turn off Sync and edit the arc of one doughnut we'll call this doughnut "Dunk" Turn Sync back on, now editing Dunk does nothing to the other 2 doughnuts, they are no longer affected by Dunk, If you try to create another symbol from Dunk the first symbol will change to mimic Dunk, so now you have 2 symbols that look alike, these are in affect a symbol symbol. Now when you edit Dunk the original symbols will enact all changes you make in the symbol symbol. You can totally detach a symbol by clicking on the Detach button then you can make another distinct symbol. If that doesn't twist your melon then nothing will.