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  1. Affinity Designers main tools do not allow modifiers. You can see this by going to preferences: keyboard shortcuts and try setting a modifier and key, it will show a red warning icon when a modifier key like CMD is pressed.
  2. Have you tried... Grouping all the elements together Duplicating that group Boolean adding all the elements together to create a shadow Place the shadow below the original group of elements.
  3. Duplicating appears to work best, so, Duplicate (Cmd + J) the layer 10x Right click on the top layer and select Merge Visible Delete the layers below the top layer. Repeat steps 1 to 3 again Repeat steps 1 to 3 again but on step one do it 5x You should end up with something like this
  4. Affinity Photo can have (Pixel) layers, (Image) layers and more. An (image) layer isn't as editable as a (Pixel) layer, so John was asking if the photo was an Image layer and if it was to Right click and select Rasterise to make it a (Pixel) layer so that you have more options for editing.
  5. I agree, Dfine 2 should work, the rest of the filters work well and apply the results fast, so they are almost there.
  6. What about using the height of the fleece as a datum point and resizing the height to the real world height, obviously keeping aspect ratio on, else scale the fleece until the design looks right over the fleece.
  7. I'm using the Nik Collection 2.30 on High Sierra and only Dfine 2 causes issues, basically crashing Affinity Photo.
  8. This can be done from the Colour Panel. Annoying it can't be done from Pen tools options as there is no practical reason not too, it doesn't even give any numerical feedback when moving the slider.
  9. Eh! In the 1.afphoto doc just go to Document > Transparent background then export again.
  10. firstdefence

    new design beta

    Likely a false positive, turn off Malwarebytes, also report this to Malwarebytes.
  11. So you are expecting a result more like this...
  12. The document is very complex and masking wouldn't hide any overlapping pattern and it's respective text. As far as I can see it would have to be manually done including any related text. It's certainly a challenge.
  13. Wow! that's a whole load of lines. and there is no easy way to translate this image but manually. Would you want to use the stroke patterns as I see quite a few different designs? The stroke is how the lines look, you can change the look of a path by applying different strokes and these strokes don't have to be just a solid black line, you can make them dashed or use an image repeated along the path, these are called image brushes. Initially, I would use thin coloured strokes to trace over, a red stroke at 0.5pt would work well, you can change the stroke of a path later. You can organise the paths (we call them curves here) by creating layer groups and renaming the group to something more relevant. The rest is on you and your patience.
  14. I'm on High Sierra at home, PSE can open webP and save as without issues, the preview windows for webshop are tiny and of no practical use as it's not resizable, It would have been much better to use the Save for web avenue and utilise that export window. I have installed the cli webP converter via Homebrew
  15. WebPshop works in PS Elements

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