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  1. firstdefence

    .abr brushes

    Just dragging the .abr file to the workspace is the easiest, failsafe way to install an .abr brushes file. As a side note, there are many photoshop brushes out there but quantity doesn't equal quality so you'll find yourself installing and deleting a lot of brushes.
  2. firstdefence

    .abr brushes

    That's fine as long as you don't have Adobe Photoshop installed
  3. I think to fully understand what you want a sample file would be nice. but if interlocking blocks, however intricate are your main goal then I would go with Dutchshaders method, this way you can colour each section with the colour you are going to export too. As gdenby has mentioned once you have your finished art you can duplicate it so you have a copy, then you can break the other one into its respective colour groups and arrange them for a more efficient cut and to minimise wastage.
  4. I think it might be a good idea to compile a list of digital tools that would be required to create a flat and compare that with Affinity Designer. You can download a trial for Affinity Designer. Don't discount other drawing/sketching apps like mediabang etc.
  5. I thought it was quite funny, if you can't have a laugh what's the point. Professionalism isn't devoid of humour and nor is Intelligence. Anyway, is my assumption what you actually mean? If not, can you explain in more detail, if yes, then your option is to rename the brush category to the name you want the filename to be and then export it again.
  6. You inspired me I thought there's got to be a way to do this The outline fx is pretty clunky and should be replaced with an fx that can apply multiple strokes that would be a much better fx oh and a pattern fx.
  7. It as easy as clicking on the .afbrushes file and typing a new name. As an after thought I wonder if they mean, when the file is imported into Affinity the original name is applied to the brush category.
  8. Yep +1 for the XP-Pen Deco 03, the wireless feature is cool and actually works, if you buy one the wireless dongle is in the tubular pen case along with multiple nibs, the reason I say that is because the Deco 03 also comes with a second USB device and people have been confusing that for the wireless dongle. You don't get wireless dropouts it stays connected and is a solid performer, I'd recommend the Deco 03 to anybody. I now use an XP-Pen Artist 12. Using wireless you just have to get into the habit of connecting to wire to recharge after use.
  9. firstdefence

    Set up for Digital Artwork

    What are you using to draw with? Which Operating System are you using? What version of Affinity Photo are you using What are your system specs?
  10. firstdefence

    Sharpening an image

    Yes and an explanation of the dilemma. You might have to link to a pic from something like dropbox or mega or an online image site as I don't think you have enough posts to allow uploading.
  11. I don't think adding a link to a technique is a crime Ian, so link away. maybe someone can translate it into an Affinity video
  12. firstdefence


    you have to buy the windows version.