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  1. The filter used in the video is Difference clouds, You can somewhat simulate this by creating two different perlin noise layers and changing the top one to Blend mode: Difference. Using the procedural texture live filter set to perilin gives you a lot of control over what you see and changes can be made on the fly. So you want to make fantasy maps? The beauty of the live procedural texture: Perlin texture is you can change it on the fly to get the look you want. with a threshold filter sat above that you can also adjust.
  2. As long as the rectangle is below all the stars they should subtract. Another option is to select all the stars, then Layer > Geometry > Merges curves
  3. Hi, yes, Dynamic tab Rotation to 100% and set the option to Direction.
  4. PDF Export is probably the best option, you probably need to just try a variety of exports to check for best result. I would also duplicate the artwork layers and expand the strokes and merge them so there is a choice, by expanding the strokes you can edit the right leg of the ‘A’ and do away with the little foot addition. Example file based on your first image and the smaller logo. TAO example expanded strokes.afdesign (Saved with history so you can jog back and forth in the history panel.)
  5. Mixing colours really depends on the specific colours selected so a strong blue like RGB 0,0,255 will dominate a strong yellow RGB 255,255,0 and you will probably end up with grey, but RGB 0,128,255 and RGB 255,255,0 will get you a green, so mixing colours isn’t as generic as blue + yellow = green See image below... Strong blue vs lighter blue, both blended with a strong yellow. …and blended with the smudge tool (B) A few online colour mixers to play with... https://trycolors.com https://colordesigner.io/color-mixer
  6. Welcome to the forum @Zafflex Affinity Designer doesn’t have a line segment tool but you can draw a line vertically or horizontally using the pen tool (P) select the move tool (V) and edit the angle and length using the transform panel. Duplicates of the line can be achieved using power duplicate Press CMD (⌘) + J on Mac, Ctrl + J On Windows) positioning the duplicate say 10px to the left will increment duplicates 10px to the left if you continue to use Press CMD (⌘) + J on Mac, Ctrl + J On Windows)
  7. Hi @Paul Geoffrey Welcome to the forum, Pressing Tab can show/hide the panels and toolbars (Toggle UI) but View > Studio has options to show and hide the panels.
  8. This is part of the snapping options, called Candidates, just uncheck Show Snapping Candidates
  9. I clung onto Photoshop 7 like my life depended on it, “they" - whoever “they” may be, had to pry it from my vice-like hands. After the funeral, I was in therapy for weeks, even now I have flashbacks to the lean mean glory days of old’obe… cue the song… "when I was young, never needed anyone, when photoshopping was for fun, those days are gone” {funky drums solo} “All by myself, don’t wanna be, all by myself anymore…" R.I.P little buddy.
  10. @Cliff W Welcome to the forum, The red overlay indicates the image is over sized, so larger than the printable area, the image will print correctly but may be missing some part of it.
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