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  1. Sketchup supports these non 3D file types I think you can export to SVG from an Extension.
  2. You've clicked on properties haven't you come on confess Select one of the stubby lines and click properties on the stroke panel, then move the Size Variance to 100% and the line should sharpen up, If you now draw another line the the size variance will also drop to 0% again but the line will stay sharp (pointy) not sure whether its supposed to do that or its a bug.
  3. You'd be better off contact XP-Pen Tech support or posting on their facebook page if you go here, there is a small floating green button you can chat to them about your issue. Its probably just a setup glitch: https://www.xp-pen.com/goods/show/id/92.html Have you calibrated the screen? Page 9 of this User Manual: https://www.xp-pen.com/upload/download/20180629/Artist Series 10S User Manual.pdf
  4. Hi Darita, I use SketchUp to design some of my projects and found that you need to watch the videos to get to grips with it. It is a weird app, a bit of a hybrid. Many of the Cad apps are very expensive, There is a Cad app called FreeCad that might want to look at. There is also an app called LibreCad
  5. Just adjust the brush Hardness and you will get a sharp edge top right. Uplift-Clouds-11 content test 2 Brush Hardness 100%.afphoto
  6. You could look through these tutorials:
  7. firstdefence

    global color icon missing

    Click on the Swatches Burger Menu and select Add Global Colour... After this the Global Colour Icon will stay visible. From the Help Files.
  8. Hi gdenby, I thought much the same but its not that, I drew the same shape and aligned the nodes bang on, if you delete either one of the nodes the shape is lost, the nodes maintain the sharp Angle and the curve, odd but it works. The same node configuration is also at the top of the shape. double nodes after boolean add.afdesign
  9. firstdefence

    Swash Tutorial

    Made an Asset Category Friskets > French Curves Friskets.afassets
  10. I'm still trying to get my head around Blender, its a super cool app. Would like to see the end result of this "silly little project" always interested in what peoples effort produces.
  11. firstdefence

    Blocky & Slow

    Nothing Like this in Affinity Photo ?
  12. firstdefence

    Blocky & Slow

    Take a look in preferences On the performance tab, Display: should be set to OpenGL on Windows, I'm on Mac so I may be slightly off on that but I'm sure that's right.
  13. Yes and that would be a textured greyscale overlay, You can create this yourself. Create a pixel layer above the image and right click and chose Mask to Below - nothing will happen yet but the fun starts soon. Open the brushes Panel and choose a textured brush Select the Brush tool, you can resize the brush using the [ and ] keys. Now paint on the Pixel Layer that is now a Mask to the image you created in step 1. Varying the Opacity of the brush will give you a more translucent effect. To get a white background create another Pixel Layer and fill it with 100% opacity White.
  14. firstdefence

    Mask gradient onto a shape

    Sunshine and Enlightenment, have I died and gone to heaven?