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  1. In both cases rasterisation occurs because you have used FX
  2. You will find a tablet and stylus will give you a natural experience as if using a pencil/pen/brush, especially with drawing in pixel persona. They can take a bit of getting used to but stick with it if you get one and your artwork will get better and the pleasure of drawing will increase.
  3. Do you have a tablet and stylus or are you going to try this with a mouse?
  4. Check to make sure you are in the right Persona, it should be the red/orange icon, I'm on Catalina and unfortunately I can't reproduce your issue, would you mind uploading the file? You also have a typo on suggested
  5. You will need to install Gimp and run Gmic from there, I never got Gmic to work with Affinity Photo.
  6. Yes, I was referring to the stroke on the text, too big a stroke makes it look a bit poofy, balloony.
  7. Was also playing around with word clouds wordcloud1.svgwordcloud.svg Word Cloud generator websites: https://wordart.com/ https://www.wordclouds.com/ https://worditout.com/ https://tagcrowd.com/ https://monkeylearn.com/word-cloud/ https://www.jasondavies.com/wordcloud/ https://wordsift.org/ https://www.tocloud.com/ https://vizzlo.com/create/wordcloud
  8. Liking the second from last, maybe ease back on the stroke size a bit but it certainly encompasses the idea.
  9. Playing around again, I liked the idea of the words following a path like so, another idea would be to fill the black body and arm with the text in a more stylistic look. alfred-beer another version.afdesign
  10. I just traced the concept body by beer hitchcock.afdesign Fun fact: The font used is Clarendon and was used in Vertigo for the main titles
  11. For straight lines I'd go with the Pen Tool, use Click, Shift Click for accurate horizontal, vertical and 45ยบ lines, this can be used in all the Affinity apps.
  12. Brushes that are larger than the images height or just a very large brushes are normally indicated by three large concentric circles.
  13. Welcome to the forum @Gerry F Firstly, please remove your email address from the post above unless you like being spammed. Secondly, are you trying to follow a tutorial? if so could you add the link to the post. Thirdly, have you tried manually selecting the Brush from the toolbar and not using keystrokes, the reason I say this, is because I have found, on occasion, the keystrokes do not respond and I have had to manually (with mouse) select what tool I want, after doing this I can select tools with keystrokes again.
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