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  1. @expressoaddict Did anyone help you with your problem? Because I might just have the same issue. I'm three years late, but I've just discovered that I have issues with the resolution of files I've made when I export as .jpg and .png and email it. I don't know most of what was discovered up (I'm not as smart lol) and I've been experiencing Affinity by myself, so it's been a learning journey for me. But I'd really like to know how to preserve the resolution of my work when I create it. Maybe it's a wrong setting I put in or something, or maybe the app it is opened with is unable to comprehend it but whenever I design something and email it to say, post it as a profile picture on Instagram or open it in corel draw, it never keeps the resolution the same or the font is larger or smaller than it should be. Any suggestions?
  2. I had the same issue, but I just discovered that you could take the following steps to export multiple pages as a single PDF doc. First thing to do is, go to File > Document Setup > Layout In Layout, check for the drop-down menu next to Start From Select <Left> (changing it from Right - which is the default setting - to Left). You'll notice that the pages kind of align or join to make columns of pages of however many pages you have. *********** ADDITIONALLY ************* Not sure this'll make a difference, but I also did this: Export the document by selecting: Shift(⇧)+Option(βŒ₯)+Command(⌘)+S or go to File > Export Select PDF and in the Area drop-down-menu, select <All Pages>. Put in the number of pages made in the Pages box. Then Export And that's it! It should export as a single document. I hope this helps!
  3. Okay, so what I did was I basically had to start all over again. I still haven't figured out what was wrong with the first one, but I created a new document and this time I did it with an artboard and it seems to be working. But I would really like to know what happened so I'll know what to expect next time. Affinity drops some glitches like this from time to time and I still don't know if it's just me or if someone else is experiencing the same thing. Thanks for the assist though!πŸ‘Œ
  4. ****** UPDATE ****** Hi again! So I've tried your suggestion and it still won't work. I restarted the app and my computer a few times, but it did nothing for it. The only improvement I observed was that the little icons on the layer shows images of what I've done so far, as compared to before when it was blank. Unfortunately, whenever I try to paint and a new pixel layer is created automatically, no color shows on the icon. It just remains blank. Any other suggestions? I need to fix this desperately as I am trying to create a logo for a document. I have included an image for clarification and if you look, you'll see the pixel layer has been highlighted.
  5. Hello, thanks for responding.. Will this cause me to lose any brushes (I got them for free from Affinity). I think I'll just try resetting just the UI and user preference and see what it does. Thank you for suggesting this, I'll get you a feedback on whether it works or not ☺️
  6. Hi! For the past 2 days, my affinity designer has been acting weird (freezing, acting slow and causing heat, selecting what I didn't select, moving objects faster than my arrow moves), just weird glitches. I thought it was from my computer having some sort of lag or freezing but then after I shut down and restarted, the painter won't work. I tried paint brush and flood fill but it's not showing the color I selected to paint on the object; but a new pixel layer is created the minute I start to paint with the brush or click to flood fill. I use a Macbook Pro 13" Mid-2012 High Sierra.
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