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  1. Ok I figured it out, it's dragging the fonts onto the main window of the app
  2. Hi how do you Install Affinity Fonts from Add-ons Bundle? I tried to add them via Font Book on a Mac but that obviously didn't work lol
  3. Thanks everyone, I think I'm just gonna wait for the official release.
  4. Actually, I was just working on Designer and I got a pop up for the 2.0.3 update and I updated it. I downloaded photo and publisher's updates via the link in the forums. Should I update those or wait for the app to let me know about the update. I mean, if I install those manually am I getting a beta version, and if they release a different 2.0.3 will I be notified about it and be able to replace them with the more stable release?
  5. Hi All, When checking for app updates via Affinity menu on a Mac it says I already have the latest update which is 2.0, so the apps seem unable to check for new updates because 2.0.3 came out on Thursday? Is anyone else having this same issue?
  6. No, they cannot replace those apps. It's a different concept, they complement each other though.
  7. I currently work from a solid state external drive, I don't think those go to sleep ever, but I can be wrong. For me it would be a real pain to work on my macbook pro local drive...
  8. That strictly depends on the bank policy. I had the funds on hold for 10 days. I bought the V2 apps using paypal on the same day following the advice of another guy on the forum. there are no issues when paying with Paypal
  9. I'm not having any issues so far with V2, but if my files get corrupted I can go crazy.
  10. I eventually got my money back but I never got a reply to my emails which I find appalling. I don't think there is a reasonable excuse for not replying to customers after 47 days. Also, if the payment platform choice were to blame, what has been done to prevent it from happening in the future? probably nothing... Anyways I'm moving on, I have no extra energies to waste on this issue.
  11. I emailed them 15 days ago and so far got no reply.
  12. Thanks Ash, V2 upgrade it’s truly great and makes me have certainty in the future of the apps. But there are still a few missing features which are basic and I hope Serif is generous enough to release them before v3. I’m mainly talking about Mesh or Freeform gradients, they’re absolutely necessary. Variable fonts and image trace are also greatly missed in V2. I have hope that V2 would still bring us these highly requested features that would make affinity apps even more awesome.
  13. No, it's not the same. You mean width to height ratio, I mean scale factor. In the golden ration that factor is 1.618, so if you build a visual hierarchy in your layout that scales by that factor it creates visuaL harmony. Leonardo da Vinci and countless artists used this, and many designers use this nowadays.
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