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  1. simoncox

    Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.7.3

    No need to apologise - not clumsy - point made though, thank you.
  2. Normally I use Affinity Designer on a large screen but have been working remotely this morning on my MacBook Pro. When using the Export feature > PDF > the extra panel for the More button modal has Manage Presets and Cancel button at the bottom but they are behind my Dock so I cannot see them unless i move the Dock to the side or put it into automatic hide mode. I would expect that modal to realise there is a dock at the bottom of the screen and have a scroll bar so that I can get to the buttons with the Dock in place.
  3. simoncox

    Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.7.3

    Patrick - are you saying I should keep an eye on the release builds and not bring this issue up about the release build?
  4. simoncox

    Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.7.3

    Still no straight through PDF placement though.
  5. Just found this thread - looking forward to when this is added to Publisher.
  6. simoncox

    Poor PDF handling

    Well, it has delayed me using Publisher in anger as I cannot place adverts in the periodicals I work on. Have tried converting the pdfs to .eps in Acrobat Pro and that works in some cases but not all. It is very nice being able to edit pdfs on the fly from within Publisher but I would prefer a toggle switch that kept the pdf as uneditable - "passthrough" mode. Nearly everything else got me super excited by Publisher but I can't really use it till this is solved.
  7. Now we have the first edition out is there any movement on this issue? I also publish magazines and pull advertising PDFs into the layout - want to get off Quark as soon as I can but this is a big issue.

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