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  1. There are plugins from FlamingPear such as Glitterato, SolarCell and LunarCell: http://www.flamingpear.com/glitterato.html
  2. You would be better off asking Maxwellrender: https://forum.maxwellrender.com/ if their plugins will work with Affinity, or, if they can be written to work with Affinity.
  3. Probably the last time you made a text box the text was centre vertically and so the next text box will keep that formatting.
  4. As far as I am aware this is not possible because the perspective tools will bake (make permanent) the distortion, it will not create a warp container whereby you can swap/replace the image.
  5. Bit of a melon twister for a mid week day lol! Adding blurs and the like to make a vector look raster is a bit of an oxymoron. I get the vector flexibility and scalability but if you are adding pixel textures then you have lost scalability and flexibility that takes a hit too doesn't it. Adding pixel based brushes to get a fuzzy edge is ok but then are we really dealing with a vector image and on export what happens?
  6. You might be able to work this into Affinity Photo ... https://www.dpreview.com/articles/0727694641/here-s-how-to-pixel-shift-with-any-camera
  7. Try making the adjustment layer a child of the image mask layer, that way it will only affect that layer, or group the mask layer and adjustment layer.
  8. I actually have those Converse boots, well the leather versions, very comfortable to wear, you don't know you have them on.
  9. Use the Smudge Brush, in a clockwise movement. I set the Brush to Strength: 75% Flow 10% and brush size is up to you.
  10. Depends what you want out of it, but that filter immediately will not remove the darker portions of the background on the left, Erase white paper is literal in so much as it has no control and requires a bright white to get good results, the left side is not white, it's grey, so you get this haze effect. If you want to keep the hand in colour you can mask it out.
  11. I'd use a HSL Adjustment filter to desaturate the image Use an Exposure Adjustment filter with a linear gradient to even out the dark left and light right. Use Merge Visible to get a resultant layer Use Filters > Colours > Erase White Paper
  12. It's because the sketches aren't opaque, they are translucent, semi transparent, if you make a selection, create a new pixel layer and fill it with a grey colour and then apply the halftone live filter you will get the halftone effect being applied to the opaque colour, I noticed the filter was affecting the scarf and that was opaque.
  13. The LibRaw 0.21 Beta has OM1 support: https://github.com/LibRaw/LibRaw/commit/adcb898a00746c8aa886eb06cc9f5a1cb1834fca
  14. Tried this on a screen grab of the image from the video and it works ok, any chance of uploading the file?
  15. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/designer/full-feature-list/ will be the same for the other apps.
  16. It's easily possible in publisher. To make the job easier you could create several lines with the Pen Tool with arrow heads applied to the curve via the Stroke Panel and save them as assets, like so... This lets you drag and drop ready made arrows that can then be positioned and edited as needed, you can also make text titles to drag and drop onto the image or text.
  17. It makes no sense to have a template TOC that is manually filled in, the simplest method would be to create a bulleted list on a page titled "Content." Even with only 30 pages TOC creation using the TOC tools and proper formatting can make it much easier to edit/amend your work at a later date.
  18. Hi, as far as I am aware, the issue hasn't been reported as a bug. I don't even think this would be considered a bug but a consequence of the method, when you look at other apps that apply bevels it appears to be an accepted part of the effect. Adobe Illustrator goes up and beyond with the bevelling, they have probably gleaned quite sophisticated code from their library of software and I would expect nothing less from them. As far as the contour tool goes, it needs work, if you adjust the contour, bake it and then adjust it again you get all manner of corruptions. I'm sure this has been logged to be looked at.
  19. Affinity products aren't the only apps that round off the internal corners, Logoist 4 does it, and a few others that can generate beveled text. Illustrator is by far the best vector app at beveled text and to get close or better you would have to wander into the 3D world and use such as Blender, which can be a bit daunting when a beginner. I mention blender because it's free. Illustrator bevelled edge The only other way to get a decent sharp internal bevel is to literally draw it. You can use the contour tool to shrink a duplicate of the text and use a sharp contour type, then use the pen tool to created the sharp angles on the internal corners. Affinity pseudo basic chisel bevel, this can obviously be refined with gradients etc.
  20. Affinity is not capable of interactivity. What you want is Adobe Acrobat or an app that can produce PDF forms, take a look at JotForm: https://www.jotform.com/fillable-pdf-form-creator/
  21. For the time it will take yo to amass a decent collection of gameday posters you could probably learn to do it yourself, make better customised posters and sell them yourself and earn some cash to boot.
  22. I've opened .ORF files on my iMac (Catalina) Here is a sample file sample1.orf Can you open this?
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