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    Save a brush?

    One process is to go to a brush you want to change, double click it to bring up the brush settings window and click duplicate, you will be making edits to the duplicate, from there you can save and then right-click on the duplicate and select: Move brush to category In your case just click duplicate, and then close the brush settings window and then do the right-click to move to another category.
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    That's because it's corrupted, the PO needs to either repost it or upload it to Vimeo or youtube and add a link. I wonder if this is the same thing, or at least similar to what the OP wants?
  3. An example or screenshot of your issue would help Lenuis
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    No video to play, says 0:00 to -0:00
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    Publisher Bullets

    How have you got the Bullet text style set up? Take a screenshot like this or try to set the bullet style up to look like this.
  6. Well Astute sent me a flyer for the sale of the elite bundle with a 40% discount, it also included Astui (AGTech) this had a video about it, and guess who popped up a few times...? I'm assuming because Astute Graphics are putting this info out there for public consumption, that it's not a secret. Take a look, then forward to 3:25
  7. @km.au As dutchshader has mentioned make sure you have transparent background checked go to the menu: Document > Transparent background and it click on it if it doesn't have a tick at the side of it, this will then show the checkerboard indicating something is transparent. This is how your afphoto file will look when first opened with Transparent background ticked. Make sure you have the layer selected and pick the flood select tool, If you select the white area now and delete it, the checkerboard will show.
  8. May the Cyclic option under the Dynamics tab or the rotation option?
  9. Draw a selection Use the menu: Select > Save Selection > As Spare Channel You can now access the selection and load it, as well as other options, see image below. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Selections/saveLoadSelections.html You can also create a spare channel from the channel panel, when you make a selection, that selection will be added to the Pixel selection, you can right-click and create a spare channel, invert etc.
  10. @alex hurt Alex I would suggest you remove your licence key promptly and your email addy You can ask this question without adding those details, when a mod see's the post you can private message them.
  11. Damn, I thought I was being smart
  12. You can do it in seconds with the flood select tool. This took me less than 4 seconds (yes, I timed it ) you might have the odd artefact pixel near the handle to erase but I don't think 4 seconds is too shoddy.
  13. You can save as... to save the file as an afphoto file, that will contain all the layers and filter edits, just remember there are destructive processes as well as non-destructive processes when in affinity apps. You can save history with the file but if you scroll back and make an edit the edits that went after it will be wiped. Once you have an afphoto file you can save back to photo as a jpeg.
  14. A kind of lead-on question here would be, would it be possible to have a Master page for Master pages, so any element you want on all Master pages would be on the Persistent Master for want of a better name.
  15. You can have multiple master pages, try adding a new master page and selecting the Legal dimension.
  16. Much like you can reset all of these options It would be great if they could all be backed up first and then reset.
  17. firstdefence

    Wow Studiolink!

    Use a coat hanger, I’m selling one for £400 lol
  18. Do you a viable pixel based layer selected?
  19. firstdefence

    Wow Studiolink!

    At the event cool idea, nice people here
  20. Add a white rectangle and slide the vignette exposure to the left. If you untick the rectangle layer the vignette will not show.
  21. A few video's to start you off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsSmx1XcB8A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CktZ8gb1NiM Google search shows...
  22. Budget is probably the controlling factor, I've used the XP-Pen Deco 03, the Artist 12 and I currently have the Artist 22e, I've found them all to be very competent products.
  23. Have you tried booting Affinity while holding down CTRL, You could probably just try Reset Studio This is the screen you should see...