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  1. You need to make a transparent line drawing of the warrior, so get rid of the shading and block out the shapes, if possible find a line drawing of the same or similar image of Theodred (LotR), then place a coloured background layer beneath.
  2. As far as I can see they are focusing on Ai apps and Studio development has taken a back seat, as far as I'm aware there have been no significant updates for quite a while, I think pursuing topaz labs to be pro active with studio will be a wasted effort, it would not surprise me if they discontinue production; if they haven't already, as it doesn't appear to be actively promoted on their website. It may be likely that the code the apps are written in would require hefty changes to the code, if not a complete rewrite to accommodate Affinity and maybe that is simply not financially viable for topaz labs. I think you would be better off placing your loyalties with plugins that have similar features to TLStudio and are actively integrating with Affinity Photo, such as JixiPix, DXO Collection etc. https://community.topazlabs.com/t/is-topaz-studio-discontinued/29637
  3. Possibly the decimal places that are set in the settings. Try increasing the decimal places for the units you are using.
  4. Ventura 3.6 and Affinity 2.2 support the Z8 NEF Sample RAW from here: https://photographylife.com/nikon-z8-sample-images-raws
  5. On selecting the corner tool all of my corner shapes were greyed out, as soon as I pulled the corner into the shape they all became came active. but the corner tool changes to the node tool, even if I edit the corner radius with the slider, it's like it gets knocked out of the tool instead of styaing on the tool until I select another tool I want to use. I noticed the corner tool starts off at zero, so, logically there are no corner styles to define until you give the corner a dimension.
  6. You can certainly add a gradient to text in Publisher, you will need to have Affinity Photo v2 or Affinity Designer v2 to get the text warped effect.
  7. Is the SVG embedded, check the layers panel it may say embedded. If it's embedded double click the layer to open the embedded document you can edit it from there or copy/paste into the first document.
  8. I'd love to see the New World Order try and take over software and try to unify formats, from brushes to fonts lol! they'd give up for sure. Why not look for a facsimile font, one that approximates the cynder font, I'm sure there are fonts that look a lot like it. I find it weird, that to the search engines, the font Cynder is non-existent.
  9. It depends which version you have, I assume because you have referenced Illustrator you are using Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer V1 doesn't have a knife tool but V2 does. In Affinity Designer v1 you need to use the Node tool and add a node at each point on the curve you want it cut, next you can use the node tools context menu to split the curve at the selected nodes you have added to the curve.
  10. I don't think the liquify tool is the way to go on this you need to modify the jumps folds, shading and colouration, I think you will get a better result using the clone tool. See example below.
  11. Yes I've seen the Voynich Manuscript. So for now, we have an extensive library of mediocre > poor literature even when that literature is rehashed older work, the quality of storage is at best lacking.
  12. I'm not talking about trivial typo's, not even grammatical errors nor slang, all of that could be dealt with by Ai learning what this text is and that they have alternative versions for the purpose of accent. Most typo's and grammar to a lesser extent can be picked up by the apps or add-ons/plugins that are used to format the text, but "SPECIAL_IMAGE" or "….svg.REPLACE_ME" is just laziness, exporting to a PDF would surely have exposed this or checking formatting for the first chapter. The problem is this is a big book and going through it page by page would be a tedious task but looking for a decent OCR of the text is that daunting as this proves: https://archive.org/stream/in.ernet.dli.2015.6649/2015.6649.Appearance-And-Reality_djvu.txt It's just breaking it down into it's constituent prefaces, forewords, dedications, chapters and references etc. No offence to Affinity Publisher but I'd probably use Scrivener for this task. I really can't believe someone even thought they could sell a book with so much corruption in it and it ain't cheap either.
  13. That's madness, can you imagine after another 100 years having to sift through all that junk to get to a coherent version. I hate to say this but, it looks like AI will have to be utilised to scan through this digital publishing junkyard and cull everything below a certain standard.
  14. I would break the book up into chapters, so each chapter is a separate afpub file, then use the Book option in Affinity Publisher to compile a book using the chapter files. https://affinity.help/publisher2/English.lproj/pages/Advanced/aboutBooks.html
  15. MS Word formatted text comes with it's own issues and the general rule of thumb is to process text coming from MS Word through a text editor and save it as plain text to remove any formatting word has applied. At least with the link to the text you have a good chance to eliminate all of the SVG garbage. I would certainly advocate reading through the feedback/reviews on Amazon and actioning the noted errors and lack of formatting. It will take a good while to do this but better good reviews than poor. Effort = Reward.
  16. After doing a bit of digging the SVGs all relate to Italicised Capital letters, these should be text not images If you want a full transcript you can access it from: https://archive.org/stream/in.ernet.dli.2015.179941/2015.179941.Appearance-And-Reality_djvu.txt There are textual errors such as misinterpretation from the OCR scanner but I would say 99.99% of the text is correct.
  17. Hi @Amy Choue Are all the images that are causing problems in the SVG format? ...and can you upload a few SVG images for us to look at and also a sample PDF file and/or a sample AFPub file with a few of the problem pages included? The reviews pretty much speak for themselves and are justifiable. There are some good hints to improve the books formatting.
  18. Take a look at this info: https://www.bittbox.com/culture/photoshop-101-true-black-cmyk
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