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  1. Sketchup might be of use, although a simple task like drawing an arrowed line in sketchup; not layout, is annoying but an arrow component can be created easily and used instead. But, maybe in conjunction with Affinity Designer it might get you so far as you can tilt the circle correctly and specify degrees of tilt etc. I'm a little rusty on sketch to be honest but if I can help I'll try.
  2. Duplicate the layer (Press CMD (⌘) + J on Mac) (Ctrl + J On Windows) Apply a Threshold adjustment filter (98%) and with the Threshold filter still open click on Merge Make sure the duplicate layer (Top) is selected and use the Paintbrush (B) to paint over the small white flecks bottom right with black. Again, make sure the duplicate layer is selected and select the Flood select tool (W) and single click on the black area and then press Delete or backspace depending on your Operating System to remove the black area around the text. Press (Press CMD (⌘) + D on Mac) (Ctrl
  3. Have you tried the layer blend modes and also the blend options (small cog to the right of the layer blend mode drop down list)
  4. The colour replacement brush acts more like a hue replacement brush, you can test this out by creating a new fill layer changing it to the colour you want and then changing the blend mode to hue, you will notice the bill will change to a strong colour and any part of the swan that has some RGB value will get more colouring, but pure white will be left untouched.
  5. PSD files can only be converted via export so the original PSD files will still exist. What I suspect has happened is He doesn't have file extensions showing so to all intents and purposes it looks like the file is an Affinity Photo file (see 2.) the extension for an Affinity Photo file is .afphoto The file icon as been changed to Affinity Photos icon but the files are still PSD format. When he double clicks on a file it opens in Affinity Photo Change the Open With on Win10: https://helpdeskgeek.com/how-to/how-to-change-the-default-program-to-open-a-file-with
  6. Tell us more about what you mean by align, explain your issue and or show some examples/screenshots.
  7. Hi @jaedee Your asset gave a nice effect and the engrave pattern is there but it looks different to the video. I followed the tut in Adobe Photoshop CC and this is the result, see asset file attached at the bottom. To compare see image below, yours is on the left and looks like it has transparency? The one I duplicated as per the video instructions is on the right, Screenshots are from Affinity Photo. Engrave texture from PS.afassets
  8. Your asset, conveniently, already has the hard mix layer blend mode applied 😊
  9. This is doable in Affinity and in some respects simpler thanks to the pattern layer, fx filter and the use of the equations filter. One problem is the engrave pattern texture effect. In the video it's hard to see what the end result should look like as the guy fleetingly zooms in a bit but not enough to see.
  10. Interesting tool: https://meettechniek.info/additional/additive-synthesis.html
  11. You are changing the colour selection not the colour of the pixels on the layer selected, to change the colours of a layers content you need to use a filter, such as HSL or the filters Old Bruce has mentioned. MTS Logo.afphoto
  12. Looking at a reflection of a simple rowing boat, the seating area is not shown, it's the side of the boat that is reflected so, selecting the side of the boat and copying that to a layer to make the reflection is a more appropriate technique. Also the top edge of the boat will be more convex than concave in the reflection. Another aspect of a reflection is the fact you can sometimes see the side of the boat you can't see in the physical view so in the case of the image below, you can extend the dark part of the boat to give the impression of seeing the dark side of the boat at the front.
  13. Welcome to the forum @ralvis Apply the HSL Adjustment and move the luminosity shift to the left so it reads -100% https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Adjustments/adjustment_applying.html https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Adjustments/adjustment_HSL.html
  14. Welcome to the forum This is the video for anyone wanting to take a look:
  15. If you click in the radius box where the numbers are and then use the respective arrow keys it's will move up or down in units of 1, if you hold down the alt key it will move up or down in units of .1
  16. The assets panel accesses the .propcol file that contains the contents of the .afassets file arranged in categories and sub categories, the .afassets file is just a file format to transport assets from and to Affinity apps. I've often wondered why there isn't a central store folder for all the apps to access instead of duplicating the majority of the same folders and files 3 times, maybe the issue is size of files, so its easier and paradoxically more efficient to have 3 smaller files than one large .propcol file.
  17. I think they have expanded the main body stroke so that the stroke is on it's own layer, then drawn the lighter shapes like the belly and the nose shape and duplicated then and nested the duplicate in the stroke and manually changed the colour. Like so... The stroke around the nose will probably simply be a drawn curve sat above the nose and mouth part.
  18. I think you are getting .assets files and .propcol files confused. The .propcol file is a proprietary storage file for the .assets files contents to be stored in, there is no way to open this file manually or outside of the Affinity app and see it's contents. It is the assets panel that accesses this file to show it's contents.
  19. Welcome to the forum @Stipe We need more details... What is the file size What file size are you exporting to Can you upload the file in question Which app are you using? What snap settings are you using
  20. Welcome to the forum @JoaoCorreia Is this from an iPad?
  21. Need more info pcdlibrary. Have you updated Affinity? .Propcol files aren't importable, generally the app will see those files if they are in the right location, this post shows the location of these files based on where Affinity was purchased and downloaded from... So from your location it would be directly from Affinity?
  22. As far as I'm aware you cannot make a pattern swatch, if you try it will create an averaged colour not a pattern. You can make a brush that will paint a halftone base texture... In this brush example the brush will paint an Escher pattern using a round brush. To make this type of brush... Click on the brushes panel Select the burger menu and choose New Round Brush Go to the Texture tab and click on Set Texture and find the halftone image you want to use. Experiment with the settings to get a desired look.
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