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  1. Are you sure it applies to the layers above because I don't think it should, either upload the file or take a screenshot of the layers panel example:-
  2. firstdefence

    DNG Files

    Are you a Windows user or a Mac user? If Mac you can change to the Apple Core RAW engine instead of the serif RAW and the image comes out as it does in Camera RAW
  3. Is the Gaussian Blur also in the fx and what colour should the colour overlay be?
  4. Don't use the Filters from the top menu bar, these are destructive, apply live filters (Non-destructive) from the bottom of the layers panel.
  5. Hi Kelly, if you go to the export persona, You will see a layers tab and a slices tab see image below. In the drop down, it gives you some examples for what you can type, so if you wanted the image to be 100w it would resize the image to 100 units (units being whatever the document is set to, be that inches, cm, mm, pixels) You can add "lists" see the image below for export options added and exported results. tomato.jpg is the original size tomato_2.jpg has a width of 100 and the height is scaled accordingly tomato_3.jpg is sized to have a height of 64 pixels tomato_4.jpg is sized height and width to 32 x 32 units tomato@x2 is scaled to twice the size
  6. Had a doodle with the file and Saved with history so you can jog back and forth in the history panel. problem solved-ish.afdesign
  7. Hi, this might help a bit, its a bit indirect and more about the pen tool but using the pen tool creates a curve layer which can be edited with the node tool, you can select both the pen and node tool by pressing (P) or when using the pen tool you can temporarily edit node you draw by pressing the cmd key ctrl on windows I think. Curve layers can be manipulated with the boolean operators, affinity calls them geometry and you can subtract, add, intersect etc. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/CurvesShapes/about_linesAndShapes.html These are some of the tutorials Affinity have produced:
  8. Exporting to PDF will likely get better results, Affinity can only use the PDF section of an illustrator file, it would be interesting to see the Adobe Illustrator file as well, as it's a bit odd that the left side curve also has a small section on the right inner curve!!
  9. You might notice in the file that there is an overlap onto the red by the green top edge and similarly the blue top edge onto the green. Select the pen tool and click on the layers to see the node and where they are. The Hat.afphoto
  10. You can also use the curves to subtract from each other, so the first selection can be accurate, the band can be accurate at the base of the band and at the sides but if you duplicate the top curve that can be used to subtract from the band curve, I'll make a doc Saved with history so you can jog back and forth in the history panel.
  11. The best option is making selections with the pen tool
  12. On the Select menu there is a Grow/shrink option Select > Grow/Shrink. You can also use the pen tool to make accurate selections, the curve created by the pen tool will need a fill before you can use the Layer > Selection From Layer option
  13. upload the file you are having trouble with so we can take a look at this.
  14. Welcome to the forum Kathe, can you expand on your question, what are you doing, explain the process please.
  15. I think a much fairer solution to the 10 day trial would be a usage timer, The allowable amount of time would be specified in hours instead of days, after all you cannot use an app 24/10 and remain sane lol! so what would the considered amount of usage within a day to make a reasonable assessment be? I think most people would want the 24 hours 24x10 = 240 hours but I doubt anyone will ever be able to stay awake for 10 days, maybe 4 hours per day? 4 x 10 = 40 hours.
  16. firstdefence

    free hand selection

    Which app are you using Affinity Designer in Pixel Mode Affinity Photo Which Operating System are you using Mac Windows How are you selecting the Selection Tool? Keyboard shortcut Clicking on the Freehand Selection Icon Upload a screenshot of the tool you have selected.
  17. Could you not just take a better image of the watch instead of doing a patch-up job. You could cut a hole for the lens to fit through in some black or grey card to cover the camera and use the timer to take a better image?
  18. Affinity Designer 1.7 beta has construction lines, so download and take a look at the beta version.
  19. 100 seniors you're brave. If you can get the screen taut enough you might stand a chance, secondly move the subject further away from the green screen, good luck. Let us know if you survive. Tips:- Emergency PolyGrip for teeth slump Yorkshire Tea, Nowt else will do. Biscuits, this will keep them focused Thorntons chocolates (Alternative to biscuits) Toffee's may cause the need for Emergency PolyGrip (See 1.) Air Freshener, they fart like troopers lol!
  20. An example from meanie50 would be good?
  21. You can use Vectorizer.io to convert the image into an svg. You will need to remove the background which you can do using the pen tool to draw around the young man, using the pen tool will get you a neat edge if you take your time.
  22. I use Vector Magic, when used commercially it pays for itself very quickly.
  23. You can drag panels to the left or right of the Affinity screen, you can arrange them however you like to suit you. You enable panels from the menu: View > Studio You can also reset the studio from the same place.