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  1. Add a Lens profile for the Olympus 100-400 with and without various teleconverters
  2. The core of Affinity is a learning computer, the code learns the tasks you need it to do and modifies its own system to make itself more efficient
  3. V3 will have AI based real time feedback on how good or bad your work is, it will have a range of attitudes from encouraging and supportive to sarcastic and condescending. Somebody has probably already made a website that generates live commentary of images
  4. I find it difficult to color the trees and rocks correctly, either the rocks or trees I can get to look ok but not both. To me the rocks have a green tint, but if I remove that the tree color gets washed out
  5. My definition of good, is natural looking without the haze, rocky parts look like rocks greys and yellowish accents. The example I provided, does not have the right rock coloring, but the trees and sky are closer to how I'd like it too look 230109_144157P1090262.ORF
  6. Hi, I have tried to fix images like below with haze removal and other adjustments but cant seem to get it looking good They are telephoto landscape images of mountains.
  7. I expect SERIF to have STOPPED development on the V1 suite many months ago when they started working on v2
  8. I heard from a highly trusted source in some country I never heard of, after I gave them my bank details, they are replacing all the UI with a single button that just does exactly what you need it to do, then it makes you a coffee and donut, so cool
  9. Its Nov 9 here now, where is affinity V2? Why hasn't adobe filed for bankruptcy yet?
  10. Seen the video and spotted the "BIG" Classic Chicken Curry recipe "thing"
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