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  1. Thank you Dan C, I think I got it now :-) Please, how can I add plugin filter : Viveza or other or it is not possible with this software? Thanks, greetings
  2. Thanks for your kind answer. T he commands for the development of raw cr2 images are gone and opens the file as a normal jpg without the commands, possibility to edit the photo. I will upload the screenshot. Maybe I did touch something, I don't know. But Before downloading the catalina version on my mac, there were the commands on the right Do you get any messages pop up, if so screenshot them and upload here - no messages Which RAW file is it CRW CR2 CR3?- CR2 Wh
  3. Unfortunately I did download Catalina on my Mac and now Affinity don't open more CR - photo raw files :-( What can I do please to resolve this problem. Is there something to change or I can't use it more? Is there a possibility to get money back from Affinity? I did buy it only some monthes ago.. Thanks, greetings ..
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