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  1. Can i see a screen shot of new or mode as I cannot see it. I'm having the same problem flood tool not working
  2. Brilliant job. If you teach I'd join your class. Let me know if you do
  3. I'm a older woman and don't understand technology but determined to learn.
  4. Your welcome and again welcome to use image. I'm just learning and haven't a clue. So grateful for all help your a genius can't believe you managed to select the right green think it took it from the sample at the very bottom. He did a brilliant job. But I'd like to learn myself.lol
  5. Yes the one with cars and tents is original. Cheers anyway appreciated
  6. You are a genius lol now I'm slow when it comes to this could you please give me child like step by step instructions and I'd be so grateful. I'll be your guide if you ever come to Ireland lol You can private message me lol. And if you wish to use the photo you can do x
  7. OK what I want to do is... If you look along the bottom right hand corner of the caravan you can see a bit of green. The rest of the roof is beached almost white by the sun over the years. When I try and lift the colour of the rest of the photo the roof goes pure white. I'm only learning and I have had a go but just can't get it. So what I'd like to do it pick a sample of the green to recolour the caravan roof. Then reduce the opacity so it doesn't look fake. Then do my other adjustments. I've had advice to do my adjustments and then lay layer over and then use black to rub out what I don't want. But I can't even get that to work. Heads melted ready to give up. Can anyone help someone who's much older and the average and is brand new to this. I'd really appreciate it thanks in advance
  8. We're can i find this video instead of having to go into message all the time
  9. ok i wish to take the lady in green, cut her from the photo. then i wish to place her in another photo ive added a few different to chose from. then size her to right size. then make her look all mystical and add in i dont know light or fairies or leaves blowing. can anyone help id be very grateful.i know its a bit ask and a big project but i know due to previously help with you guys i can do it. how to make the light stream in etc.
  10. OK I feel very stupid. I done some work to a photo. I've selected the part to work on. I used the mask etc I done my adjustment. But the selection that's highlighted I can't get it to unselected to show me my now completed photo. So just how do get the highlights to go away just leaving me with adjustments
  11. I'm only starting to learn. There's not many people in Northern Ireland using affinity yet most ps but I think it's fab. Thanks guys for all your help.
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