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  1. CorelDraw has had this for years, and I so miss it and can't wait for all Affinity apps to receive it. Please guys introduce this soon. The blending tool was incredibly useful and you could do so much with it, blending any larger shape to any other small shape and blending between them which allowed you to have a rainbow of colour between them. Totally awesome tool.
  2. Since the 1.9 release my Affinity Photo is hanging with almost every element used, its driving me barmey. I have even set the priority to high and it still struggle and hangs my pc. Please can you release a memory fix, thank you. The screen shot with 5 layers of work and the Task manager in is before memory priority being edited and the screenshot of Task manager on its own is with Priority set to high.
  3. Thank you for the update StevenS, Great to know your guys are on top of the problem. Take Care & Keep Safe. Andrew.
  4. Hi I am having the same issue, how did you purchase your apps? through the serif website or Microsoft Store? If Microsoft Store, that may or could be an issue??!?? Could I be right in saying this? I have purchased both but keep the windows store one on my pc because it auto updates without the need to visit the website, login, download, install etc etc etc. Windows Store keeps all the apps up to date for me. I can only think that this is thee problem. Or could it be firewall related? Any help gratefully received.
  5. I have found that the digital download for the affinity products to load so much faster when downloaded via Windows store than If I download the package from the website and installing it manually. Can I use the Serial Key that came with the affinity website purchased product on the windows store version? If not, I think it would be a brilliant Idea if it was made available for for the windows store to realise yes you have purchased these products and get the serial key from the database and allow you to install it. Being Visually impaired I find the manual download manual ins
  6. Good evening I downloaded the free Brush Street Art, unfortunately it will not install, Affinity Designer keeps saying Error Importing Brushes. I have tried downloading the brushes again but the same error keeps coming up. Can anyone assist me with this issue please. Thanks Andrew Windsor (Lordzytech)
  7. Thank you so much everyone who has commented/helped me with this issue. I knew it had to be something simple but could not see it. I am registered partially sighted after all lol.
  8. Hi owenr I do not fully understand what that means as I am a beginner with Affinity Designer. Can you explain please. Sorry to appear dumb.
  9. I have added the affinity file to the original question/post. Thanks.
  10. When trying to add a shadow / outline or something from effects on to a layered or grouped item the outline lets say turns green instead of red. Why would this be? I can't for the life of me work it out. P.s. I am a newbie to Affinity products and the forum. Thank you Andrew Windsor. bowling1.afdesign
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