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  1. Hi @alfacinha, Workbooks to Portugal are shipped from with in the EU.
  2. Hi @barryt, Welcome to our forum. All of our 1.x updates are included free and we roll our macOS and Windows updates simultaneously.
  3. Hi @OnnaleeFord, Welcome to the Affinity Forum. You would need 3 licences to be able to do this. The licence for yourself allows you to install the app on as many devices as you need for you own use, which would cover the one in your office, and the one in the classroom (you could even install at home if you wish). You would need two additional licences for each of the two student computers.
  4. Hi @nikesh, Welcome to the Affinity forum. It appears from your Affinity Store account that you have been able to resolve this issue, is that the case?
  5. Hi @Yankeese, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Here's a direct link if you have still been unable to find it on the website - https://affinity.serif.com/publisher/trial
  6. StevenS

    Labor Day Sale???

    Hi @paulbrittgarcia, Welcome to the Affinity forum. As a UK company we tend to not celebrate US holidays with discount sales. We also do not announce ahead of time when we will be having sales, but to ensure you do not miss out, you could sign up for our newsletter - https://affinity.serif.com/signup/ We have also not offered or published any discounts codes, and as such you will not find an area to apply a code at our check out.
  7. Hi @Artur_P, Welcome to the Affinity forum. To request a refund, please contact affinityreturns@serif.com if you have not already done so.
  8. Hi @GarryP, To summarise, one licence = one user It is not possible for a group or a business to purchase one licence and then all use the app simultaneously, but as an example - Ambridge Book Club could purchase a single licence and associate it with an email address unique to the business but not a fixed individual, for example, and Affinity Store account under editor@amridgebookclub.com or an iTunes account. That licence could then be used by whoever may be the editor at that time, on whichever device appropriate to the OS that the app was purchased for. When that individual steps down they would be required to uninstall the app and hand over the account through which it was purchased to the new editor.
  9. Hi @S.O.T.L, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We do not have any such discount for this circumstance, sorry.
  10. StevenS

    GB Website?

    Hi @PaulEC, Our website should default to your location, however we do on occasion hear reports of people not seeing the prices in their local currency for one reason or another. This can be because they are using a VPN or a third party browser plugin is preventing our site from detecting the correct location. If you have a Store account, the prices will show accordingly to the currency of the country you account is set to once you sign in. If you do not have an account, one is created for you just prior to making a purchase and the cart content prices will update according to the country you select.
  11. StevenS

    30 Days Trial?

    Hi @mattf1, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We offer 10 day trials for our apps, and you can find the one for Photo here.
  12. StevenS

    iPad/Mac app

    Hi @Lesca Smith, Welcome to the Affinity forum. All of our apps are sold separately, so you would need to purchase a unique macOS licence to be able to install on your Mac.
  13. Hi @qschilling, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We have made some minor changes in the most recent edition of our books, the easiest to spot being the change to our logo. It won't be that you have the "wrong" logo, it is probably more accurate to describe it as the original logo. The most recent edition of our workbooks not only include our updated logo, but there have been small adjustments to show the updated UI and any procedures that have changed since the 1.7 update. There are however no new projects and to all intents and purposes the book is the same as the first edition.
  14. Hi @Tiga Wu, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer App Store purchases to an Affinity Store account.
  15. Hi @RayvenWolfe, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Sorry to hear that you are having issues getting your account created. I am not seeing an unverified account registered to the email address you are using for your forum account, so I presume it is a different email address. Could you please contact the team using affinity@serif.com, letting us know the details of the account and we will see what we can do.