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  1. Hi @Ahmad Ghilman, We have been unable to replicate the issue you have reported. Here is some advice that hopefully may help. Please ensure that your web browser and anti-virus software is up to date, also check that there aren't any browser plugins that may be preventing the security window appearing (The Honey extension especially has been known to cause issues) or try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Finally check that your firewall is not blocking any part of the payment process.
  2. Hi @adamref, Could you contact us via affinity@serif.com with more details about the contest and your friend so that we can look in to this further for you.
  3. Hi @svenland, welcome to the Affinityforum. Our Legacy accounts have now been archived and unfortunately it is no longer possible to access user accounts or the product keys that were generated. If you still have the software installed and registered on another machine you can locate the product key by selecting Help > Registration Wizard from the within the software.
  4. Hi @Cyranose, V2 installs as a separate product and does not link with V1 in any way. There may be a reason that someone might want to keep V1 installed, I cannot think of any myself however.
  5. Hi @Dr_No, Our payment portal provider does not accept Discover cards from Canada or the US, sorry. You can still apply the Discover card to a PayPal account an purchase via PayPal or you could use Visa or MasterCard. Alternatively our apps are sold through the App Store and Microsoft Store (as in-app purchases) where you may find a wider selection of payment options.
  6. Hi @caroline daniell, welcome to the Affinity forum, I am sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues, our team would be happy to help with this is possible and should you wish to seek help for the issues you've encountered in V2, please post your question in our help section; https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/5-affinity-on-desktop-questions-macos-and-windows/ You can download your previous V1 purchase from within your Affinity Store account. Refunds can be request via affinityreturns@serif.com.
  7. Hi @mvollrath, We can see that the Returns team responded to your email on Thu, 5 Jan 2023 at 2:28 PM. If you are not seeing the email in your inbox, please be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder.
  8. Hi @Vlad3, welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately our V1 apps are no longer available to acquire, sorry.
  9. Following on from Walt has already advised, the best way to find out whether or not any of the apps will run on your device is to take a look at our free 30 day trials. https://store.serif.com/get/universal-licence-2/trial/
  10. My apologies, the first part of my advice was based on you having bought through the MacOS version of Affinity Publisher, and not the iPad version. The second suggestion however will work providing we use the correct app, so we will need to ascertain which one that was. You mentioned having bought it twice, is this order ⬇️ the one that is still active or is it the refunded order? I would fully expect them to refund an order from December 19th as they offer a 14 day refund policy. Unless of course it is the one from the 19th that been refunded and it is an earlier order that they have said they will not refund? If that is the case, we need to see that order as it is imperative that we know which app it was bought through in order to advise correctly how to get you up and running. Can you please clarify which is the refunded Apple order and which is the order that is still in place?
  11. Hi @Ewart100, It sounds like there's been an activation attempt in one of the other apps. This has in turn been logged as an unsuccessful registration across all of the apps. We therefore just need to delete this record. 1. Go to ~/Library/Group Containers/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs/V2/ 2. Delete the licence.dat and cs.dat files and the Receipts folder 3. Relaunch the app you purchased the Universal Licence (in your case this is Affinity Publisher) 4. Try clicking the Restore Purchase link at the bottom You should see a 'Thank you for your purchase' screen. If you click "Existing Customer? Sign In" and follow the in-app prompts to sign into the Affinity ID you want to register your licence against. Once that is complete it should appear against your account on this page. From this point you will be able to sign into every other app using the same Affinity ID. If for whatever reason the Restore Purchase button doesn't work. Click on 'Buy' against the Apps V2 Universal Licence. Please ensure this is the same app and licence you purchased. It should detect that your Mac App Store account has already purchased this and tell you this and restore the purchase. If it is a different one you will get charged again from Apple. When you click the 'Buy' button for the one you've already purchased you should be told by Apple that you have already purchased this and do you wish to restore your purchases. Click 'Yes'. You should then see the 'Thank you for your purchase' screen as mentioned above. If so again follow the in-app prompts to sign into the Affinity ID you want to register your licence against. That should complete successfully and you should have the app listed in your Affinity account using the link above. From this point you will be able to sign into every other app using the same Affinity ID.
  12. Hi @kungkea, welcome to the Affinity forum. The Universal Licence can be installed on any device that you need for your own personal use and your own commercial use. If you are employed, your employer would need to purchase you a licence for you to use the apps commercially for them.
  13. The error message you are seeing however is usually the result of a Firewall blocking the connection to the server.
  14. If you are trying to use the trial you've gone a step too far in the wrong direction. On the screen before that one ⬇️
  15. Hi @JohnD78, welcome to the Affinity forum. I too can see that you bought Designer and Publisher through the Affinity Store but I am not seeing an Affinity Store bought Photo licence. Our records show that an Affinity Photo licence bought through Apple's App Store. The link below will give advice on how you can re-download your App Store purchase. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT211841
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