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  1. Hi wobmann, We do have plans for an Affinity Publisher workbook.
  2. StevenS

    mac and iPad

    Hi cskemre, Welcome to the Affinity forum. The iPad version is a separate purchase and not included with the Mac OS version.
  3. Great news! Thanks for the update
  4. StevenS

    Licence Mac on Windows

    We may well do one day.
  5. Hi iberogue, Welcome to the Affinity forum! Why should you upgrade to Affinity Photo? Good question and not one we can easily answer, as only you will know how you use PhotoPlus, and given that you aren't a fan of change, it may be that it isn't for you. The best advice we can give is to give our free 10 day trial a go and see how you get along, you'll have a better idea and hopefully answers to many of your questions afterwards; https://affinity.serif.com/photo/trial No, you would need to export from PhotoPlus as a PSD and then open that within. We considered lots of different names for our new line of products, ultimately we decided upon Affinity.
  6. StevenS

    Licence Mac on Windows

    Hi Patrick, Welcome to the Affinity forum. As Walt has already mentioned our licences are not transferable and you would need to purchase a separate Windows version to install on Windows. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses.
  7. Hi Alli69i, Welcome to the Affinity Forum. I'm sorry to hear this, unfortunately this isn't our area of expertise. For help on both of these issues we'd encourage you to contact the Mac App Store support team; https://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store/
  8. Hi Sapex, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We're confident that Apple will update the price on their store shortly.
  9. Hi EducatedGamer, Welcome to the Affinity forum. To login to your account, please head to the Affinity website and enter your email address along with your password within the relevant fields, and then click Sign In. If you’re unsure of your password, please select the Forgot Password? option and enter your email address. Then select the Reset Password option. This will send you an email to the email address previously specified for you to reset; follow the steps within this email. Once you’re in your Affinity Account, please select your name in the top right-hand corner of the page. This should supply you with six options, one of which is Downloads & Product Keys - Select that option. On this page, you will see a list of your orders along with a Download Purchase button associated with each. Click the button next to the relevant order to start the download.
  10. StevenS


    Hola Jose, Bienvenido al foro de Affinity. No tenemos ningún plan actual para una versión en español de nuestro libro de trabajo, lo siento.
  11. Hi MBG00, Welcome to the Affinity forum. A separate licence is required for each user, and the email address that is used when purchasing the app is tied to the software licence. As such, if you are looking to purchase for a friend you may wish to do so using their email address (although if it's a surprise, they would find out as soon as the order is placed). Alternatively, we do have redemption codes that you could pass to your friend allowing them to claim the app themselves and use whichever details they prefer. If this is something you would be interested in, please send an email an email to affinity@serif.com for my attention and I'll be happy to arrange that for you.
  12. Hi StrokhUnderdog, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We do not have any sales planned for the future, but there will certainly be another at some stage. We just cannot guarantee whether it would be this year or next.
  13. Hi Alex, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately our licences are not transferable and you would need to purchase a separate Windows version to install on a Windows device. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses.
  14. The different software almost certainly wouldn't support .ppp files either, so you'd be in the same position. In this instance, the best thing would be to stick with PagePlus
  15. Hi, Welcome to the Affinity forum. This post on our CommunityPlus forum should help with this issue; https://community.serif.com/forum/4914/registering-serif-legacy-software