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  1. Ooops, you are correct - mental lapse. I have corrected my post now. Most likely 😕 - Thanks both of you.
  2. Welcome to the Affinity forum @couteau. We do not offer exchanges but assuming your purchase was made in the last 14 days through our store. you can request a refund by contacting affinityreturns@serif.com. Once refunded, you can then purchase Affinity Publisher.
  3. Welcome to the Affinity forum @arch K, You can create a receipt for any order after purchase within your account; https://affinity.store/account/orders/ On your account homepage, click “Order history” and locate the order you wish to generate a receipt for. Click “View VAT Receipt” and enter your details, click “Create VAT receipt” and a PDF receipt will be generated.
  4. Welcome to the Affinity forum @GGXST, The most recent edition of our workbooks show the Updated UI and any procedures that changed in 1.7. There are however no new projects.
  5. Hi Marburc Welcome to the Affinity forum. It is not possible to move App Store purchases between Apple IDs however this may help; https://support.apple.com/en-ie/HT201088
  6. Welcome to the Affinity forum @Michael Schneider, It is not possible to download App Store purchases from our own store or transfer a purchase between the two stores. To download a previous order, open the Mac App Store and select 'Purchased'. You will be shown a list, which will include your Affinity app (You will need to be logged into the Mac App Store using the same account that was used to purchase the app). If you are experiencing any issues accessing your App Store purchase, please contact Apple for further assistance.
  7. Welcome to the Affinity forum @Rich M., Assuming that this refers to Affinity Photo then you can locate the Product Key on your Affinity Store account - https://affinity.store/account/downloads/
  8. Hi @Najla, Welcome to the Affinity forum. As you have already emailed us three times and tweeted us about this issue, please allow us the time to investigate what may have happened in this instance and as soon as we have more information we will get back in touch.
  9. The unique voucher codes that are sent out to individuals who used our 90 day trial can only be used once, and as such yours was redeemed whilst purchasing Affinity Designer. Please contact affinity@serif.com for assistance placing an order for you Publisher and Photo.
  10. Hi Justin, The order placed on our site does not include the letter "r" in the email address that was used to create this forum account. I am unsure whether or not that is a valid email address of yours but assuming that it is not, please contact affinityreturns@serif.com to request a refund. Once refunded, the team there will be able to assist you with placing a new order with the correct email address.
  11. Hi @digable.daddy, Any vouchers we issue can be redeemed through the link below; https://store.serif.com/redeem/
  12. Hi @Tandelov, The User Licence does not permit user to "rent, lend, lease, sell, supply, transfer or distribute, transfer, redistribute or sublicense the Serif Software.". Could please contact affinity@serif.com with details of the user sharing their account so that we are able to look into this further.
  13. Welcome to the Affinity forum @dirk de cock, You can download your purchase again from within your Affinity Store account - https://affinity.store/account/downloads/
  14. Hi @bc777, Welcome to the Affinity Forum. It's been some time since have seen a query like this so my apologies if this is not correct, but are you able to apply the code through this link? My guess is that it should then add the correct app to the cart at the correct pricing, but let me know if not.
  15. HI Jo, Could you please contact affinity@serif.com so that our team can help with this order?
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