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  1. Hi @Normanmailerr, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Please see this similar post from here on our forum;
  2. Hi Pavel, Welcome to the Affinity forum. As this is an App Store purchase, you can download the app again through the App Store. To download a previous order, open the Mac App Store and select 'Purchased'. You will be shown a list of your App Store orders, which will include your Affinity app (You will need to be logged into the Mac App Store using the same account that was used to purchase the app).
  3. StevenS

    Affinity Design

    Hi @John Hall, We do not have any plans for further sales this year, sorry.
  4. Hi @TGrelka, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We are not able to remove these from your account, sorry. The only solution for anyone that may stumble across this post in the future would be to contact us (affinity@serif.com) and we can remove the account from our database before a purchase is made. A new account will then be created during the purchase process without the previous info.
  5. Hi @waaf, Welcome to the Affinity forum. The platform we use for online orders is primarily for private users, as you can see when going through the process of buying because there is no facility to add EU VAT numbers meaning this is included in the shopping cart. While this is not made clear on the website, any company that is VAT registered should get in touch through the Business area of the site before finalising the order. In this instance I would encourage you to contact affinityorders@serif.com for assistance.
  6. Hi @liveseongho, Welcome to the Affinity forum. I can see that a member of the team has since responded to you. Please accept our apologies for the delayed response during what is an extremely busy time for us.
  7. Hi Mari97, Welcome to the Affinity Forum. We can only presume that there was a small window between our sale ending on the App Store and us extending it. Our advice would be to ask Apple for a refund and then purchase again at the lower price.
  8. Hi @Mark Oehlschlager, I'm not 100% certain as I've never done it myself and I only have an iPhone and iPad to hand, but they both offer a Gift App option for paid apps, so I suspect the Mac App Store will too. I suspect that the only downside would be that they will receive it instantly.
  9. Hi Annalena, The team are extremely busy due to the Black Friday event but they will get back to you as soon as they can. We can reassure you that you are not being ignored, they are just helping people who contact them before yourself. Please try to refrain from sending multiple requests for help as it will only increase the workload and decrease the response times.
  10. Salut Luc Bienvenue sur le forum Affinity. Vous pouvez utiliser une licence Windows sur autant de périphériques Windows que vous en avez besoin pour votre propre utilisation. De même, vous pouvez utiliser une licence Mac sur autant de périphériques Mac que vous en avez besoin pour votre propre utilisation.
  11. Hi @Onetonsoup22, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Could you please contact affinityorders@serif.com and they will be able to look in to this for you.
  12. Hi Islander, I can arrange for you to place an order for a redemption code which you can then pass on to allow the recipient to create their own account and receive the app through our site. If this is something you would like to do, please send an email letting us know your location and your preferred payment method to affinity@serif.com. (we offer PayPal, Credit/Debit card or bank transfer)
  13. Hi @Eliphant, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately it is not possible to merge two Affinity Store accounts, sorry.
  14. Hi @Des, Welcome to the Affinity forum. If you are able to purchase it now, you can download it whenever you need it. The only issue might be that the App Store requires you to be using a compatible device in order to complete the purchase.
  15. StevenS

    Product question(s)

    I think this would be something better discussed via email rather than a public forum (affinity@serif.com)

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