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  1. StevenS

    No product key sent

    Hi @Michael R, Welcome to the Affinity forum. I an unable to locate an account in our system associated with the email address you have used for your Affinity forum account. If you made the purchase with an alternative email address, please contact us through affinity@serif.com and we can look in to this further for you. If your purchase was made through the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store, please be aware that the licences are authenticated through those stores and do not require a product key for installation. If this is the case, and you are looking to activate the trial, then please uninstall the trial and download/install the full version from the third party store that the purchase was made.
  2. StevenS


    Hi, Welcome to the Affinity forum, The Product Key was initially sent in an email titled "Affinity Product Key - Order AXXXXXXXX " You will find the product key, the email it was generated with and the download button for your orders in your account https://affinity.store/account/downloads/
  3. Hi @Marco R, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately it is not possible to update using a Product Key if the app was bought through the Mac App Store. The update should appear in the 'Updates' section in the App Store. If it's not listed there can you please go to the Purchased section in the App Store app and check what it says in the button in front of Affinity Photo. You can also try to sign-out and sign-in again (with the same Apple ID used to purchase the application), and check if the update appears. Should the update still not appear for you, then would encourage you to contact Apple for further assistance - https://www.apple.com/support/mac/app-store/
  4. Hi @Rob D, Welcome to the Affinity forum. I think @walt.farrell has hit the nail here. Having looked at your account we can see that you claim the free Macro Pack before we began selling the MacOS versions of Affinity ourselves, so I'm very confident that you will have purchased through the Mac App Store. To download a previous order, open the Mac App Store and select 'Purchased' and it will be shown in the list (You will need to be logged into the Mac App Store using the same Apple ID that was used to purchase the app).
  5. Hi @William71, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately we do not announce promotions ahead of time. I would hazard a guess that since we have recently had a discount offer, that it is unlikely we would have another sale soon. However that is in no way a guarantee, in truth I do not know when the next promotion may be. We feel that our apps offer fantastic value for money, even if a user should require both a Mac and a Windows licence, and it is for that reason that we would not look to offer a cross platform licence in the foreseeable future.
  6. Hi @ootm, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately this is not possible without an additional purchase, sorry.
  7. StevenS

    License use

    Hi mikebwa, Welcome to the Affinity forum. I have been unable to locate an account for you in our own store database, did you purchase from the Mac App Store or the Microsoft Store?
  8. Hi @sgraphic Welcome to the Affinity forum. This very much depends on where in the world we would be shipping the book to. If you are in the EU then the order would be shipped from within the EU. If you are outside the EU, it could come from within the EU or the US, depending on where exactly it is going.
  9. Hi @Nithin Welcome to the Affinity forum. I can see that you have also contacted us via twitter and email, so I will reply to you via email as we may need details from you that you may not wish to share on a public forum.
  10. StevenS

    reset password mail

    Hi Harry, Thanks for getting in touch. Which email client were you using then you could not see the body text or link?
  11. Hi Rozwan, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We're sorry to hear that you've had an issue placing your order. If you could please contact Customer Support (affinity@serif.com) and let them know what you are trying to order and your country location, they will be able to help you.
  12. StevenS

    change licence

    Hi @tevice, Unfortunately I am not to sure what the issue is or how we can help. Could you please elaborate? We are happy for you to post in your first language if it makes it easier to explain the problem you are having.
  13. Hi @matur61, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately our app licences are not transferable and you would need to buy a separate Mac version to install on the Mac. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses.
  14. Hi @andrewraj Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer a licence from one store to another with out an additional purchase, sorry.
  15. StevenS

    Current sale on iPad until when?

    Hi LostInTranslation, Our current Black Friday Sale will be available until the 27th. I hope that helps.