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  1. Hi Barbara, It is myself who has been attempting to email you, and I am unsure why it may not be reaching you. I have been replying to the email that you sent to us so it is certainly the correct address. I have searched our customer database using your email address and also your full name and the only order I have been able to locate is the free Affinity Designer trial you downloaded back in June. Given that the trial was the MacOS version, do you think it might be possible that you bought the app from the App Store? If your Affinity app purchase was made through the Mac App Store it is tied to your Apple ID, and will also not require a Product Key. If you need to install it again, run the Mac App Store ensuring that you are signed in with the same account/credentials used to complete the purchase and the button which usually says "Buy" should instead say "Install", click on it to begin the installation of the program.
  2. Sorry, I did not see you had already placed the order. If you were to contact affinityorders@serif.com they would be able to amend any of the shipping details providing the order has not yet been shipped. If they ask for both of you to be present then they are an extremely strict postal service. If in the unusual circumstances that they did ask, I would like to think that an explanation from your son as to why both names are present, it would be accepted.
  3. Hi @Petar Petrenko, The shipping name is auto filled based on the name on the Affinity Store account, so I would advise changing the name on the account to your sons name before placing the order. After the order has been placed you can then change the name on the account back to your own.
  4. We are charged by Amazon (who ship the books) depending on the weight of goods that are sent and each book is nearly 1.6kg with packaging. In some countries like Australia, the shipping charge is 60% of the cost of the book! We have done our best to alleviate the shipping cost and in all cases we are paying additional costs on top of that which our customers are paying, to help keep the charge as low as feasibly possible.
  5. Hi @Picts, welcome to the Affinity forum. Can you please point me to where you are seeing the part about a physical copy of the program being made available as I am unable to find that part on our Help page. Our apps are only available to purchase as digital downloads. All references to physical products that I can see refer to our workbooks.
  6. Hola @rosamuller, bienvenido al foro de Affinity. ¿Podría ponerse en contacto con affinityorders@serif.com para que nuestro equipo pueda investigar esto por usted?
  7. Hi @ctxwing, welcome to the Affinity forum. We have been unable to replicate the issue you have reported and there have been successful orders placed through our site since you contacted us. Should wish to try a few things to get the payment through online, here's some advice that may help. As legally required in the EU, our payment portal uses 3D Secure for all transactions, this is not the case in all other regions so it may be that your card cannot purchase through portals that use 3D Secure, or your bank is not yet setup to accept payments that use 3D Secure. As this is not something we have any control over, you will need to discuss this with your bank. If you have purchased using a 3D Secure payment portal in the past and you know that it is not the above that is affecting the order, please ensure that your web browser and anti-virus software is up to date, also check that there aren't any browser plugins that may be preventing the security window appearing or try a different browser entirely. Finally check that your firewall is not blocking any part of the payment process. If that still does not work, please contact affinity@serif.com and our team will be able to assist you with placing the order.
  8. Hi @All Media Lab, It is not possible to add your EU VAT Number to an Affinity Store account or purchase at this current time. Should you wish to place an order with your EU VAT number, please contact affinity@serif.com as these orders are currently handled manually.
  9. Hi @Eduard van der Pol, welcome to the Affinity forum. Our software licences are not transferable and you would need to purchase a separate Mac licence to install on MacOS devices. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses. This is not possible as we have not launched Affinity Publisher for iPad, it is only available for Mac and Windows.
  10. Hi @strawbs1989, welcome to the Affinity forum. WebPlus X8 is no longer available for purchase. The download link on the site is solely there for anyone that does own a licence, to be able to download it again should they need to.
  11. Hi Walt, This usually occurs when a VPN is being used, or a browser plugin (or similar) is showing your device as being in a different location. Currently whilst working from home and using a remote connection, all sites think I am in Ireland all though I am very much still in Nottingham. The good news is that the currency will default to that of your Affinity Store account once you are signed in.
  12. Hi @macchinario, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately we did stop shipping books to Brazil due to high number of book that were damaged during shipping or lost. We now only ship to the countries listed in our store. This similar post on the Forum offers a few alternatives suggestions; https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/57061-work-books/
  13. Hi @asiyu0809, Welcome to the Affinity forum and I am sorry to hear this. If the issues still persists, please contact affinity@serif.com and we can look at other ways to help you place an order.
  14. Hi @lisa renal, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Our trials do not require a key, and you need to select the "Continue to Trial" option on startup.
  15. We do not give advance notice when our next promotions will be, but to ensure you do not miss out when there is one, you could sign up for our newsletter. https://affinity.serif.com/newsletter/
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