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  1. StevenS

    Where is my account?

    Hi @Dominik Scherer, We do not have anyone in our database with your name or email address. Did you originally purchase through our site or was it through the Mac App Store/Microsoft Store?
  2. Hi @Alice Saurus, Welcome to the Affinity forum. You do not need to worry about it. All updates for our iPad apps are issued through the App Store. As Apple and ourselves do not share any customer data, App Store purchases do not appear with Affinity Store accounts.
  3. Hi @awan, You can install Affinity apps on as many Windows devices as you require for your own use.
  4. StevenS

    Purchase of affinity

    Hi Sean, Welcome to the Affinity forum. To login to your account, please head to the Affinity website and enter your email address along with your password within the relevant fields, and then click Sign In. Once you’re in your Affinity Account, please select your name in the top right-hand corner of the page. This should supply you with six options, one of which is Downloads & Product Keys - Select that option. On this page, you will see a list of your orders along with a Download Purchase button associated with each. Click the button next to the relevant order to start the download.
  5. Hi @isaacmartin, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Sign into your Affinity Store account by clicking here. From the Affinity Account page click Account Details. In the Personal Details section enter your new email address and press Update Details. You should receive the message "Your details were updated". You can now log into the Affinity Store with your updated email address.
  6. StevenS

    Workbook updates

    Hi Andrew, The Affinity workbooks are not really version dependant. They provide advanced learning, tips and walk-throughs within the the apps.
  7. Hi @Bmer, Welcome to the Affinity forum. We do not have any official resellers, so the books are only available through our own site or Amazon.
  8. You are indeed correct, and we have been advising people incorrectly all this time The trial does indeed begin the first time you open the app. Sorry @IsabelAracama
  9. You have me questioning myself now... My response is what we all believe to be the case here in Customer Service based on the number of emails that we receive along the lines of "Can you extend my trial? I never even used the app, I just installed it with intentions of trying it out when I got the chance" (or words to that effect). I'll dig a bit deeper and get back to you all with a definitive answer.
  10. Hi @IsabelAracama, The trial period begins from the moment you install the app, and not the first time you open the app.
  11. Hi Christian, Welcome to the Affinity forum. Unfortunately our licences are not transferable and you would need to purchase a separate Windows version to install on Windows. Each version is sold separately and each has its own licenses.
  12. StevenS


    Hi Indranil, Welcome to the Affinity forum and for taking the time to provide us with your kind feedback!
  13. An account can only be created in the Store by making a purchase. You would not need an account for any other reason.
  14. StevenS

    Affinity Software

    Hi Mark, Welcome to the Affinity forum. So that I can be certain you are getting the correct advice, could you let us know where was the original purchase made, which operating system it is currently on, and which system would you like to transfer it to?
  15. Hi @Dave175, Welcome to the Affinity forum, If you could get in touch with educational team, they should be able to assist here - edusales@serif.com