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  1. I reworked this Tutorial: The filesize of the .afphoto file is 113 MB, the original jpg from the wall is 5,7 MB. The other Things are text and the Filters Gaussian Blur and displacement. I`m wondering too why the size of the afphoto files is so big. This is the result of my Tutorial rework. I believe that the Filter Gaussion Blur blows up the afphoto file. I tested it with one of my Photos (jpg) from my Nikon D 5500 which is ~11 MB. I opened it in Photo and saved it without any editing, only open and save as afphoto. The filesize is now ~21 MB. If i edit it only with the Filter Gaussian Blur with 22px it goes up to ~32 MB. But now I've found something else that's strange. For this two following tests i used the same image and both times 22 px in the Filter Gaussian Blur... If i use the Gaussian Blur from Menu Filter, the size goes up to ~32 MB If i use the Live Filter Gaussian Blur, the size is ~21 MB
  2. I don´t know. The best is, you try it. They are checked / tested with Version 1.6. I believe you have a 50/50 Chance I´m not a Mac User, so i can´t test it.
  3. Too bad, this plugin does not work in I liked them to use in Photoshop and i hope Affinity will support them too one time. The Video shows what occurs when i use it. AP freezes and i only can end it with the Task Manager. 2019-06-18-06-46-43.mp4
  4. @firstdefence Thanks for the info. I found a solution and it works so far. I opened the .svg in Photo, editet it so how i need it with the Perspective Tool and saved it again as .svg. It´s not ideal, but a small workaround till this feature is avaiable in Designer. BTW... This Feature is since 2014 on the roadmap List
  5. Hi Folks, I´m searching for a possibility to transform objects in Designer like it the Perspective Tool in Photo does. It seems that a Tool like tihs is not avaiable in Designer or am i wrong? It would be very helpful if such a tool existed in Designer For Example i want to create a shadow from an objekt, let´s say from a bike. With this tool i could transform and edit a duplicated layer that it looks like a shadow. Or is there an other Way to do this? Greetz Uwe
  6. Yes, it works MUCH faster and the result is the same than in the beta before. The speed of development depends on the image, on the color information, the size and more. I tested it with the same image and the same editing in Develop Persona in the new Beta and with the current Version and the development time with the new beta is only about half as long as in the current Version. Very good Job Guys. Thumbs up
  7. @Jon P I checked this a few minutes ago in Photo and Designer and there is the same Behavior (current Version and Beta). Should i open in this Forums an issue too or is it enough here?
  8. Hi Folks, I noticed a strange Behavior when creating a new Document, Publisher Version For exmaple i create at first a A4 Document with the with the normal dimensions. That works right. Now i close this Document and create a Document with self definied Dimensions, f.e. 100mm x100mm. Then the Page Preset changes automatic to custom, what is correct. But when i close the 100mm x 100mm Document and want to create a new one, the Page Preset shows me A4, but down in the Dimensions it still shows 100mm x 100mm and the new Document will be 100mm x 100mm. The same is when i close the Programm and start it again. It seems that Publisher keeps the last self definied Dimension "in Mind" and sets them automatic to a new Document, no matter which Page Preset is selected. See the Video below please. OS: Windows 10 Home Version 1903. Greets Uwe 2019-06-11-17-18-56.mp4
  9. Uwe367

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    On my System they are all working. Ok, they are displayed like in the screenshots here, but the plugins which are signed as Working an also as Unkown are working fine for me. I have them installed on Drive D, not on the Drive where Windows is installed. Maybe there are problems with the active UAC on drive C? Would that be a possibility?
  10. Hm... This is weird. Now it works as expected. I would say that the Problem has been solved, but I am still watching.
  11. I open an image, make a selection with the selection Brush Tool and then i want to copy the selection to a new layer with STRG+J. In the new Layer is no thumbnail displayed, it stays empty. This is confusing because it looks as if duplicating the layer has failed, but it has not failed. Please look the screenvideo below. In the same case the delete Button on the Keyboard doesn´t work. In previous Versions i could delete a layer with this. Now it´s impossible oder am i doing something wrong? Ah.. for Information: Since today i use Win 10, Build 1903. Maybe it has to do something with this? And since a view days i use a new computer with an AMD Ryzen 5 2400 G Processor. 2019-06-06-16-08-19.mp4
  12. Uwe367

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thanks a lot, guys. The improvements, additions and the improvement of the performance are enormous and have improved the software many times over. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Thumbs up
  13. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thanks a lot, guys. The improvements, additions and the improvement of the performance are enormous and have improved the software many times over. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Thumbs up
  14. @Ben Do you know when the boolean operations will be fixed or will they be fixed in the coming release? I know, it´s a little bit off topic in this thread.
  15. The same with me. I was so happy that i finally got the mail and then this..... I wrote back to the Adress from where Mail was commig. Perhaps i get a new Code. Hm... but now, when i look into my account in the Affinity store, Publisher is in the List of Orders and i can pre-order it. Yes.. it works, DONE Thank you very much Affinity Team