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  1. The Current Beta of Designer, starts up and shows me that there is a new Beta avaiable, but where is ist to find? A click on Download brings me to the Beta Forum, but there is no Thread with a new Beta to see....
  2. New releases so quickly one after the other.. Could it happen that version 2.0 will come out this year? For me it sounds like this... 😉
  3. Great and awesome update. Thank you for this. Downloading, installation and registration went perfect for me. The app runs fast and stable and now i check out the new features. Also thanks for the links to the videos which explain the new features. Thumbs up 😀👍
  4. I don´t know if my suggestions fixes your problems, but give them a try. Happens the same if you try to install the apps with admin rights? On Windows click the downloaded .exe with the right mouse button and choose "Install as Admin" or similar. I only know the german context. Or maybe this helps you: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38462727/how-to-fix-installer-has-insufficient-privileges-to-access-directory Have you tried to install the apps in an ohter directory like drive "d" if it is avaiable? Sometimes, that´s my experience, the UAC of Windows makes problems on drive "C". I believe it is not a problem of affinity, but i´m not sure.
  5. Thanks a lot for the new versions. Installing and registering went without problems and thanks a lot too for the downloads in "my Account". Very well done guys, thumbs up 😀👍
  6. Thanks, that´s nice. In 1988 i was for 2 weeks in Shreveport/Louisiana. From there i had a trip to Dallas/Texas and i was overwhelmed of this city. The time was to short to see more from the USA.
  7. Looks very good and I am curious about the finished picture.
  8. Yes, you are right with this. Before i came to Affinity i was (i´m always) a moderator in a photoshop forum and there i pay attention to details if a user has a question how to make a work better. Yes, it lets´s much space for the own fantasy, how to see the scene and what happens in it or what happens next....
  9. Ok, you are right 😂 For me it was looking like a scene of a horror movie or similar and in this skeletons are often on the ground 😁 Anyway.. it´s a nice work and a good idea 👍
  10. It´s a nice composing and idea, but the moon in front of the clouds? I believe that should be the other way around or am i wrong? 😉
  11. As i wrote in my Posting... "Bündel" is not wrong, but as @NotMyFault and @klauspstein wrote, outdated in the modern language. Most times if i load software there are packages (Pakete) offert.
  12. I found this translation in "My Account" I suggest to use "Paket" instaed of "Bündel". Bündel is not wrong, but it has an other sense in the german language. In this case in germany we talk about a software package. Here you can see what i mean Bündel in german language It´s only a suggestion. Maybe i´m wrong?!? 😉
  13. Thanks for this Beta. It works great, starts up fast and runs stable. Very fun to work with it. 😀 Thank you very much Dev Team.
  14. @walt.farrell I thougt something like that what you explained, but then the next question comes up in me. Why is this function even available in Photo when it is not usable? In my opinion, this only causes confusion. Understand me right please. It´s not a bug and someone who knows it will not try to use it, but someone, who begins to work with photo, will ask again when he try´s to use this. So it is my opinion to remove this function from photo because it makes no sense in this area. How do you think about that?
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