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  1. Ah ok. Now i understand and thanks a lot for your explaining. But it's good to read that you are working at improvements for this. I'm looking forward for new Versions and Betas.
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for your fast answer, but if it´s so how you explain, i don´t understand that it needs such a long time. When AP uses all capacity of my cpu and Photoshop not when it opens the files, then AP should be much faster or am i wrong? Please understand me right, i´m very satisfied with the Software and i like it very much, but in my opinion some things are going wrong.
  3. Hi @ all. I´m opening 8 Nikon Raw Files, NEF, (one file has more or less 22 MB) at once in AP. Its work, but it needs more than one minute before it´s ready with loading. In this time, when it´s loading, the speed of my CPU fan goes up very high so that i think that the occupancy rate is very high. About 10 seconds after loading the fanspeed goes down and then i can begin to work. My System: WIN 10x64 16 GB RAM CPU: i7 first generation For example.... If i open te same files in the RAW Converter of Photoshop CS 6, ist will take a time of 13 seconds to open them an my cpu fanspeed stays down. I don´t want to compare Photoshop with AP, but i think that the performance in AP can be a bit better. I don´t know if it is a bug, i was not shure where to post it, but for me it seems that the best place is here. Best Regards Uwe P.s. Below you can see a screenshot of the CPU Monitor from WIN 10 when AP is loading. Over the hole time up to 100% In Photoshop CS6 it goes up to 20 % in the time when it´s loading.
  4. In case of graphic tablets..... I have an old Wacom ET-0405-U and this works great with Photo an Designer 1.6.4
  5. I think i need new glasses.. sorry... i´m sooo old
  6. When you open the Software, you get a hint for a new Version. But if you are klicking "OK", nothing happens. The Windows with the Hint closes by itself and thats all. Would it be possible, that, when you klick "OK", to implement there a Link wich brings you straight to the Downloadpage? I think that will be the best Solution. Isn´t it?
  7. Thank you for your Work Dev. Team. Have a nice Weekend
  8. Thanks a lot to the Development Team. I will download and test it in the evening when i'm back at home but the list of fixes is looking very well. Thank you
  9. The same Problem on my System too. But if i enter 100% by Keyboard in the Field, the slider doesn´t jump back. With all other values it jumps back. Trage ich 100% manuell ein, so bleibt der Wert im Feld erhalten. Bei allen anderen Werten springt der Regler zurück auf null.
  10. Thanks for the new Beta. Installation was working without Problems under WIn 10 Version 1709. Sytembulid is 16299.248. I had no Problems with NET Framework and there was no Question from the Affinity Photo about it. The bigger Range of Exposure is great. The other things i have to test and when is find something what´s going wrong, i will report it, but i report also when things are working well.
  11. WOW WOW WOW WOW.. Guys.... What you´ve done with the RAW Converter?? There are VERY BIG improvements. I am very positively surprised. Thank you so much for these improvements. It works great now. I´m happy
  12. Thanks a lot for this new Beta and big thanks to the development Team for their Work. I start testing now. The List of fixes and improvements looks very good and i let myself be surprised Happy new year to all.
  13. How stupid from me... I´ve been here a while now and i was looking for a thread or anything else to introduce myself.. and now i found it. I´m getting old.... 50 years are to much to find it fast But better late than never. So.. yes. My Name is Uwe, im 50 years old (or young), i´m living in germany near Koblenz and i´m working for 20 years in graphic arts. It´s my hobby and a nice compensation to my main job. After 15 years working with photoshop i was looking for an alternativ for photoshop and Co and i found it in the Software from Affinity and i was nice suprised. I hope my english is good enough that you understand me and somtimes i have hold help from a translator, but i do my best. Best regards and Happy new Year
  14. Thanks a lot @carl123 You saved my day That´s it. I think Photo treats it at first like a smart object and i thought it´s mistake. Ok... learnt something again Thank you very much and happy new Year.
  15. Hi @all. I think i found a mistake in Photo on Windows. For example.... I open an image. Normally it´s a background layer, that´s ok. Then i place another image on top of the background layer, that´s ok too. Then i write a litte Text on top of this layer, ok. Now i make a selection from the textlayer by using STRG and klick on the miniature-image of the layer (it doesn´t matter if i use normal or graphical text) and i want to delete this selection in the layer among the textlayer, the complete layer will be deleted, not only the selection. On a backgrund layer it works well, there will be only the selection deleted, but not in a "normal" layer. I use Photo and Beta In both Versions it´s the same. I tryed it in Photoshop CS6 and there it works well. There only the selection will be deleted in a "normal layer" In the Screenshot you can see what i´ve done and so you can test it by yourself I found this mistake because i wantetd to rework a photoshop tutorial with photo. See there:https://www.photoshoptutorials.de/2011/02/26/hintergrundebene-–-was-soll-das-ganze-uberhaupt/ But in Photo i have to go ohter ways becaue some functions, wich are in use there, are missing in Photo. Best Regards from Germany Uwe