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  1. The Problem is that this posting is in a gerrman Group which is locked so that only members can read and post. I have read the posting from affinity with the LATEST beta and i think the poster of the other post missunderstood this and or he confused LATEST and LAST. But thank you very much for your posting and i will post this in the group. And i don't wanted to ask when it will be released. I like it to work with publisher and be sure, i will buy it if the final release comes out
  2. Yesterday evening i had read on facebook that the current Publisher Beta will be the last one bevor the full version comes out. Is this true? Greetz
  3. That's a kown Issue and it is already with the development. If you are using the corner tool with pressed ctrl button designer beta crashes.
  4. Hi folks, A view month ago i created an issue because the boolean operations are not working correctly in some circumstances. But this tool is very help and useful to create own vector shapes. So my question is when do affinity intend to fix them? I know, it´s a very complex thing that needs time, but my first posting about this was in september 2018, four month ago and so i want to ask when it is fixed. Perhaps there is a timeline? Greetz Uwe
  5. Uwe367

    Developmentbug in AP

    Hi @Gnobelix Ok, thanks a lot for your hint
  6. If i develop a Nikon RAW File, the devloped Picture is much brighter than that, what was shown in Develop Persona. See the Screenshots below please. Develope Persona (this what i want) Developed Image (much to bright) Is this a kown Bug? This behavior is since Version .231.
  7. @dominik Yes, you are right. I tested it with a single page and there it works. I tested it also with two single pages in one document which are not linked and there it works too. EDIT But now i made a test with a longer text and that the two single pages are linked and there it works too. I don´t know, but it seems that this behavior is only with this one document that you posted.
  8. @dominik Yes, i can reproduce it here. It´s the same behavior as yours. Look at the screenshot below plaese. I highlightet "Klaus Heuser" and "Insert Hyperlink" is greyed out. I think this is what you mean or not?
  9. A little thing i found in Topmenu --> Text. I can only speak for the german language. Interactive can be translated to Interaktive Elemente Insert Anchor --> Anker einfügen Insert Hyperlink --> Hyperlink einfügen Show Anchors --> alle Anker anzeigen So far this what i found. If i find more, i post it here
  10. Yes you are right Tom. I made a reset and now opens a new window if i select hyperlinks in studio. It can be so easy if you know how Thanks
  11. @Tom Schülke If i click on Hyerlink in the Studio, nothing happens too, but maybe this, what the screenshot shows, solves your Problem.
  12. Thanks a lot for this new beta. Installation went without Problems. Thanks for translation and that i can use it now in my Language.
  13. Uwe367

    Bug while dividing? (Designer)

    I have continued to test this. If only two objects overlap, everything is fine, see the first part of the video. The error only seems to occur when several objects overlap as you can see in the second part of the video. Maybe this could be of interest to the developers. 2019-02-01-18-52-06.mp4 The behavior is the same for all apps. Tested with AD Beta but in the current Version it´s the same.
  14. Thanks for the new beta. Installation was working well and the programm opens and runs fast and stable. Thumbs up