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  1. Good to read such news. Big thanks to the guy and i'm looking forward for the next beta
  2. I work with Nikon Raw´s and the Speed is... lets say it´s ok. Not very fast but slower than, for example, ACR. It could work a little bit faster, but i´m satisfied so how it is this time.
  3. I think the next Beta will come soon and i hope that this Problem is fixed then and the lights will work as well like the shadows. The Raw Converter has made a big step forward with the new clarity and the new shadow algorithm in the latest Beta and when the Problem with the lights is fixed, it´s nearly perfect. That´s my opinion. I´m courious and i let myself be surprised. Thanks to the development team.
  4. You are right. That can´t be the right way. The area of the controller for the shadows is much bigger than the area of the lights and it will be limit the creativity of the user. Sometimes it´s necessary to overexpose areas in an image. I hope my english is good enough because sometimes i have to ask google to find the right words So let´s wait and see what the development makes
  5. Yes.. i have read your Posting and i saw the Pictures and i compared them. Perhpas the algorithm compares all lights in the picture so that it isn´t possbible to set them to high... i don´t know. It could be that this is intended, but it could also be a mistake. Maybe a developer comments on this and brings "light into the darkness" (that´s a german Phrase ). Would be very nice.
  6. I tested the File from @Max N and with this it works very well. I think that the algorithm set so fine that it only works with very strong lights, respectively it works with darker lights too, but it´s barely visible. I also tested my File again, but at first i set shadows to -100 % and then lights up to 100% and then i saw that it works. That´s for real a very good development. Thumbs up and thank you very much to the development Team. Great Work
  7. Oh yes of course i'm interested in your file. Perhaps the lights in my file are not strong enough. You are right. Ohter Tools reduce all Brightness and contrast and so on that it looks like that they are working right. Thanks for explaining and i'm looking forward to test your file. I only can test it in the evening when i'm back at home. Thanks a lot.
  8. I tried a RAW (NEF) File with strong highlights and one with "normal" lights but there is no Reaction. But if i open a .jpg in Develope Persona it works.... crazy....
  9. I tested the Beta now and the new Clarity and Shadow algorithm works very much better than in Thanks a lot for this development. But the Lights doesn´t work. It doesn´t matter if i set it up to +100% or down to -100%... there is no reaction detectable. In the older Version ( it is working. My OS is WIN 10 64, newest Updates.
  10. Hi @all. I develop my RAW Files in AP, but i´m missing a File like Photoshop´s .xmp File witch includes the developing Steps. When i klick on "Develop" in AP, my Work with the RAW File will be not saved, so if I want to edit it further, i have to start from scratch. Photoshop writes a .xmp File to the RAW File witch saves the Work and the Steps and if i open it again in the RAW Converter, i can continue working there where my last edtiing was done. Is it possible to add such a Feature in AP like it is in Photoshop? It´s very useful for RAW Development. With best Regards from Germany Uwe
  11. @Chris B Thank you that you passed it to the development. So i can assume that it wasn´t my Fault? It´s a little Fault, but i noticed it in my Work and so i thougt that i post it here. I hope that was ok so and perhaps it will be fixed. I hope so I don´t search explicit for Bugs, i find them in my Work with the Software and i hope is it ok if i post them, especially because of my bad english. Yes, i heard from the discussion about the Filter and i had read that many Users want it. So I hope further @carl123 Thank you too for your Hint and your Suggestion to resize the Document. I had a look into the File you loaded up and then i tried it and so is at least the height correct and when i cut it out i have the right Dimensions 600x600px. Yes, it´s not so good as in Photohsop this Time, but I think they are on the right way to develop a fantastic Software and it doesn´t matter that there are small Bugs this Time inside.. nevertheless, i like it and i will continue to work with it. Thanks you all for your great Help
  12. Hey.. that sounds good. So we can hope that it is at some Time added in Photo and yes, a right and good Function must be given. ETA? I don´t what it means. I dont`know that you understand the Tutorial right because it´s in german, but i tell you the Steps of it in English. 1. Create a new Document with 600x600 pixels 2. Fill a new Layer with dark Color like black or dark blue. 3. Now use the Filter "Lens Flare" to create a Lens Flare. This is at this Time imposslible because the Filter doesn´t exist. So i created the needed Lens Flare in Photoshop in 600x600 px and opend it in Photo. 4. Now use the Filter Polar to Rectangular. 5. Klick Document --> Flip vertical 6. Now use the Filter Rectangular to Polar. After this Step the Ball is smaller than the Document and it don´t touches the Edges of it. And yes, the Tutorial says that you have to make the circle Selection to cut it out from Background at the End NOT BEFORE. Because of, that the Filter doesn´t exist, i opend the in Photoshop created Document in Photo and started the Work with the Polar filters. Maybe the Problem is in this Case? My Steps to cut it out are the same than yours. Circle Selection around the Ball, invert it and press "Delete" on the Keyboard to cut it out. Here a Screenshot from Phtotshop: The Ball touches the Edges and after cutting out it is 600x600px And here a Screenshot from Photo. The Ball doesn´t touch the Edges and after cutting out it´s 417x417 px. Maybe is it my Fault? I don´t know..... For Reworking the Tutorial i send you the original File that i created in Photoshop from the Lens Flare below. With Best Regards. Uwe
  13. Hi Chris . Thank you for welcome . Yes, i´m glad too that i solved the first Problem by myself. I also think so that the other Problem is a kind of the Polar Filter because the Ball ends before the Documet Edges. Yes, of course i can send you the file you need, History included. I load it up here and i hope the History will stay in it. If not, please tell me how i can send it you. Maybe by E-Mail? Thanks for your Help and if you need more Input, no Problem. I´m since 20 Years a Graphic Worker and i have very much Experience with Phtoshop. And i have an other Question..... Will the Filter "Lens Flare" be added in Photo? I think it´s a very usefull Filter for creative Work. It would be very nice if the Filter is added. Lens Flare.afphoto
  14. Ok Stop. It was my Fault. I used the Circle Selecting Tool the get the Ball free from Background, see Screenshot please.. I thougt that Antialaising is activated as Standart by defalut, but later i noticed that i have to activate it manually. I found the Function and now it works right for me and the Edges are not longer pixelated. Sorry for my first posting, but at first i thought that it is a Bug. But the other Thing, that the Document is to short, stays.
  15. Hi @all. At frist, sorry for my bad English. I´m a german User and i hope i can explain you my Problem with AP 1.5.2. I tried to rework a Tutorial in AP for a glassball wich was written for Photoshop. The Tutorial is in german, but i think you will understand it. So far so good. For this Tutorial the Filter "Lens Flare" is missing in AP and i hope it will be added because it´s very usefull. I created the needed Lens Flare in Photoshop and opend it in AP. The Work Process was very easy but when i exported it as PNG with transparent Background i was shocked because the Edge around the Ball is complet pixelated. See the Image below please. Then i noticed, that the Ball was smaller than the Dimensoins of the Document. The Document was 600 x 600px, the Result what i got is only 417 x 417px. So i think thats a Problem of the Polar Filters wich i used and needed for this work. For Example i show you the Exports from Photoshop and GIMP: Export from Photoshop: Export from GIMP: So for me it looks like that there is no Antialaising when i Export it or is it my Fault? I don´t know. Perhaps a kind of the Settings or anything else? Perhaps anyone has an Idea what i can do or perhaps it´s a Bug in the Software? With Best Regards from Germany Uwe