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  1. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi @MEB Yes, you are right. Zooming in/out changes the edge of the stripe. I´ve never noticed it before and so i wondered to see it. In some Zoomsteps there are two lines, one left and right and one line is bigger than the other, in other Steps, for example 100%, there is no line to see. Then i compared it with the current version ( and if i saw that´s the same in this i thought that i post here. But how you say, the dev Team knows it. And no, in an exported File there´s no line vislible. Thank you.
  2. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I noticed a "white stripe error" in Develop Persona if i cut a Nikon NEF File in it. See the Screenshot below. The white Stripe arises at this side of the image wich i cut at last. In the example the white line is on top. If i develop it, the line stays, but after export as .jpg it´s away. But it´s only with my NEF Files, not with jpg´s. I think that it is a litte Bug, but it´s not only in the Beta. In the current Version it´s the same.
  3. There´s nothing to apologies Dan, it´s ok. I´m happy that i have an answer and, perhaps, one time it will be implemented. Thanks for your answer
  4. Hi @Dan C Thanks for your answer. So it´s not hopeless that it will be supported one time in a later Version? For me i have another solution to create a .ico file but in a german facebook group this question was asked.
  5. Hi @all, Are there any plans to enable Support for exporting .ico files? I used the search and i found some articles from 2015, but so , how i see in the Software, it is not supported or am i wrong? Greets Uwe
  6. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thanks for the new Beta and i can confirm that it loads much faster. Right klick on a Nikon- NEF File to open it needs in the new Beta 10 Seconds less than in the current Version Of course i tested it with the same NEF file
  7. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi @walt.farrell Yes, i think you are right. Yesterday i tested it again and if i OPEN the RAW file in develop persona, it shows me this dimensions and that my camera works with 24.16 MP instead of 24 MP. It was a little bit curious because all ohter software shows me 24 MP and 6000 x 4000px and so tought that it is a bug. But now i think it isn´t one. Thanks for your explanation.
  8. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    This Morning i found an error, but it´s not only in the beta, it´s in the current version ( too. I thought that is an error of the beta and so i chekced in in the current version, but there is the same. I opend some NEF files from my Nikon D5500. Dimensions of them are 6000 x 4000 px. After development they are 6016 x 4016 px. 16 px bigger than the originals. I only opend them to export them as jpg, no editing, no work with it.
  9. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    I had the same Question in March and @Mark Ingram told me in this Thread.... ...why it is so. They are working on improvements
  10. Thanks for the new Beta. The Installation was working well and at this time i have no problems detected
  11. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thank you for the new beta. Installation was working well and at this time there are no problems with the Software
  12. @GabrielM Thanks a lot. I´ll try it today
  13. Hi @GabrielM I thought so that i can´t do this. Thanks for ypur answer, but how can i create a Macros what works there? And is it possible, to add the Settings wich i need, in this Macro? I thougt Macros are only for image editing...
  14. Hi @all Is it possible to create and save own Presets for Batch Job? I often have to do those Jobs and it´s a little bit annoying every time to change the Settings from Default to them wich i need. Attached a Screenshot from this what i mean. I could not find a function to save a Preset. Best Regards Uwe
  15. Uwe367

    Call for Camera Images

    I loaded up 2 NEF Files from my Nikon D5500. One of them i made with a Sigma 105mm F2,8 EX Macro DG OS HSM Lense. The other one is made with a Nikkor 18-55mm.