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  1. Installation was working well without Problems and it starts up fast.
  2. Uwe367


    Thank you Very nice styles.
  3. If i open an Image and place an other Image via Menu --> place on it and i make a double klick on the placed Image, nothing happens. In a german Facebook Group this issue was coming out and the people say that it was possible in earlier Versions to double klick it and then it opens in a seperate Window to edit it. Perhaps someone can confirm this? I never used this and so i don´t know if there was such function. BTW... If this is a Bug, it occurs on both Systems. Win and Mac.
  4. Uwe367

    Can´t import brushes

    Here are some Brushsets that can't be imported and output the error. Hope they are helpful to find the Bug. testbrushes.zip
  5. Uwe367

    Can´t import brushes

    Here on my System it's the same. Not able to import .abr files. They all giving the same error. If needed, i can upload some of them in the evening when i'm back at home.
  6. Uwe367

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    Great Job. The App starts up much faster than the the current Beta and i have a feeling that it runs more smoothly. I was very surprised. Keep it up. Thumbs up
  7. It seems so. Now it works fine on my System. Ok... Done
  8. I don´t understand this Behavior. I had to do a Restart of my System because of Updates and now it looks ok. I don´t understand it, but it´s solved.
  9. First of all my compliment for the new Version. The App starts up much faster than before. But i found a little Bug in Develop Persona, Lens Corrections. The Percent Sign at the Scale Slider is not complete visible. See the Screenshot below please. Greetz Uwe
  10. In Case of the Lens Corrections i made Posting in the Feedback Forum. Maybe this is interesting for the next Beta.
  11. What is this Feature, what can i do with it? Lens Correction i find in Develop Persona, but there is not more functionallity than in .404. Or are there added more Lenses they now will be supported? BTW... The new Beta starts up quicker and images, no matter if RAW or jpg, open faster. Thumbs up
  12. Hi @all, I want to ask if it is possible to remove the limitation of the Slider Scale (Lens Correction) in Develop Persona. If i enter a higher value than 150% by Hand, it resets automaticly to 150%. I think it would be very nice in Case of Macro Photos to see even more Details and you don't need to crop the image so much, so you can leave it almost at the original size. It´s only an Idea. I don´t know if this makes Sense or not, but i believe, yes Maybe someone has an opinion on this that speaks for or against it. 
  13. Hi @all, I downloaded the new Beta Versions of Photo and Designer and if i start them, the Logo will be shown and then the Apps closing by itsself. 2019-08-03-15-32-02.mp4 I made a Restart of my System, but that doesn´t help. I wanted to check out the new Features, but if the App not starts.. i can´t
  14. Uwe367

    Different beta logo?

    I believe the next Versions of Photo and Designer will get it too.
  15. Uwe367

    Different beta logo?

    @dmstraker You mean like the new Beta Logo for Publisher?