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  1. Wow. Great Tutorial, very good explained. Thanks a lot
  2. Thanks John and Alfred. Yes, i mean this Filter.
  3. This is really a very interesting Filter. Is there a listing available where are all possibilities listed? I think there are much more possibilties than only noise and twirl or not?
  4. That's very interesting. Thank you.
  5. I activated it for testing but it was not useful for me, but i forgot to deactivate it again. Now it's deactivated and everythings works right now.
  6. Indeed.... With deactivated clipboard Manager 1.7 Beta doesn´t crash. 1.6.5 doesn´t crash, no matter if the clipboard Manager is activated or not. That´s whats going on on my system.
  7. Strange, very strange. I hope the dev team looks for this.
  8. Oh i´m sure the dev team will fix this if it is
  9. @Ron P. I read in your signature that you are using Win 10 Home 1803. If this is right i use a newer Version (1809) and perhaps the problem is specific to the newer Windows Version. I believe this because @yebyte uses the same Version than me. @Ray S. and you are using an older Version and you have no problems.
  10. @firstdefence Thanks for your hints. It is easyer to simulate the effect than to find a useful textur. I´m playing with some adjustments and settings and it works nice @R C-R I hope it was a nice party When i drink a bit to much, i understand sometimes somethings wrong too and and that's why I got a slapped in the face from a woman one time Thanks for you explanation about mezzotint. But it would be nice that a filter for this will be added in the Future.
  11. I tested it now how you wrote. If i rasterise the shape and apply the filter without merging, it crashs if i cut the layer. If i merge it and cut it, no crash happens.
  12. Hi Folks, Is there a Filter like Photoshops Mezzotint in AP available or is there a possibility to create the same effect?
  13. @Gnobelix I watched your video and yes, so how you make it, no crash happens. I reworked it like in your video and here the app also do not crash. I believe the app crashs in this case only when the layerpanel only includes the layer of the shape. In your video you create at first a new pixel layer and then you draw a shape which will be created automatic in a seperate layer. So the error occurs when the layer panel goes empty by cut. Please watch my video again and try it so how it is in my video shown. - create a new document - draw a shape without to create a new layer before - make sure that the shapelayer is selected, select the live filter Perspective and work with it - right klick on the shape layer and select cut - the app crashs without an error message. But now i found out that there is an other strange behavior in this case. Watch the video below please. I open a photo in AP, select the the Live Filter Perspective and MERGE it with the photolayer. Then i cut this layer and nothing happens. In the second part of the video i open the same photo again, select the Live Filter Perspective and DO NOT MERGE it with the layer and... crash. If you are using shapes it doesn´t matter if you merge or not, the app crashs with both settings. 2019-04-14-09-37-37.mp4
  14. I can confirm this. On my System it´s the same. The app crashs without an error message. Watch the Screenvideo below please. System: Win 10 Home, newest Updates 2019-04-13-15-53-00.mp4
  15. Is that a bug or a feature? I have tried to rework a tutorial in AP for which I need the Filter "Twirl". I noticed that this filter with the slider only allows 1024 px diameter and resets a manual input to 1024px. Then I tried another filter, Spherical, from the same menu and there I can manually enter a value greater than 1024 which will be applied and not automatically reset to 1024 px. Please watch the video below. So, what works right now? Is it possible to manually enter a higher value than the slider allows or not? In my opinion it would be better to enter the value for all filters manually afterwards or to allow a much higher value than 1024 px as standard. I wanted to twirl the entire image, which is 6000x4000 px, but that's impossible with the settings I can make at the moment or am i doing something wrong? The same beahavior is in Perhaps someone can confirm this behavior. 2019-04-13-13-24-03.mp4